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Troubleshooting for online worship
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Troubleshooting with


The most consistent solution we have found to most issues is to refresh your browser. Start there, and if it doesn't work, keep reading!

I’m having trouble connecting from my phone/tablet.

We’ve noticed that when mobile devices are having trouble connecting, a desktop or laptop computer often has a stronger connection. If a desktop or laptop computer is available to you, we suggest using it to log in if connection issues with your mobile devices persist.

I can't hear everyone in my row/table.

This is likely due to blocked permission in the browser. You can resolve this by clearing your cache and cookies or by switching browsers.

Clearing Cache and Cookies

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



Switching Browsers

While Safari and Edge are technically supported in Altar Live, it is often easier to use Chrome or Firefox so you may consider switching to these browsers.

My camera and mic aren't working.

They may be blocked in your settings, or you may need to update your browser. To learn how to address this, click here.

I'm hearing an echo on my end.

Check out solutions here.

Thanks to Altar Live Troubleshooting for the above tips!