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St. Francis Yacht Club Cruise-out, July 19-21 2019

Cruise Leaders: Jim and Carolyn Peterson
Contact Info:
Type of Cruise-out: Slips

We are very excited to be leading the St. Francis YC Cruise-out this year and expect to have a great weekend. The club was founded in 1927 and is one of the world’s premier yacht clubs, sponsoring over 40 sailing regattas a year. The clubhouse has a spectacular view of the bay from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz Island.

The sign-up for this cruise-out will go live on Tuesday, June 11th at 6:00pm. So far, St. Francis YC has limited the dock space to 10 boats. In previous years, this was increased but not until a week before our planned arrival. There is also dock space available at the San Francisco Marina. We will try to fit everyone in. We want to welcome any ‘blacktoppers’ (people coming up for the day or longer), you will be considered part of the cruise-out. Note that there is free parking adjacent to the yacht club.

The current weekend plans:
1. Arrive Friday. The dock fees can be found on the St. FYC website under Docks, then Rates:
2. Attend the St. Francis Seafood Buffet on Friday night. Carolyn and I really enjoy this and go to it anytime we are up there on Friday. This buffet has salad/oyster/crab bar, a sushi bar, hot dishes (chicken/meat/fish) bar, a beef (usually prime rib) and scampi shrimp bar and finally a desert bar. This will be approximately $48 (plus 30% for tip/tax) per person. If you are not interested in the seafood buffet, you can eat in the grill room or head out into the city
3. Saturday, we will enjoy the city. They have brunch/lunch in the grill room starting at 11:00am. They serve coffee downstairs starting at 8:00am. They have an exercise room that you can use along with showers/saunas/steam room. If you want to eat earlier, just walk up to Chestnut where there are several breakfast places. The upcoming trip notes will highlight a number of events that will be going on in the city.
4. Saturday afternoon, we will have Docktails by the boats. We will have a private dinner in Chart Room. This will be approximately $105 (plus 30% for tip/tax) per person).
5. Sunday morning enjoy Mimosas at the dock. Brunch at the club (11am) or walk up to Chestnut. Then head back to Redwood City for a good downwind sail.

Please sign up below. If you are blacktopping, just type blacktop under the boat name.

Any questions and/or suggestions, contact Jim Peterson-

*** Please call Cruise Leader to Cancel. No Shows will be billed. ***

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