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Darryl Wigby (a professional filmmaker)
Darryl Wigby, a professional filmmaker from Baltimore will be hosting this workshop. Participants will be able to learn about in depth about mine-en-scene; as well as the building blocks of film-making. You will get to view film clips, as well as see several vintage film cameras. Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and opinions during this workshop! ボルチモア出身の映画製作者であるダリル・ウィグビーさんはこのワークショップの担当です。参加者はミザンセーヌについて深く学ぶとともに、映画製造の構造も学びます。どんな人でもこのワークショップで自由に意見をシェアすることができます!
Rena Suzuki/鈴木伶奈 (Co-Founder of Lean In Tokyo)          
 "Let’s shed a light on our unconscious biases!" In our everyday lives, we face many biases and social norms. While making unconscious decisions and actions undoubtedly make your life easier because you use your brain less, these actions are prone to hurting others- and you might not even realize it. Rena Suzuki is the co-founder and leader of "Lean In Tokyo," a Japanese organization that aims to empower women. She will first give a short talk and list up examples of what unconscious bias is. All the participants will then get to discuss and come up with unconscious biases that we face every day, and think up of ways that could help us avoid making judgement purely based on stereotypes and social norms.鈴木伶奈さんは、女性エンパワーメントを目的とする団体であるLean In Tokyoの創設者の一人です。彼女によるプレゼンテーションや参加者同士でのディスカッションをもとに、皆さんには「無意識バイアス」(”Unconscious bias")について考えていただきます。ワークショップは英語で行われます。
Yasunori Arashi/嵐 保憲 (the president of Glue code)
Yasunori Arashi is the president of Glue code, which is a consulting firm of M&A. He is going to do his workshop to help participants to realize their possibility for achieving their dreams or to find out their dreams through expressing their inner ideas in this workshop. This workshop will be all in Japanese. 嵐 保憲さんはグルーコード株式会社の代表です。このワークショップでは参加者が参加者自身の夢を実現する可能性を十分に持っていることに気づき、またそしてそもそもの一人一人の夢を発見していきます。ワークショップは全て日本語で行われます。
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (大塚製薬)
Otsuka Pharmaceutical, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a global healthcare company with the corporate philosophy: “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide.” Otsuka researches, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products, with a focus on pharmaceutical products to meet unmet medical needs and nutraceutical products for the maintenance of everyday health. In this workshop, we will examine how drugs are brought to market as well as explore some of the challenges facing healthcare today. 東京に本社を設ける大塚製薬は、「大塚製薬の人が世界中の健康のために新しい商品を作る」という企業哲学のもとある、国際的な医療会社です。大塚製薬は、毎日の健康のメンテナンスのために満たされていない医学的ニーズ、および栄養価のある薬の製品に重点を置いて、革新的な商品を研究、発展、製造そして売り出しているのです。このワークショップで私たちはどのように薬は売り出されるのか調べ、そして健康管理に関する今日の課題を見ていきます。
Taktopia: Public Speaking Workshop
Hiroyuki would like to offer a public speaking workshop as a public speaking trainer from the perspective of prosody (such as rhythm, stress, intonation etc) & gesture by maximizing unique and interesting findings, and would like all workshop participants to learn and practice various speech techniques in a fun and interactive way. パブリックスピーキングトレーナーによる人前での話し方を学べるワークショップです。身振り手振りの使い方、声の出し方などと幅広く学習することができます。
Taktopia: Vocabulary Building Workshop
Koki Shimazu (ELT Director at Taktopia) would like to offer a vocabulary building workshop as his research interest is in etymology. Koki will use visuals and his vast knowledge of etymology to help the workshop participants to learn how effectively they can increase the number of vocabulary in English. Through this workshop, Koki would like participants to enjoy improving their language skills for their further studies. 日常的な言葉の語源の学習を通し、難易度の高い単語の覚え方を学ぶことができるワークショップです。
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