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Queer in AI/ML Conference Survey
All questions are optional. Anonymity is allowed: do not entrust potentially vulnerable computer systems with information that could endanger you. Aggregated multiple-choice responses will be shared publicly in a way that prevents identification of individuals. We will contact you for permission via the given email before sharing long answer responses. If no email is given, these responses will not be shared publicly.
What is your sexual orientation?
What is your gender identity?
What is your ethnicity?
How would you describe your position?
How out are you (if applicable)?
Do you feel welcome as a queer person at NeurIPS (if applicable)?
I do/feel I would face serious discrimination or other threats for being openly queer
I feel valued as a queer person
Gender neutral/inclusive restrooms at NeurIPS venues:
Have you experienced discrimination/harassment as a queer person at your job or school?
Which country do you live in?
Your answer
How would you describe the legal and social climate towards your identity where you live?
Which country are you from originally?
Your answer
How would you describe the legal and social climate towards your identity in the country you are from originally?
Have you experienced any of the following types of discrimination/harassment due to your queer identity?
Mental Health:
What are obstacles you have faced in becoming a queer AI/ML practitioner?
Could you share any examples of discrimination/harassment you have experienced?
Your answer
Could you share any examples of intersectional discrimination/harassment or lack of inclusiveness you have experienced? (Long Answer)
Your answer
Which issues/events would you like Queer In AI to focus on?
Other comments (Long Answer)
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Are you part of any other queer professional groups?
Would you like to be contacted about making a profile for 500 Queer Scientists?
Would you like to join the Queer in AI slack?
May we share your resume or LinkedIn with our sponsors?
Link to Resume or LinkedIn?
Your answer
What is your affiliation?
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What is your email address?
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