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Host Registration for "KeepOlim's No Oleh Alone" Pesach 2019
Thank you so much for opening up your homes to Olim that otherwise have nowhere to go for the holiday. It is a Big Mitzvah! Pesach this year falls on Friday, evening of April, 19.

You can host for the Pesach Seder only or for the entire Shabbat.
If you need to cancel you must give at least 24 hours notice so that we can place Olim elsewhere. It is our hope at KeepOlim that your family will feel at home with your guests.

We will do our best to find the suitable guests for you!
Thank you so much again.

One of our volunteers will be in touch with you to discuss the details.

We wish you a happy and Kosher Pesach!

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By joining the “No Oleh Alone” Program, you agree that any personal information which may come to your knowledge, including names, addresses and phone numbers that this information will not be abused in any way (including by way of harassment, giving out information to third parties etc.). You also acknowledge that KeepOlim is not and will not be responsible for the actions of the participants, and accordingly will not bear responsibility for any kind of damage either to you or your property resulting from your participation in the “No Oleh Alone” Program if such damage should occur. Finally, you agree that information provided by you will be stored in an internal database used for administering volunteer activity, and you acknowledge that this information may be used in a general and unidentified manner for statistical purposes only.
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