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GoodFestival OneMillionSparks Storyteller Questionnaire
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We are ready to tell your story to the world. Please take a few minutes to answer this questionnaire, that follows the GoodPowWow method:

1. Vision
2. Achievement
3. Challenge
4. Support required

What's next?
Once you have filled out this form, we will send you an invitation to join the GoodFestival Flock Platform where a GoodFestival team member will coordinate the editing of your story + seek photos and once you are ready publish the story on the following websites:

For any questions, please send an email to:

Your vision (800 characters max) *
What drives you and your team? What does success look like?
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Achievements so far (800 characters max) *
What is your achievement so far? This will allow people to know what you have done so far.
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Your biggest challenges (800 characters max) *
What are your biggest challenges? What's your next hurdle? Is it finding money, people or validation or something else?
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Support required (800 characters max) *
How can other Innovators support you?
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Your full name? *
So we know who you are.
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Your email address? *
So we can invite you to the GoodFestival Flock platform - - to edit your story.
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