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We are launching a BIG effort to develop the most comprehensive registry of cross-sector organizational networks. Our goal? Make this registry publicly useful through a data dashboard, with a couple of ways to search: by network type and location. We hope this will bring visibility to the growing number of efforts throughout the globe to address today's most pressing and intractable social, economic, and political problems by bringing together diverse groups of partners. We hope this will ignite ideas for collaboration, inform strategies across communities for leveraging efforts, and spark momentum to close the gap where networks do not already exist but could be useful.

Regardless of what your network is doing, we hope you will "register" it here. We define networks – referred to by many different names such as coalitions, partnerships, collaboratives, and collective impacts – as a group of people and organizations often developed as a way to leverage the collective knowledge and resources of multiple organizations and communities to address complex social problems. They come in many different forms, some have funding and others do not, and all are governed in different ways.

This effort is meant to simple - just answer a few questions here. We will use the information to feed an online, interactive map on the VNL home page, where you can look for other networks across sector and location. We will follow up in the future with more ways to provide information into this data dashboard! Stay tuned!

Contact us at with questions, comments, or ideas.

[We suggest before you register your network that you check the map to see if anyone has already registered your network.]

After you register, your network will show up on our interactive map! You can search for others in your area, or by topic.
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Please feel free to leave any other information here about your network - mission, types of members, funding, how you are modeling (structuring your network), or any other thoughts. And thanks! We look forward to being connected with you!
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