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The Shift Network Refund Request Form
Complete and submit our brief online form to request a refund. If you are requesting a refund for more than one program, please be sure to SUBMIT A SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH PROGRAM.
Select from Live Courses, On-Demand/Downloadable Courses or Summits
Please select from ONE of the drops down lists below. If your live course is not on this list, the refund date has likely passed. Summit and On-Demand/Downloadable course refunds are subject to your date of purchase. If you have questions, please contact us at:
Live Courses
Refund deadlines vary for each course
On-Demand/Downloadable Courses
Refunds available if requested within 2 weeks of purchase date
Summit Upgrade Packages
Refunds available if requested within 60 days of purchase date
E-mail Address *
IMPORTANT: Please list the same email address used when placing your order, or we may not be able to access your payment record.
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Full Name *
IMPORTANT: Please enter your first and last name so that we can locate your payment record.
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Reasons for your refund request *
Choose all of the reasons that influenced your decision to request a refund.
Tell us more! *
Please elaborate on your reasons for requesting a refund, so we can improve our offerings.
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Alternate Email Address
Has your email address changed since you made your purchase? Or have you used more than one email address to place orders with The Shift Network? If so, please list your new or alternate email address here:
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Did you join the Facebook Community Group for your Live Course? *
If so, write your Facebook NAME (not email address) in the text box. If not, or your refund is for an on-demand/downloadable course or summit, write "No".
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IMPORTANT NOTE: When you click "SUBMIT" below, you'll see a confirmation note. *
Please read the confirmation note for details of when to expect your refund. Check below that you understand.
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