IP practical aspects - Patent drafting & filing, Trademark & copyright filing

Workshop start date: June 28, 2021
Workshop end date: July 03, 2021        

Institute name: IIT Kharagpur

Number of participants for the workshop: 100

Basic qualification for the participants: 3rd year engineering (Any Branch)

Degree pursuing: Science/technology/pharmacy

Year completed: 3rd year

About the resource person:

Prof. Gouri Gargate

Over the last 23 years, she has led and executed numerous innovative projects in academics as well as industry as an IP teacher, researcher, consultant, information scientist, and law & management professional. At present the research group under her is focused on research topics like IP valuation, patent pooling, policy, technology transfer in Asian countries etc.

As an IP law and management professional, Prof. Gargate helped organisations in building their IPR cell, identifying potential IP, analyzing status of IPM system of an organisation by applying various IP audit techniques. As a patent attorney associated with a leading law firm, she has handled a number of projects which include patent mining, patent drafting, oppositions and prosecution. Prof. Gargate has contributed to national project to draft various policy documents, and copyright due diligence processes. As an IP information scientist of fortune 500 organisation, she has handled various projects such as competitive intelligence, technology landscapes, FTOs, patentability search reports. As an IP consultant, she worked closely with MSMEs to manage IP. Prof. Gargate has conducted several workshops on IP awareness and IP management. She has delivered more than 50 sessions on IPR as a resource person in FDP programmes, seminars & conferences. She has organised a few national and international conferences on IPR. She has published her research work in reputed international journals. Prof. Gargate has presented research papers in various international conferences. She has also worked as a guest co-editor for ABDC ranked journal. As an IP researcher, she has developed various tools and models for IP management. She is working on research as well as consultancy projects from industry, Ministry of Human Resource Development, DST and other funding agencies. She has guided several master students, TIFAC scholars and a few PhD scholars are working in her group.

She offers subjects like Technology transfer, IP management, IP strategy, Patent law, Patent searching and drafting, Comparative trademark law, Trademark and Industrial design.

Her research domain comprises of IP management, IP audit, technology transfer, IP policy, IP valuation, Entrepreneurship and IP, IP commercialization, IP portfolio management

List of experiments to be covered:

Day 1

 Patent filing

Day 2

 Patent searching

Day 3

 Patent drafting

Day 4

 TM filing

Day 5

 CR filing