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ID Through Photography
This form is the means of selection of the participants from Romania for the Youth Exchange taking place between 1-12 August in Switzerland.

ID stands for identity and it is the central exploration theme in this project. This project wants you to use your identity together with other youngsters to overcome obstacles, cross borders and break down barriers. Through this project we wish to help you and other youngsters find answers to questions surrounding stereotypes, clichés, migration, discrimination, interculturality and diversity. This project would like for you to acquire an even greater notion of living together perhaps having a critical but yet respectful view of our society and all that it has to offer.

Photography is one of the main artistic methods we will use to explore your ID. Together with photography there will be theater and music workshops. The three artistic workshops are organized particularly to allow all participants to build together a collective work displayed during a public exhibition despite their artistic (and thus personal/cultural) differences.

Although the schedule will include group outings, trips, parties and other entertaining activities, this exchange is not meant for touristic purposes. All participants will have to be committed during the entire duration of the project and attend all activities.

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