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Schools Re-Started and Links

Reopening Resources

Virtual Programming Ideas

Rec Center Closure Pay

Remote Student Work Ideas

Recreation Center Facilities Currently Open List

List of Rec Centers Closed    

Preventative Measures


Talking Points/Research

Individual School Updates

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 List of School Web-sites that have re-opened

As of 6/11/20 (Provided by Rowan Campus Rec) - Thanks to Kevin George

Arkansas State - 

University of Central Arkansas -

Colorado Mesa University -

Dordt University -

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University -

University of Florida - 

University of Idaho -

Idaho State University -

Jacksonville State University -

Louisiana Tech -

University of Louisville -

Marshall University -

Medical University of South Carolina -

Mississippi State -

University of Montana -

Montana State University - 

University of Nebraska -

Northwest Iowa Community College -

Ole Miss -

Oregon State -

Shepherd University -

University of South Carolina - Aiken - 

South Dakota State University -

Texas A&M -

Texas A&M - Corpus Christi -

Texas A&M Kingsville -

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley -

Texas Tech -

Weber State University -

Campus Rec Articles regarding reopening::

UNLV “Reopening Rec Centers: Staff Safety, Outdoor Programs and Aquatics” - Campus Rec Magazine 5/22

Dixie State University’s Open Guidelines and Signage - Campus Rec Magazine 5/27

Reopening Rec Centers: Planning for Various Phases and Scenarios - Campus Rec Magazine ⅝


NIRSA, we are now thinking and planning for reopening our facilities, services, and programs. Please share resources and comments on how your institutions and departments are planning to reopen to ensure there is a considerable period for planning and development and upon return, our students, staff, and patrons are safe and don’t become even more stressed. Please add your comments under the appropriate sections:

Education Resources and Emerging State Requirements -

Staff: training, scheduling, and care-taking

Facilities and Operations



Fitness Centers


        Climbing Centers

The Climbing wall use would adhere to the recommendations and guidelines for use and disinfecting from the Climbing Wall Association (CWA); some consideration is given to when to re-open the wall, which may be determined by the CWA.
Auto Belay Cleaning Recommendations Protecting and Disinfecting Devices:
TruBlue/Headrush White Paper

Trips / clinics would need to be evaluated for capacity / equipment volume to appropriately accommodate social distancing without completing minimizing the experience.

Cancelling of all group travel until social distancing is removed

Weighing risk of trip participants meeting at trip/clinic location

Rental / retail operations could resume, with appropriate distancing.

        Proper cleaning of equipment between use - soft vs. hard goods




        Book 30 minute swim slots in advance with Acuity

Limit to one person per lane

No shared equipment

No equipment checkout


Lessons - thanks UCSD

Lifeguard Trainings

        Fitness Classes

        Personal Training

        Youth Programs

• Require sick campers and staff to stay home. If anyone has a temperature of 100.4°F/38°C or higher or they are coughing excessively they must be excluded from the facility within one hour of parent/guardian notification
• Caregiver must also notify staff if children have taken any fever reducing medications in the prior 24 hours
• If staff or a child exhibit signs of illness, follow the facility procedures for isolation from the general room population and notify the caregiver immediately to pick up the child

Guest/Membership Services


 Reopening Planning


Building Preparation

·         Key concepts:

o   Ready the Building for occupancy

o   Time to put extra safety measures in place – walk through audits

o   Staff Safety

o   Member Safety

o   Cleaning Changes/alterations

o   Inspections, repairs

o   Ability to Find Supplies: sanitizer, wipes, gloves, masks

o   Egress Point Alterations

o   Reimagining Spaces – Careful!  Basketball courts are expensive.

o   Water fountains, Lounge Spaces, other “Common” area changes

Staff Preparation

·         Key Concepts:

o   Anxiety of staff

o   Work from Home/Childcare challenges

o   HR Policies

o   Altering job descriptions

o   Hiring student staff – time, paperwork, training

o   Safety / Social Distancing / Testing

o   Training in Customer Service, New Procedures, New Duties & Expectations

o   Schedule modifications –

§  staggering arrival / departure times to avoid timeclock crowds

§  alternate work schedules

o   Wellness Checks

Member Readiness

·         Key Concepts

o   Clear Communication Before reopening

o   New Policies and Procedures

o   Membership reinstitution options

o   Guest / Visitor Policies

o   Expectations

o   Feedback/Concerns method and response time

o   Sign-ups with No-Shows, or wait time?


Program Adjustment

·         Key Concepts:

o   Social Distancing

o   Participation Limits

o   Cleanliness

o   Grand Reopening:  Celebrate!

o   Meet-ups

o   Continuing to Expand Virtual Programming

(potential fees for distance learning students)

o   Skills Clinics

o   Private vs. Group Offerings

o   Lessons at certain levels and above

o   Different Sports Offerings:  Disc Golf, Tennis, Archery…

o   Which Equipment should be rented?

o   Which equipment should be used? (Spotters do not meet social distancing)

Social Distancing

·         Key Concepts

o   Work Stations: 6 foot protocols

o   Tables / Sneeze guards in front of service stations

o   Space Utilization throughout the facility

o   Redesigning of spaces

o   Reducing capacity

o   Single Occupancy for Small Spaces

o   Directional Signs for Foot Traffic / Traffic Patterns

o   Spots for waiting lines

Cleaning Plans/Reducing Touch Points

·         Key Concepts

o   Modification of Cleaning Practices – more frequent in high touch areas

o   Which doors can be propped?

o   Automatic lights?

o   Clean Desk Policies for all workstations to allow for cleaning

o   Cleaning / adjusting designated storage areas for personal items (plastic bins for on the pool deck instead of locker room use, requesting patrons leave items in cars/at home)

o   Touch Screens

Supplies Needed

·         Combine with other areas on campus on large quantity orders?

·         Ensure extra supplies without hoarding

·         Wipes

·         Gloves

·         Facemasks

·         Extra Pens

·         Sneeze Guards



·         Key Concepts

o   Ensure alignment with administration, local health regulations

o   Member feedback system – concerns addressed timely

o   Clear employee expectations

o   Clear member expectations

o   Strategy for correcting behaviors

o   Signage

Virtual Programming Ideas

o   Down Dog Apps

o   Yoga Journal

o   Headspace

o   Peloton

o   LesMills

o   ACSM Staying Physically Active

o   Matrix

Do you have interest in NIRSA providing a centralized place for shared resources that individual schools can point to:

Overall Wellness

Group Fitness/Personal Training/Small Group Training

Koru is an evidence-based program specifically designed with college students in mind to help in the reduction of stress and anxiety while also increasing one's sleep and self compassion.  Participants will learn specific skills that help calm and focus their mind, including breathing exercises, guided imagery, body scan, and more!

Make a Zoom appointment with a Wellness Coach.

Fitness Related Ideas

Checkout out: (we have live classes on facebook, personal training materials and some at home resources.) use #CampusRecConnect to help your students get all the information for all recreation centers.

Steven Trotter from East Carolina:

...and yes, student employees are being paid for their time in creating and engaging in this content in a remote setting.

Intramural Sports/E-Sports

Washtenaw Community College, Matthew Lucas, Supervisor of Sports

Sports Movies Bracket Challenge. Figured would be a good way to incorporate the March Madness feeling during this time. We created a bracket with random sports movies, and for each round, we are having people submit their picks through a google form. The movies with the most votes will win and move on in the tournament. We'll also track those who started from the 1st round and whomever has the most correct picks, we will try to get them some sort of prize.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rocket, as a remote option for our IM gamers.

Outdoor Adventures/Rock Wall

Social Distancing Outdoors

This is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.  To safely enjoy activities in nature, be sure to maintain at least 6 feet between you and other people and minimize touching surfaces that are frequented by others, including rails, trash receptacles, signs, etc.  Bring disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer with you everywhere you go so you can wipe down surfaces you do have to touch. Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds after recreating. For safety reasons, it is still advised to enjoy outdoor activities with a family member or friend (6 feet away, of course) and to continue to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Social distancing practices should be followed during all outdoor activities.  The virus spreads mainly from person-to-person, through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of nearby people.  Therefore, it is recommended to give each person a wide berth even when recreating outdoors.  The Leave No Trace website also offers trips and guidelines about safely exploring outside:

Rec Center Closure Pay

Department Status

Not paid

Paid for work projects

Paid to stay home

Grand Total

Closed until further notice





Partial Closure (i.e. programs cancelled, but some/all facilities still opened.



Temporary Full Closure





Grand Total





*Of the roughly 200 institutions with data about closures listed below, this table is only showing results of where data was available about pay. Updated daily as more institutions complete Google Form.

If you close, how you are addressing paying part time hourly staff.

Remote Student Work Ideas

As facilities and programs are closed and suspended many of us are thinking about continuing our operational goals, while also supporting students financially. Please list your institution and what remote work for part-time and student employees looks like on your campus.

Recreation Center Facilities Currently Open List

Recreation Center Closure List

Regarding closures and pay, I have developed a Google Form to coalesce the data. This will help us develop rich, quantitative data on the fly. Please, complete the form above to help us save time with data entry. - Ian Brown, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

  1. Miami University (Oxford Ohio) Closed March 17 until further notice.
  2. University of New Haven - Entire campus closed until further notice. Classes online thru the end of the semester.
  3. University of Utah has closed from 3/16/2020 - 4/1/2020.
  4. Portland State Rec Center has closed effective 3/15/2020 until further notice
  5. MizzouRec facility closed and all programming cancelled effective 7pm, March 13th.
  6. University of West Florida was on break hours and is now closed and working remotely until March 29th at 11:59pm.
  7. Oklahoma State University-3/14 through 4/5  the main rec facilities will be open from 7am to 8pm M-F, 8am to 8pm on Sat, and 10am to 8pm on Sun. will all programs being cancelled
  8. St. Edward’s University - 3/13 through at least 4/5 Rec facilities will be closed with no programs
  9. Butler University - closed 3/13 until further notice
  10. Kent State University - all recreation facilities closed 3/10 - 4/13 
  11. Duke - closed as of 3/11
  12. Western Kentucky - closing 3/13 through at least 4/6
  13. TCU - closing 3/13 through at least 4/3
  14. University of Connecticut - closing 3/14 through 4/5
  15. Stanford - as of 3/13 we closed all of our rec centers effective immediately. And we did it in a record 45 minutes. Phew.
  16. California State University, San Bernardino - Class instruction moved to on-line; rec center at academic break schedule until further notice.
  17. Southern Connecticut State University -Closed until further notice.
  18. Syracuse University- Rec Center to close 3/13 through at least 3/30
  19. Slippery Rock University 3/11 until further notice
  20. Westminster College Salt Lake City - as of 3/12 - shortened hours “Spring Break Hours” for the next two weeks - no group ex classes
  21. Cal Poly - will be closed Friday, 3/13 for deep clean
  22. UNLV - Online classes March 23 - April 12  - UPDATE Rec center closed 3/17 - at least April 12.  
  23. Youngstown State University - Closed 3/12-3/22
  24. York College of Pennsylvania - Closed March 14-28
  25. Grand Valley State University (MI) - closed through 3/29
  26. East Tennessee State University--closed 3/14-4/12
  27. Earlham College (IN) - closed March 23 - May 1 to community/public - accessible to faculty, staff, and remaining students on campus
  28. University of Mississippi - closed 3/13 until further notice
  29. The College of New Jersey - Closed as of 8:00pm 3/13 through ⅘
  30. University of Michigan - 2 of 3 buildings are closed. Central building open with reduced hours
  31. Southern Methodist University - closing 3/23 - April 5 
  32. Worcester State University- closed 3/14-7/13, to be assessed thereafter. Social distancing limits set, campus closed to students while there are efforts to bring classes online.
  33. The College at Brockport - SUNY - starting spring break today and will continue with non-academic hours until further decisions are made.  The County has limited groups to 50 people, which may result in shutting down the Rec Facilities
  34. UMass Lowell - closing 3/14 until in-person classes resume (current date is 4/3)
  35. William Paterson University (NJ)- Main Rec facility remains open while the University goes remote (tentatively through April 14) with smaller facility and pool closed.  Main facility is operating with reduced hours and staff and has placed limits of 20 or fewer people per facility space.  Guest passes (external) no longer available.  Group exercise classes cancelled.  Programming during the remote period is effectively cancelled.
  36. UIC (University of Illinois Chicago) - As of EOD 3/16/20 ALL recreation facilities are closed indefinitely.
  37. Saint Peter’s University - Rec Center opened on a limited basis through at least March 25.  Pool closed.  Group exercise classes canceled.   External members restricted and guest pass sales suspended.  All outside programs that use the facility have been postponed indefinitely.
  38. Swarthmore College - As of March 15, the Matchbox fitness center is closed and will remain closed until further notice.
  39. Loyola Marymount University - All facilities closed until further notice as of 3/14.  
  40. DePaul University - facility closed 8pm on March 17.
  41. University of Colorado, Denver - our Wellness Center will be closing effective tomorrow until TBD
  42. University of Maine (Orono) - UMaine classes going online through Spring Semester. The Rec Center is closing this weekend to move equipment to facilitate social distancing, opening 3/16 with reduced hours and no day pass/guest users. Students, faculty, staff and ongoing members only. Reduced fitness programming will be offered, no intramurals, no club competitions (practices may be allowed if students are interested). Most session-based programming involving outside users is being canceled or start dates pushed back.
  43. Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is now closed for the foreseeable future. All formal programming has been cancelled for the remainder of the semester.
  44. UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) -  March 12 - April 5 classes  move to online teaching.  Campus closed for Spring Break March 14-22.  Rec Center closed March 12- April 5.  All Club Sports(practices and competitions), Intramurals, cancelled.  
  45. University of Delaware -.As of 6pm on 3/13/20 - All Recreation facilities are closing until further notice.
  46. Allegheny College Wise Center (closed March 13-30th)
  47. Saint Louis University - Simon Recreation Center closed starting March 17th.
  48. Mercy College - Recreation Center closed until further notice. All classes online through 3/20. (Spring Break is the following week)
  49. Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) Wellness Center:  Closed March 14-April 10. 
  50. Truman State University - in person classes cancelled March 16-20; Student Recreation Center closed March 14-22; limited hours during our Spring Break Week of march 9-13.
  51. Boston University - in person classes and gatherings canceled March 16 until April 13. Fitness and Recreation Center closed for informal recreation during this period. All programs and events canceled. PE activity classes and workouts available online
  52. University of North Dakota:  The Wellness Center CLOSED starting 3/16 at noon.
  53. Weber State University: March 13-> Fitness Centers on Ogden and Davis campuses closed until at least March 30 (2 res hall fitness centers remain open to residents only); pool closed until at least March 30; all international and out-of-state university-sponsored travel suspended through April 20, 2020, including club sports; club practices and events canceled through March 30; IMs canceled for remainder of semester; remaining Outdoor Program trips canceled for remainder of semester; Outdoor Rental Center open for now
  54. Washington University in St. Louis - All recreation facilities and programs closed down effective 3/16 until further notice (decision was made late afternoon on 3/15).  Remote learning for students through spring semester.  We’re  transitioning our PE activity courses to journaling-based.  
  55. UCLA - Closed
  56. Washington State - Closed   
  57. Creighton - Closed
  58. SUNY Oswego Closed
  59. UCSF Closed
  60. UW - Seattle - Closed
  61. University of Oregon - Closed
  62. Oregon State - Closed until 4/28
  63. Arizona State - Closed effective 3/17/20
  64. Arizona - Open for now but getting complaints.. Closed on March 19th
  65. California schools closed
  1. UC-Riverside, Cal Baptist, Cal Poly-Pomona, CSULB, CSUN, SFSU, UCSF, USC, UCSD, Stanford, UCLA, UC-Davis, UC-Irvine, SDSU, UC-Santa Barbara
  1. University of Tampa Fitness and Recreation Center- Closed
  2. Viterbo University - closed March 14 at least through April 12
  3. University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) - closed on March 14 until further guidance is provided.  We expect closure through April 5, if not longer.  
  4. University of the Pacific - Recreation Center closed 3/16 until further notice. Online/Distance based learning begins March 23.  
  5. University of North Carolina Schools -  Greensboro - closed until further notice;
  6. UNC Asheville - open with modified hours and spaces as of 3/16/20
  7. Case Western Reserve University- Closed at noon today until further notice. 
  8. University of Colorado- Boulder- Closed until further notice.
  9. UMass Amherst - closed until further notice. In-person classes have been suspended through the end of the semester.
  10. Charleston Southern University - All campus rec facilities closed through March 31 as of now. All programming also cancelled. In-person classes have been suspended through March 31 and all classes have transitioned to online.
  11. Missouri Baptist University- All fitness/rec spaces closed until at least April 6.
  12. Florida State University - All facilities closed on March 19th until further notice.
  13. University of Virginia- Closed March 18th - TBD.  All University events are cancelled until at least May 15th.  All academic classes will remain online for the rest of the semester.  Graduation has been cancelled.
  14. University of Dayton - closed on March 16 until further notice
  15. Texas A&M University-Commerce -closed on March 19. Full-time staff still reporting to work.
  16. Salem State University - closed through 3/29 (may be extended)
  17. Texas A&M University at Galveston - Closed and all in-person programming canceled. Facility closure will continue to be re-evaluated.
  18. University of Nebraska Kearney- Closed March 21 through April 5 (may be extended)
  19. University of Pennsylvania - Closed on 3/16 until further notice.
  20. Colgate University- All rec and athletic facilities CLOSED 3/17-TBD
  21. Santa Clara University - all campus recreation and athletic facilities closed as of March 16 at 4 p.m. Outdoor facilities will close as of 12:01 a.m. due to the county shelter in place ordinance - all closed until further notice (the shelter in place is 3 weeks)
  22. Emory University- both facilities and outdoor spaces closed until further notice as of 8pm March 16th.
  23. Oakland University - Recreation & Aquatics Center closed on 3/16 at 3p per governor’ order.  Closed until at least 3/30/2020
  24. Ryerson University: in-person classes moving online.  All Rec. facilities closed until at least April 6.
  25. University at Albany: Fitness Centers & Pool closed by governor’s order on March 16 till further notice.  All facilities closed and in person programs cancelled till further notice.  Working on virtual options.
  26. Presbyterian College - Closed until further notice as of 3/16
  27. Columbia University - Facilities closed 3/15 until further notice. Virtual environment for Physical Education classes.
  28. Minnesota State University Moorhead:  Closed on 3/16 until further notice
  29. University of Denver:  Closed 3/17 until further notice.
  30. Northern Illinois University: Closed 3/16 until further notice, but at least ⅘
  31. Southern Oregon University: Student Recreation Center closed 3/16 until further notice.
  32. University of Notre Dame: All facilities are closed and all programming and activities have been suspended.
  33. University of West Georgia - Closed until further notice. Will look to do programing through social media
  34. University of North Florida - Closed until further notice. Programming will be via our website, podcast and social media.
  35. University of South Dakota-Closed until further notice.
  36. Stephen F. Austin State University - Closed as of March 17th and remain until on campus instruction resumes (tentative April 6th but subject to change).
  37. Florida Southern College- Rec Facility Open 10am-2pm until Friday, March 20th and then closed until further notice.
  38. UW-Stout - all Urec operations closed until at least April 5
  39. California State University, Bakersfield- Closed as of 3/17 until further notice
  40. University of California, Berkeley - Closed 3/16 thru 4/7. Instruction transitioned online thru end of semester.
  41. Northern Iowa- closed rec Monday am (spring break week until further notice).  Faculty on Break, Pro Staff and Merit employees still come to work or seek approval for working remotely from supervisors.  
  42. Olympic College - Fitness Center closed & all Recreation events cancelled per order from WA state governor until at least March 31.  Instruction online
  43. Fairmont State University- Rec Center and campus closed as of March 16th through April 24th..  Food venues are open on a limited basis for carry out only to accommodate approximately 150 students still in residence halls.  As of now all staff are still reporting to campus.
  44. UTRGV - Closed until further notice. We do have some ability to provide remote work for virtual programming and services. We are working on those items.
  45. Indiana State University - Closed until further notice. Virtual programming being developed.
  46. Loyola university Chicago-- closed until further notice
  47. San Jose State University- Rec Center closed indefinitely as of 2pm on 3/16.  All classes are moving online until the end of the spring semester as of 3/16.  Some aspects of campus remain open.
  48. Sinclair Community College - College closed to convert courses to remote learning. PAC and programs closed until at least 2/23, more than likely thru the end of Spring Semester.
  49. The University of Toledo Student Recreation Center and Morse Fitness Center CLOSED until further notice, (Professional Staff currently still reporting to work).
  50. Bucknell University - Rec Center closed 3/17 indefinitely
  51. Drexel University - Recreation Center closed 3/16 until further notice. All programming suspended. Virtual Group Exercise classes currently being developed and will be offered. Spring term classes will be online.
  52. Boise State University - Recreation Center closed 3/17 until further notice. All programming suspended. Virtual Group Exercise classes currently being developed and will be offered. All facilities are closed and all programming and activities have been suspended. Spring term classes will be online.
  53. Baylor University - closed
  54. University of Southern Mississippi - Closing 3/17 until further notice
  55. Eastern Washington University - Recreation Center closed until 4/26, All in person programming and programming requiring travel suspended until 4/26. Spring class term start delayed 1 week, scheduled to begin 4/6.
  56. University of Minnesota Twin Cities-closed as of March 17th until further notice/
  57. Palm Beach State-closed as of 3/6  until further notice.
  58. Rutgers University New Brunswick - Closed as of March 16th until further notice.
  59. Xavier University- Recreation Center is closed through May 1. All professional staff are to work remotely effective March 18 through April 3. Will reassess professional staff working from home after April 3.
  60. Northern Kentucky University - Recreation Center closed as of 3/18 at 4:30pm through April 30. All club and student org travel cancelled for the semester. All events/rentals on campus cancelled through May 30.
  61. The College at Brockport - SUNY - closed March 16th.  All staff are telecommuting per guidelines from the Governor
  62. Hobart and William Smith Colleges-Closed March 16th until further notice
  63. Georgia State University -Closed all Recreation facilities 3/13 until further notice. On line programming. Students are online through Spring semester.
  64. Villanova University- Closed all rec centers 3/14 until further notice. All programming and services associated with recreation have been suspended until further notice.
  65. University of New Hampshire - closed facility on 3/17 until further notice. All programming had been suspended as of 3/12.
  66. University of Arkansas - Fort Smith - closed facility on 3/16 until further notice.  All recreation programs have been suspended.  
  67. University of Pikeville - closed until further notice, including Main Gym, Athletic Training Facilities, Student Weight Room
  68. Ball State University - As of 3/18/2020, our open recreation facilities/areas are still operating as normal hours and GroupFitness classes are still being held, Intramurals canceled, Sport Clubs cannot travel/hold any type of practices/activities, Learn to Swim canceled, Family Swim, Outdoor Program trips/workshops have been canceled, Climbing Wall has been closed. Classes have gone online for the rest of the semester. As of 3/19/2020 we closed all of our facilities, with the exception that we are letting students deep clean and professional staff have the option of reporting to work physically or working remotely.
  69. Missouri State University- closed until further notice
  70. Utah State University- All recreational facilities, programs, and services closed as of 3-17-20
  71. Texas Tech University - all programs stopped, facility closed until further notice.
  72. Georgia State University- all Recreational facilities closed beginning 3/14/2020, all programs and outdoor trips canceled.
  73. University of Oregon - CLOSED until further notice.
  74. University of Louisiana at Lafayette - closed until further notice, all programs and services postponed.
  75. Colorado School of Mines- Closed until further notice/ at least until April 15th per Governor of Colorado Executive Order pertaining to restaurants and recreation/fitness centers.
  76. Lewis University officially closing the Rec Center 3/20 at 1pm. Staff is working remotely for now. Return date not yet determined.
  77. University of South Alabama--closed until further notice effective 3/13 at 5 pm. Staff working remotely.
  78. Stony Brook University (SUNY)--All in-person University programs and events are cancelled through May 15, 2020.  Recreation center closed Monday March 16.
  79. East Stroudsburg University Closed until Further Notice on Tuesday, March 17th
  80. Montana State University Closed until April 4th.  Then re-evaluate.
  81. Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (North Chicago, IL). Closed through April 20. Re-evaluate and announce by April 13.
  82. University of Minnesota Duluth- closed indefinitely.  Programs and services suspended through end of April (likely end of semester in early May)   Full time staff working remotely.
  83. St. Olaf College - Close March 18 - April 19. Re-evaluate on April 13th. Running remote programs, such as Virtual Marathon, IM Team Name Bracket, Trivia Thursday, etc.
  84. Grand Rapids Community College - Closed Friday, March 13th at 8pm-Sunday, April 5th. Will re-evaluate at that time.
  85. University of Iowa - Closed March 16 through April 3. Status beginning April 4 is TBD, although classes are virtual through the end of the semester, and all events through the end of the semester have been cancelled. Staff working remotely until April 16 (target).
  86. Bowling Green State University -- closed on March 17 and all programs cancelled until further notice.
  87. University of Kentucky - all indoor facilities closed until further notice. All supervised outdoor facilities closed until further notice. Offering some virtual programs.
  88. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - all facilities closed through the Spring semester (May 17th)
  89. University of Wyoming - closed end of business 3/17  until further notice.
  90. Carroll University - Wisconsin - all facilities closed indefinitely, right now through spring semester at least.
  91. The University of Akron - closed March 16th until further notice.  Cancelled all programs/rentals until April 20th and will re-evaluate in early April.
  92. Saint Leo University- closed until further notice, classes online for rest of semester
  93. Springfield College-Closed until further notice, classes are online for the remainder of the semester.
  94. University of South Florida - closed 3/16 through May 8th...could change with status of the state of Florida. University will be all online through the summer
  95. Virginia Commonwealth University- Closed until further notice; online classes through June at least
  96. Minnesota State University, Mankato- Closed until further notice (closure date of 3/12/20); Offering some virtual options. Online classes through Summer 2020 at the present time.
  97. George Fox University (Oregon) closed effective 3/17/2020 until further notice. Offering a variety of virtual group fitness and virtual intramural options.
  98. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - closed/in-person programming stopped as of 3/16 until TBD

List of Potential Preventative Measures

Adventure Programs



Club Sports



Facility Memberships -

What refund procedures are being employed for memberships, Group X, Intramurals, etc.?  Or, are people extending those memberships, rather than giving refunds?

Some questions to ponder on your campus (add if you have better or more questions):

What do you anticipate to be the impact on:

  1. Emory University: Yes, Emory is issuing prorated refunds for most student fees. “Emory will refund student accounts with a calculated amount of unused housing, dining, athletic fees, activity fees, parking fees, and other fees unrelated to academic instruction. Since instruction will continue, no instructional costs will be reimbursed (tuition, technology fees, etc.) Other services that will remain available to students, such as health related fees, will also not be refunded.” See here. -Walter Kolis
  1. Specifically membership cancellations/individuals wanting to push their membership back “x date” depending on how long the time period is. (Craig Decker, UAB)
  2. Loss of group exercise revenue

A talking point or two:

Fusion Coronavirus page:

Advice for Running Coaches”

Great article from Journal of Health and Sport Science “Should, and How Can, Exercise Be Done During Coronavirus”:

Soon-to-be published article on the effects of exercise on immune systems

Advice from  Neil P. Walsh (2018) Recommendations to maintain immune health in athletes,

European Journal of Sport Science, 18:6, 820-831, DOI: 10.1080/17461391.2018.1449895

To link to this article:

This was from early March.

The benefits of exercise and movement on mental and physical wellbeing are important to consider. We know that the reduction of stress is important for people and there is some research that says that we actually increase our immune system for a short-term bounce after exercising (if anybody has other research please post - you can find the article in an academic article search by searching for Debunking the Myth of Exercise Induced Suppression)

NIRSA just put out a good message at about noon on March 9 on Upstream information that is in a similar vein to the paragraph above. Conference/covid-19 status here:

Here is what SFO is describing as social distancing:

WHO only says three feet from anyone who is coughing or sneezing – Bill Callender suggested that the 6 feet is so that you don’t walk through the area when someone coughs or sneezes.

Does Sweat Transfer coronavirus?

March 14

Perspiration alone cannot transmit COVID-19, Dr. David Thomas, a professor of medicine and director of the infectious-diseases division of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, told the New York Times.

But it can stay on surfaces for up to 9 days if not cleaned

Individual School Notes

University of Washington - Katie

Monday, 3/16 - UW Recreation closed all facilities to patrons, effective 3/16 until further notice. We still plan to have our permanent staff working right now (some remote if that is feasible - still trying to keep our maintenance and custodial staff in the facility to work since they don’t have the option to work remote). We do not have a plan for student/temporary staff yet!

Wednesday, 3/11 - At this time, it affects Club events but not much else within our department. Our facilities remain open.

Effective March 11, 2020, events with expected attendance of 250 people or more in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties are required, by order of Governor Inslee, to be cancelled. This restriction is in place through March 31, 2020, but may be extended.

As of that same date, Public Health – Seattle & King County has also mandated that all events and gatherings of fewer than 250 people in the county are prohibited unless event organizers can take steps to minimize risk. This restriction has no set end date.

In light of these measures, the University of Washington directs that organizers of non-essential UW events cancel or postpone those events, or convert them to remote participation.

Organizers of UW events that are deemed essential and that are still allowed under state and county restrictions therefore should implement measures to minimize risk as outlined by Public Health – Seattle & King County, which include:

  1. Encourage older and vulnerable individuals not to attend.
  2. Implement procedures for social distancing and limiting close contact. Examples include:
  1. Screen employees and volunteers hosting an event for symptoms each day. Ask your Employee Health Center for guidance.
  2. Make proper hand washing, sanitation, and cleaning facilities readily available.
  3. Follow environmental cleaning guidelines (e.g., clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces, such as faucets, handrails, and doorknobs, daily or more frequently). Use a cleaning agent on the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of Registered Antimicrobial Products for Use Against Novel Coronavirus.
  4. Ask attendees to practice good hygiene:

Reference the CDC Guidance for Mass Gatherings or Large Community Events during COVID-19 for more information.

Saturday, 3/7

To be clear UW has NOT closed, they have stopped all in person academic classes through March 20 (end of winter quarter). The campus remains open and services like Recreation remain open. UW Recreation facilities are open and programming and activities continue as scheduled. If the UW decided to suspend operations, UW Recreation is considered a non-essential unit and therefore we would close our facilities and cancel programming at that time.


The UW has closed one building for extensive cleaning because an employee in that building has a possible COVID-19 positive result. In the future we may need to close for this reason and we are prepared to take that action as needed.


You can follow the UW updates and find a lot of good information on there. At this time our department is cleaning based on our typical custodial schedules using the same EPA-registered disinfectant products, with a few exceptions: extra cleaning of high touch points during the day by the Operations staff (i.e. door knobs, railings, etc.) and extra daily cleaning of shared work spaces or customer counters. The CDC still recommends following the best practices for healthy habits to help prevent the cold and flu. UW EH&S has released a cleaning protocol document (attached) and UW Marketing and Communications created some helpful signage to use in facilities.


We have a department business continuity plan so we are prepared to handle different emergency situations, extended closures, etc. Unfortunately that plan lives in a UW restricted online system that I won't be able to share with you. We are making sure all those employees that are able to work remotely have all the tech set up and verified. We are experiencing more employees out sick than normal but we are adjusting workloads and coverage to accommodate our needs. If the UW suspended operations and we closed our facilities that means no Recreation employees should report to work (typically employees would use vacation or sick leave for any days off, the UW also has a system in place for our classified employees - in the unions - to work off the time over a certain period of time). We have dealt with extended closures for severe weather/snow, this meant managing employee time off, canceling programming and issuing refunds, adjusting cleaning schedules to prepare to re-open, etc.


Let me know if you have specific questions about business continuity.


UW Recreation facilities continue to remain open (we have not closed any specific facilities at this time) as we attempt to provide our normal services. UW Recreation is not making the blanket decision to cancel all in person programming and activities at this time. Our department is taking a more nuanced approach, determining on a case by case basis, based on the unique type of programming each activity entails (i.e. location, access to disinfecting equipment and facilities to hand wash, type of activity, etc.). Currently we have postponed/rescheduled our yoga teacher training this weekend and a UWild snow caving trip this weekend. Most classes/lessons/activities, intramurals, and club events continue as scheduled but we are assessing ongoing as more updates are shared from UW. We don’t host any youth programming during the academic year so those decisions wouldn’t need to be made until summer gets closer. Timing wise we are nearing the end of winter quarter so our programming/activities are naturally winding down and the number of patrons in our facilities also drop as spring break looms but we are already starting to plan how this could affect spring quarter and beyond if this is a sustained issue.


We are monitoring this situation daily and making decisions as needed while following the UW updates. We are taking steps to plan for possible changes in the future as things evolve with this situation (i.e. potential for closures, reduced hours, canceling programming, etc.).

One thing to note, we are having trouble keeping an adequate inventory of our disinfectant products (hand sanitizers and gym wipes) as we are experiencing out of stock inventory from our usual vendors on the products we typically purchase because of the massive buying and stockpiling due to this virus. We continue to monitor this situation and will adjust as needed! Just wanted to share this potential problem that may change our procedures in the future.

COVID-19 PREVENTION AT UW: SANITIZATION AND DISINFECTION PROTOCOLS - I am happy to share this pdf document with anyone, just email me,

U Toledo - Demond

Wednesday March 11

The University of Toledo has cancelled classes on March 16 and 17, all academic courses will resume on Wednesday, March 18 with remote delivery. On-campus instruction has been canceled through March 30. The university remains open including all recreation facilities. Effective immediately, UToledo has suspended all travel, both domestic and international, for the remainder of this fiscal year (June 30, 2020). All events through April 30 with expected attendance of 100 or more have been canceled.  

Stanford - Alex Accetta

Friday 3/13

As of 6:00pm we closed all Rec Centers effective immediately. We were told at 5:15 and closed by 6:00. Stanford has also told all remaining undergraduates they have to leave, closing dining, plus more.

Our original plan had been:

Campus just announced all non-essential employees to work at home. We are still keeping our Rec Centers open but with modifications

Climbing Wall - open for modified scheduled hours

Fitness Classes - main campus cancelled until staff return to campus

Fitness Classes - SRWC unknown until they decide employee status

Fitness Classes - SCRA ongoing with modifications

All Rec Classes - cancelled until staff return to campus

Personal Training - allowed to have clients with suggested modifications

Private Swim Lessons - allowed to have clients with suggested modifications

Outdoor Trips - cancelled Spring Quarter

Outdoor Classes cancelled Spring Quarter

Club Sports - cancelled Spring Quarter

Intramurals - cancelled until further notice

Youth - moving ahead as scheduled to start in June

PE Classes modified to online only with limited classes

Thursday 3/12

We are still open. We have multiple centers so leaving them open to help distancing. We have added website info: - updating more this morning. We have less student employees than most places so our employees are mostly still around so not a giant issue yet. Still trying to figure out continuity of pay if we need to and if we can.

Wednesday March 11

The university announced that all undergraduate classes will go online until further notice and undergraduates will remain off-campus. Graduate students will remain on campus. Our rec centers remain open.

Monday 3/9

As of 1:45 on the 9th we are no longer allowing any non-essential travel including for our clubs

We had had a decision allowing our club teams to practice but have limited travel to 250 miles + no airplane travel so that if it gets worse suddenly students can easily get back to campus.

Sunday 3/8

At this point I would recommend that we continue to leave the recreation facilities open as the evidence I read suggests that the rec center environment has a lower than perceived risk in the promotion of the spread of coronavirus and that we would only close after other more high risk activities are curtailed (large gatherings, shared housing, etc). There is also evidence that the benefits of providing exercise may counteract the current level of risk.

Stanford’s Centralized Health Updates

Saturday, 3/7

These articles are helpful: this Time article  and this NY Times article from the 9th

Another one about K-12 schools and how closing can actually do harm as well - so many lenses

Recreation center operations currently running business as usual (with a few exceptions). Intramurals are already over so that program is not impacted. Club sports airline travel is currently restricted. The campus is currently cancelling events with spectators of 150+. Athletics events are asked to adjust spectators to one third of normal attendance. One unintended consequence of the remote learning game plan is that some students are leaving to return home vs. staying on campus.

CSU San Bernardino - Vilayat

Wednesday March 11

All CSU’s (23 campuses) are now restricting travel of any kind until May 31st.  Currently no word on Spring Academic schedule yet.  We are one of the only CSU’s still in quarters, but are switching in the fall.CSUSB has suspended all in person classes for the Spring Academic Quarter and has moved all classes to on-line in a compressed academic quarter schedule. We will have two weeks for Spring Break (3/23-4/4). Rec Center plans on staying open during spring break at reduced hours. Spring Quarter hours TBD.

Tuesday 3/9

Right now we are in status quo with our group exercise and recreation classes with some of the limitations in participants for now (which is having little impact with students essentially on spring break with online classes happening) and more aggressive cleaning and education. I am asking our staff to plan for a normal class schedule for Spring Quarter while also planning for what might happen if we start classes late. But unless something changes we will try to minimize disruptions.

Our Chancellor's Office just sent out this morning (March 10) that all international and non-essential travel has been suspended until May 31st

As of Today, 3/11, All CSU travel is no prohibited until May 31st

U San Francisco - Shanie

Saturday, 3/7

USF is currently on spring break. At 5pm today the COVID-19 Management Team sent out a message canceling all in-person, non-essential on-campus events at the Hilltop and Downtown (101 Howard) campuses through March 21. At that time, SFDPH will reevaluate its guidance and the university will follow any new recommendations. The university remains open, including the Koret Health and Recreation Center. The Coronavirus Resources Page is the university’s primary method of updating the university community about the COVID-19 situation. With Spring Break (week of 3/9) we have no IMs and Club Sports scheduled over the next week. The weekend of 3/21 & 3/22 we currently have van travel planned to two bay area universities, and are hosting two local universities for home games. Our only upcoming club sport airline travel is April 8-11 (Kansas City) so still pondering that. Next week’s National Collegiate Judo Association tournament (San Jose) was recently cancelled.

Koret Specific Updates

Monday, March 9

Wednesday, March 11

Thursday, March 12

Friday, March 13

Santa Clara U - Janice DeMonsi

Saturday, 3/7

I anticipate at SCU we will announce something in 48 hours - today fac/staff were advised not to travel through May 1 and all spring break immersion and global trips were canceled. We postponed our spring break men’s rugby trip to next spring break. Human Resources is to announce telecommute options and other items within 48 hours so I am waiting in anticipation of what that looks like with spring break club sport games and all future games.

Thanks for putting this together- this weekend we were told to operate as normal business so we are open, and hosting a women’s ultimate tournament. We are cleaning and asking those that are sick to stay home employees and people using the gym.

Monday, March 9 university announced moving all classes to online - we are keeping the facility open. At check in we are asking if the user has been sick within the last 24 hours. We have discontinued check out of equipment at the desk until further notice - this is to prevent the check in staff from illness, as well as the user. We will continue the towel service. Due to students moving to online some are headed home - as this time we are keeping hours as scheduled but will modify as needed due to student staff. March 20 we begin spring break hours and then the online closure is until April 12. We will probably have a very modified schedule for march 30 - April 9 (we close the 9th at 6 p.m. for Easter weekend). This is what I posted online this morning for the campus community about what we are looking at:

The university moved to online classes on Tuesday, March 10th. At this time the Malley Center and Pool will remain open with their normal scheduled hours. Hours are subject to change as our student employees begin to leave campus due to this shift and we will update schedules as we get this information.

The hour changes we do know about are - Spring break hours Friday, March 20th as scheduled. March 30 - April 9 we will have a modified schedule based on the student staff here on campus to work. April 9 at 6 p.m. - Sunday, April 12 we will be closed for Easter as scheduled.

Equipment check out at the front desk has been discontinued until we are through this period. The towel service will continue as this time.

Fitness classes are scheduled to continue with the exception of classes that are canceled due to instructors leaving campus or not wanting to come to campus. As of today only Barre has been canceled for the rest of this week. Check the MP room calendar to see if the class you would like to attend has been canceled by clicking here.

Intramural Sports is in play offs and games are scheduled to continue this week. If you are participating and your team can not make your game please contact ASAP. Intramural Sports for next quarter are TBD. Due to the online classes through April 13 - we may need to shift our training schedule for staff and may postpone Intramural Sports leagues and once we are through this period look to schedule some Intramural Sports special events to wrap up the quarter. Again, this is TBD at this time.

Club Sports will continue practicing and hosting games with fans only. Club Sport events reach the campus cap of 150 plus and no spectators will be allowed at any home event.

If you have specific questions please contact Janice DeMonsi, Director of Recreation,

As of Friday, March 13 - SCU has canceled all club sport games, and practices for the remainder of the year. We will make our summer camp determination as of May 1st. We are still open.

Sacramento State - Kate Smith

Saturday, 3/7

As of March 12, an announcement was made that all instruction face-to-face classes have been moved to online courses. All classes have been suspended for 4 days, in order to allow faculty time to move their course to an online format.The campus will remain open, therefore our building will remain open.  I have been asked to possibly cancel various group activities such as Intramurals and Group Fitness and am in the process of justifying if those should stay open or not.

San Francisco State University - Ryan Fetzer


Saturday, 3/7

To reduce the potential risks of possible exposure to COVD-19, the University suspended all campus events and activities through 3/31.  This included all Campus Rec programming, but we still kept the Mashouf Wellness Center (MWC) open for individual workouts and personal use.

Monday, 3/9

To further limit the potential for COVID-19, the University suspended all face-to-face classes for the rest of this week in preparation for the campus to transition all classes to virtual modalities.  All classes starting Monday, 3/16, are to be taught remotely and no face-to-face classes will be held.  This is in effect through April 5th.  An announcement will be made at the end of March about the following two-week period, April 6th-19th.


SF State also announced that during this time of remote instruction, all faculty, staff and student employees will continue to be paid whether or not they are scheduled and come into work.  In addition, student employees are not obligated to come to campus given the transition to virtual modalities.


Tuesday, 3/10

University Housing started strongly encouraging all on-campus residents to return to their permanent homes during this period of remote instruction and not stay on campus.  A formal email was sent out to residents and their families.


Campus Recreation formally made the decision to reduce operating hours of the Mashouf Wellness Center for the remainder of the week.  Our operating hours were adjusted to 10am-6pm Wed. 3/11 through Friday 3/13.  We are closing the MWC starting Saturday, 3/14 until further notice.  Basically, with everything being canceled, suspended or postponed it is becoming increasingly quiet on campus.  Most of our student employees are leaving and returning home or not wanting to work during this time (especially since they know we are going to pay them regardless if they show up or not for their shifts).  Our team felt like we were not going to have enough coverage to be able to keep the MWC open at this time.  The University also felt in the best interest of promoting social distancing and as a way of encouraging students to not come to campus that we should close until face-to-face classes resume.  Full-time staff and some students are still working at this time and campus is still open.

Landmark College, Putney, VT - Kari Post

Monday, 3/9

Our Student Affairs Office (under which Athletics/Rec and Health Services both fall) is collecting information about all employee travel (domestic and international) taken or planned in Feb/March, as well as the travel of any immediate family members or people living with the employee. Info collected includes travel dates, travel destination, and airports visited. Employees are advised to adhere to any CDC travel bans/recommendations. Currently the closest presumed positive cases (2) reported in our area are about one hour from our campus. We are otherwise following our flu/contagious illness procedures as they exist. No study abroad trips/programs have yet been modified or canceled.

Tuesday, 3/10

Landmark College has decided to extend our Spring Break (originally 3/16-3/20) to two weeks (classes will resume on 3/30). Faculty will use the additional week to plan how to administer courses online should doing so become necessary. Students will be able to return to the College for the second week if travel plans have already been made to do so, but no academic classes will be held. Students who leave the College for Spring Break will undergo a health and travel screening prior to being allowed back on campus. All students and employees are asked to complete a travel reporting form for extended personal travel or any air travel planned throughout the month.

Georgetown University - Meghan Dimsa

Monday, 3/9

Our University is moving through various phases of scenario planning based on the fluid nature of this situation.

Currently the University will remain open to all - this includes community members and minors.  

Internal work at Campus Recreation currently includes:

Should information change, we (Campus Recreation) will move to a different scenario as advised by the CDC.

Official Update Page:

Creighton University - Greg Durham

Monday, 3/9

As of 3/9/2020 the University remains open. We are currently on Spring Break. Situation is fluid for us, we have some business continuity plans in place for

Creighton University and our Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) is currently monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and the impact it may have on our community. Currently Omaha has a few confirmed cases.

Sponsored programs in China and South Korea have been canceled for the Spring 2020 semester based on recommendations from WHO and the CDC. All Study Abroad students in Italy have been asked to return stateside ASAP.

Creighton has instituted a Travel Reporting Form for all community members travelling.

UPDATE AS OF 3/13         Creighton University announced a transition to online classes. The University has asked us to continue normal operations with some modifications to promote social distancing and reducing the spread of germs.


Rice University - Tina Villard

3/9 - Spring break has started early for Rice, they will be off for two weeks. Rec, Student Center and other services are open and operating under Spring Break guidelines. We have followed a lot of guidelines as suggested above. Things are moving very quickly.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs - Bill Moorman

3/10 (

From President Kennedy- CU System

As of this writing, we have had six people on CU campuses tested for COVID-19. Four of those tests came back negative and two are pending. The CDPHE reports nine confirmed cases in Colorado thus far. While none of those are on a CU campus, it would be irresponsible if we did not prepare for the likely event of cases of the virus on our campuses.

We have contingency plans for our fundamental activities in teaching and research and we continue to refine those and additional operational contingencies that arise. It’s important to note that planning for emergencies such as a pandemic are ongoing parts of what we do; they do not just happen when an emergency arises.

We are planning for possible disruptions to our academic and research enterprises, considering implications for housing and dining facilities and looking at what we need to do for some of the larger events we host. We are restricting travel for study abroad and research purposes to countries the CDC has designated Level 3, including China, Iran, South Korea and Italy. We are also requiring authorization for all international travel.”


All non essential staff are working remotely until 5-15-2020, and all students are learning remotely the same..Cal Poly Pomona

As of 3/15

As of 3/10

University of Minnesota Twin Cities (George Brown)

3/12 Update

Maintaining current Spring Break facility hours (ongoing determined by student staffing capacity)


All system schools all online course instruction now through 4/30 at minimum.  Campus Ops to maintain. Students are encouraged to not return to campus but go home.  RecWell determining what can be offered within limited student staffing.

Excellent aggregated site for what IHE are currently doing with updates and communications.

Institutional and Agency Responses to COVID-19 and Additional Resources


University of Minnesota Twin Cities cancels all domestic and international University-funded, non-essential travel effective March 16th-indefinite. A move from in-person to online classes is being con/sidered as campus is on spring break through 3/13/2020.  Uncertain of the extent of campus events restrictions at this time but master lists are being compiled for determination.We are uncertain to what extent campus operations will be impacted and what this means for our Recreation and Wellness  facilities, classes, and events including sport club operations, matches and events.  

One update on cleaning wipes…..the EPA list of recommended disinfectants and wipes for COVID-19 and other Coronaviruses is not complete but offers a good resource to check the strength of your patron and staff recommended wipes.  What is variant in these products is the chemical Oxivir which has a significantly faster virucidal kill rate (1 sec) versus many other wipes (up to 10 secs).  

University of Maryland, Baltimore (Bill Crockett)



UMB as well as all 12 of the USM schools have joined the list of universities that have restrictions and operational changes due to mitigation and response to COVID-19.  UMB has decided on a Phased Approach.  We are in Phase 1 and are monitoring the situation.  Phase 1 starts the implementation of several factors (social distancing, active monitoring, restricted travel, reduction of face to face meetings, sailing events down, and limiting external user access to campus gatherings/buildings/resources.  One item in Phase 1 is the start to prep for phase 2 if implemented.  

UMB President’s Message: 

Guidelines (Campus Wide): 

Our dedicated and talented leaders in Campus Recreation (URecFit) are reviewing how to implement and execute the phases following these directives, CDC, and WHO guidelines.  More to follow.

Thank you Alex for getting this started.

The list is not comprehensive but you can see what campuses are in some phase of action and communication (list created by Bryan Alexander and managed at Georgetown Univ).  (from NPR at

Here is another list compiled of online teaching resources from various Universities.  Maybe there are some that could apply to co-circ and other learning offerings that could be delivered through Campus Rec or other student affairs areas.  Credit to DePaul University 

Adding that we need to be thinking about our staff (professional, part-time, and student) that many are also parents and the impact to K-12 will ripple in planning day care or child supervision needs.  So are over 1,000 K-12 schools that have had some form of closure.  Here is the current list: 

Let’s not forget about the rock stars who are on our frontlines keeping our facilities sanitized and being tasked with increased frequency of touch and care.  So true in our facilities as in K-12. 

Loyola University Maryland (Bryan Haunert)

Loyola made the decision yesterday (March 10) to stop all face to face instruction as of Wednesday, March 11 until at least April 1st.  Students are being encouraged to go home.  Our campus recreation facility (Fitness and Aquatic Center) has closed for the duration of this time.  This decision was made after discussions with the Director of Student Health and various stakeholders on campus.

We have been able to come to an agreement for trading of services with a local fitness club chain for our members (faculty, staff, alumni, etc.) to utilize during our closure.  This will save us a significant amount of money from possible refunds and credits for our paying members.

Here is a link to the information put out by the university yesterday:  Emergency Information


Virginia Commonwealth University


(Anthony Muscatello) 3/13

VCU Recreational Sports has just published several university approved messages including a quick flyer. We have also added content to our social media reiterating the need for our members to be responsible participants (cleaning equipment, washing hands, etc). Our facilities serve students, as well as faculty/staff and community, and our messaging references back to the university’s COVID-19 site and our university health systems’ page. As of this message, we have not cancelled in person classes or Rec Sports’ programming. Our students are also on spring break and the confirmed cases in Virginia are low. We are preparing messaging for our paying non-student members in preparation of a shutdown. We anticipate extending membership periods for the duration of the closure.


(Michael Potter) 3/13 - updated

Sport Clubs practices, events, and trips have been cancelled for the remainder of the Spring Semester.  Working on conducting trainings and meetings online while transitioning all paperwork to be submitted electronically.

Intramural Sports has cancelled all in person programming but is hoping to offer E-sports programming through Geeks.

Fitness is going to promote remote/tele-programming by companies that currently offer these types of classes.

All other formal programming is cancelled for the remainder of the semester, and we will have substantially augmented facility hours.

Pellissippi State

Knoxville, TN (Philip Ems) 3/11

At this time, there have been no cases of the virus diagnosed at Pellissippi State. Here’s what we’re doing at Pellissippi State to stay on top of coronavirus:


The University of Southern Mississippi

Hattiesburg, MS (Jason Darby)

3/11 Update

As of this morning, Mississippi has yet to have a reported case of COVID-19. However, we are located about an hour from Louisiana, which has had cases reported. As of March 9th, all university-sponsored travel has been suspended, regardless of the mode of transportation. At the very least, the travel restrictions are in place through April 1st. Athletic teams competing are exempt from this policy. For our department specifically, this includes all sport club travel, even within the state, and outdoor adventure trips. With spring break next week, the university is urging students and staff to register their travel and location with the university.

Our student affairs leadership team also has a meeting tomorrow regarding conference and event services here at the university and the impact COVID-19 may have on this moving forward.

We also had a meeting two weeks ago regarding a university student group who had recently returned from South Korea which was receiving backlash from the public and community regarding their trip. They flew out the day South Korea was upgraded to a CDC Alert Level 2, and under instructions from the CDC self-monitored for the 14-day observation period and were in consistent contact with our health center on campus.

3/12 Update

Mississippi’s IHL Board has instructed all state institutions to extend their spring break an extra week allowing for faculty to prepare for all coursework to be distributed in an online medium beginning March 30th. In addition, all athletic events for the spring are suspended per Conference USA. All university events exceeding fifty attendees will no longer take place.

From a campus recreation standpoint, we will likely be moving to adjusted hours following the spring break extension. (We were already having adjusted spring break hours). It is likely that all programming aspects will be suspended beginning March 30th, including outdoor adventure trips, group exercise classes, intramurals, club sport activities, and personal training. All events we were hosting in our facility exceeding the 50 attendees have been canceled. Pool and climbing wall parties will be handled on a case by case basis, depending on size and availability of staff. Will confirm once the decision is officially passed down to us.

3/18 Update

Yesterday afternoon the decision was passed down from university leadership that our facility would be closing effective at the end of the day on March 17th. We will temporarily open from 11am-1pm and 5pm-6pm this Friday for patrons to access their lockers in the event they need to retrieve personal items. We were instructed to plan as if we would not be reopening our facility until after April 30th, but to be available as this could change. Currently, select staff have been approved to work remotely from home in a capacity to promote and engage in digital recreation and fitness opportunities for our students, staff, and faculty. Those approved are myself, our director, our intramural coordinator, Assistant Director for Marketing, and two graduate assistants (fitness and marketing). The remainder of our professional staff are placed on administrative leave. Our other four graduate assistants have been reassigned to other campus departments that are still operational in order to assure they will still receive a stipend.

USM COVID-19 Response and Information:

Student Health Services Monitoring at USM:

James Madison University (Bob Golson)

JMU is currently on Spring Break.  There are no reported cases on campus or in our community.  JMU will not hold-in person classes the week of March 16, beginning on March 23 most classes will move to online until April 5.  An update will be made on March 27.  University Recreation (UREC) has not yet made a final decision, however has plans to operate under Spring Break hours (11am-2pm, 4pm-7pm Mon-Thurs & 11am-2pm Friday) during the week of March 16.  Updates to follow.


Northern Illinois University (Chris Dawe)

Extended spring break one more week to get ready for "non face-to-face" instruction the following two weeks.  Intention to return to normal Apr 6 if possible.  Travel ban to level III countries and "prefer to defer" for all other travel.

Communications coming mainly from Provost's office at this time mainly related to travel and personal health; hoping to have more influence to the messaging with our wellness/health education folks, but good thing is they are relying heavily on CDC as a reputable source for everything;

Recreation and Wellness deemed an "essential service" and will maintain spring break level of service throughout the next 3 weeks. Focus on increasing frequency and diligence of cleaning (both our staff and custodial), availability of hand sanitizer, adding equipment disinfectant wipes, messaging about users cleaning their equipment, washing hands and healthy behavior signage.  Also discussing business continuity (if we lose too many staff) and potential closure planning (if University makes that decision).

Minimal programming for next 3 weeks. Maintaining some fitness classes for all the employees on campus, but changing practices to maintain social distancing and limit equipment sharing, etc. Recommending (but not yet mandating) all club travel be postponed.


Butler University (Josh Downing)

Extended Spring Break until March 18. On-line instruction through April 4.  University will reasses if it needs to continue beyond April 4. All university travel domestic and international has been suspended until further notice.

Recreation & Wellness will operate on reduced hours with programs and services cancelled. Discussing business continuity with student staff not on campus. Will make a decision for beyond March 18 in the coming days.  All Club Sports travel has been suspended.

Update (3/12/20, 2p) We are closing the activity spaces beginning at 8p of our Health and Recreation Complex. We will remain closed until at least April 4.

Update (3/19/20) We will remain closed until further notice. All full time staff are working remotely.

University of Colorado, Denver (Kyle Ginley)

Thursday March 12 - It was announced yesterday that our campus (along with other CU System schools) will be moving to remote learning. CU Denver is testing that in the next week and half with a full implementation by March 30th. Classes are expected to remain online through the remainder of the semester. Our spring break reduced hours begin Saturday March 21st. We plan to operate as scheduled until then and will reassess in the next few weeks.

As of now, we have cancelled our spring break outdoor trip and a large group workout, all other programs are scheduled to continue as planned. We have added information concerning COVID-19 and our university’s COVID-19 website to our digital signage. We are currently developing plans to operate at 40% staffing should that need arise, especially as a commuter campus with very few students living on campus.

Update 3/12 4pm - Beginning spring break (March 21st) we will be moving to reduced hours indefinitely. Those hours will be 7am-6pm M-F and 12pm-5pm Sa-Su. We will be closely monitoring check-ins to see if this needs to be adjusted. All programming after March 21st has been cancelled, including group fitness, intramurals and club sports (we are pending approval for our two nationals qualifying teams to travel) and our nap room will be closed. Our outdoor adventure rental center, climbing wall, pool and wellness suite will all have very reduced hours.

Colgate University - Eli Barrett 3/16

Updated Rec plan: All Recreation and Athletic facilities are CLOSED till further notice. Casual wage staff (desk monitors, lifeguards, fitness instructors, personal trainers) shifts are cancelled and alternative work plans are being discussed and figured out. FT Staff who have offices in the buildings are asked to work from home/remote work.

Northwest College, Powell WY (Haley Sorenson)

3/12--as of now no closures...currently on spring break. Student will be back 3/16---have an all staff meeting tomorrow to discuss next steps for our campus before students come back--we have a team that has been working with health officials in our county and state to set up our protocol. UPDATE--our spring break has been extendedk through Tuesday 3/17 to monitor status and continue pandemic planning before spring classes resume. In-person classes will be transitioned to online for as long as needed. The College is still open and operational, all college activities and events on and off campus are currently being reviewed and evaluated for alternate delivery or rescheduling.

Indiana State University (Brittani Lee)

3/12/20 - University has gone to online courses effective, Saturday, March 14th - Sunday, April 12th. Students are encouraged to leave campus. Programming has been cancelled and travel banned. The Student Recreation Center will remain open for operation. More details to come.

Updates are being communicated here:

Cal Poly (Sarah Hawkins)

3/9/20 - The Chancellor’s Office (oversees all 23 CSU campuses) has decided that all non-essential travel is canceled, effective March 9, 2020.  Cal Poly includes club travel:

“For safety, the California State University (CSU) Office of the Chancellor has cancelled all non-essential travel effective immediately until May 31, 2020.


This includes travel for all recognized student organizations (RSOs). All E-Plans (event plan requests) for travel outside of San Luis Obispo County from March 10, 2020, to May 31, 2020, have been cancelled. No new E-Plans for travel during these dates will be approved.”

On-campus/hosted events are still allowed until further notice.

3/12/20 - The Governor of California issues restrictions on events. “ In addition, Governor Gavin Newsom announced last night that California public health officials have issued an updated policy on gatherings to protect public health and slow the spread of COVID-19. The state's public health experts have determined that gatherings should be postponed or canceled across the state until at least the end of March. Non-essential gatherings must be limited to no more than 250 people, while smaller events can proceed only if the organizers can implement social distancing of 6 feet per person. Gatherings of individuals who are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 should be limited to no more than 10 people, while also following social distancing guidelines.”

Our campus is open and we are  holding classes this week and finals next week in person.  Spring break has been extended to two weeks with classes scheduled to resume on April 6 for Spring Quarter. An announcement will be made on 3/25/20 as to whether these classes will be in-person or virtual. Students are being encouraged to stay on-campus/in San Luis Obispo over break because we are geographically isolated and have no confirmed cases in the county.

3/13/20 - All Club Sports home events and practices are canceled.  This is an addition to our travel restriction.  All campus events over 50 people are canceled and faculty are given the option to move finals online next week.

UC Berkeley (Brigitte Lossing)

UCB Campus         Campus News - Coronavirus Updates

Rec Sports        Specific steps our department is taking :


1. County shelter mandated beginning Tue, 03/17r. Campus and Rec Sports closed Mon, 3/16 - Tue, 4/07.



  1. IA cancelled all team activities and closed operations.


1. Recreation facilities remain open with truncated hours. We have enacted "social distancing" by closing every other cardio machine and limiting numbers in the various activity areas. Extra cleaning and supplies deployed throughout. 3.12.20

2. Intramurals are cancelled starting Monday, March 16 through Spring Break.  3.12.20

3. Instructional classes continuing, including youth classes, with "social distancing" in place.  

4. Sport Club activities suspended through Spring Break. 3/12/20

5. NIRSA travel is TBD. We will reevaluate once recent survey results are shared. Leaning to cancel. Six pro staff and one grad student booked and registered.

6. Cancelled all events greater than 100 people.  All <100 are "fan-less"...

7. Strawberry Canyon Rec Area is a campus quarantine location. No confirmed cases .... yet.

8. Non-student membership refund requests are beginning to arrive.

Will circle back as more info becomes available.

Southern Oregon University - SOU (Hugues Lecomte)


SOU President shared additional measures today at 2:45pm, including remote options during Finals’ week (3/16-20), spring break extended 1 week (3/21-4/05), spring term to start with remote delivery where feasible, recommended remote work for university  employees where feasible, non-essential travel cancelled, social distancing of 3 feet or more, and suspension of university-sponsored international programs and trips. Campus remains open.

The Student Recreation Center remains open. Additional cleaning procedures implemented including higher frequency on all hand-held devices/equipment. Temporarily moving away from hand scanners, and handling check-in at the info desk.  Sport Clubs travel cancelled. Spring break closure planned 3/21-29. Additional measures TBD.

York College of Pennsylvania (Rachael Finley)


Yesterday (3/12/2020) our campus decided to close campus starting Saturday, 3/14/2020) and move all courses online until Monday, March 30. Thus, our rec center is closed, too, as we do not have any community memberships, we only serve students, faculty, and staff. While this is temporary, we are planning to be closed longer. We’ve collected equipment and staff shirts in case students do not come back. However, all administrators are still expected to work, so we will be doing some deep cleaning while the students are away, which we typically do not do until the summer.

Programming impact: All programs have been cancelled, except 1: Our Sprint 8 Challenge. We are still going to run this program because the workout can be completed and logged anywhere. Our Yoga instructor has started making some videos and we’ll be pushing out well-being options through social media that our community can do and practice from anywhere.

University of Alabama at Birmingham


Our institution made a decision last night to start the transition to an online/alternate learning environment. The wording from the email is below. We are meeting today (3/13) to make the appropriate plans/decisions on how the campus is going to react to this information. More to come from us.

University of North Dakota - Chris Suriano (


Campus has moved to remote learning through April 3, 2020.

Staff directed to move to remote work starting March 16, 2020 through April 4, 2020.

The UND Wellness Center closed on 3/16 at 12 pm until further notice.

Most, if not all programs are canceled or postponed until at least through April 4, 2020.

The College of New Jersey


Spring break is 3/14 - 3/22 and then starting 3/23 students will be going to online only classes until 4/6. During this time students are not allowed back to campus and all events on campus have been cancelled. Administrative offices are open but if supervisors allow, we can work from home. All recreation and athletic facilities will be closed as of 3/13 at 8:00pm.

We will be trying to provide as much online engagement as possible. We will be sending out workout ideas that don’t need equipment and other useful resources. In order to stay engaged we might be looking at ways to provide esport tournaments, since those can be done remotely.

Swarthmore College


President Valerie Smith shared the following message on March 17 with the campus community:

In the interest of the well-being of our entire community, we seek to reduce the number of people on campus while minimizing the impact on the execution of our academic mission. With that in mind, the period of modified College operations and remote learning is extended through the end of the spring semester.

Worcester State University, MA (Dean Bowen)

Campus Communications,

Early “Standard Messaging” 3/16/20

As a result of a collaborative decision made by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, Worcester State University Board of Trustees, and the Worcester State University Administration classes, events, and more importantly the Wellness Center will be closed Saturday, March 14, 2020 through Sunday, March 29, 2020. This will include the Indoor Walking Track, DeFeudis Fitness Center, Open Recreation, Group Exercise Classes, Korzec Golf Simulator, Locker Room Use, and the Lancer (Smoothie) Lounge. At this time normal hours of operation are planned to resume on Monday, March 30, 2020.

Worcester State University will be using these next two weeks to develop a plan to resume normal operations to ensure the proactive health of our campus, and surrounding community.

For staff:

During this extended break time, please continue to use your common sense.

For members:

We understand that this impacts your current paid membership privileges. Based on your valid dates of membership, we will arrange to extend all memberships based on the impact of this closure.

Follow up Member Communication, 4/10/2020:

I hope you and your families are remaining well and safe during this unprecedented time. I just wanted to check in with you and provide you with some resources and some sort of an update from the Worcester State University Wellness Center.

Worcester State University continues to monitor the pandemic with local, state and national entities, with a primary focus on our student, faculty, and staff well-being. As WSU made the decision in mid-March to extend the spring recess, ultimately allowing for additional time to deploy our technology resources for classes to be held remotely, the Wellness Center shut its doors Friday, March 13. We continue to develop draft plans for when we are able to re-open, but with this current landscape changing rapidly, so do those plans. When we do open our doors again, we will continue to hold the safety of our Wellness Center staff and you, the members, to the same high standards.

There is a strong possibility that when we do open back up that will be operating with modified hours. Based on when this happens, and the state of COVID-19, we will maintain comfortable distances from other members. Some fitness center equipment will be unavailable due to a rotational plan, and to allow my staff and I the opportunity to properly clean and disinfect it.

We are well aware that as a Wellness/Fitness Center and/or Golf member you've been impacted by the closure of the facility. When I have more information, as it relates to re-opening the facility I will reach out to you again. At that time we will be in a better place to offer you the choice to extend your membership or offer you a prorated refund. During our closure we have worked diligently to offer content that is free to all at our Virtual Recreation & Wellness Programming page.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Be Well. Dean

Update: 6/23/20:

Students will be back on campus in the fall 2020 semester (as scheduled, classes begin 9/2, move in early). Residence will be ~150 less with no room changes. Athletics still unknown. Facility reopening date will follow MA state guidelines (Phase III), hoping for July 13 for at least a pilot test of our new policy, protocol, and procedures. Possibly refunding all non-student memberships (generally open for faculty/staff, community and alumni) to limit the number of people on campus.

Budgets have been released in a quarterly phased approach. All part time student/contractor budget lines have been issued to $0- need to request from Admin & Finance and area VP and needs to be directly related to student support, revenue, and job cannot be performed by FTE’s.

Rowan University - University virus webpage with daily updates 

Recent notice on 3/12 that the traditional classes are now going virtual from 3/30 - 4/30

Residential halls and dining services still open for students that are choosing to stay

As of now all Student Affairs employees are expected to work on site.  All meetings are recommended to be virtual via webex.  

We submitted a list of “essential” employees which is the Director, and 2 assistant directors with facilities oversight and our 2 full time housekeeping/custodial and 2 part time.  The rest can be done remotely if teleworking is approved (not yet unless they file ADA).

Campus Rec will be open throughout semester and on Monday, 3/16 decisions will be made for 3/30 - 4/30 (hours of both facilities, types of programs and services, mandated vs. voluntary staff practices “gloves”, etc.

We have our original spring break hours & didn’t want to change for our members:

Monday - Friday 6am - 9pm, Saturdays 8am - 2pm and Sundays 9am - 2pm.  Week 2 of spring break (was original university plan to coordinate online classes) is 7am - 7pm.

See hours here

No sport clubs, No personal training, potential intramurals starting 3/30 and potential GE classes that are modified for social distancing - exploring virtual options in all mediums

We currently have 2 clubs that flew out to las vegas and texas and we are keeping in touch to see that they can return.  They were told that they shouldn’t travel if sick, they could have to pay out of pocket expenses if their scheduled trips are not available, and that they could be quarantined for 14 days when returning

2 weeks ago we were told to overstock and over order custodial/housekeeping supplies & increase shifts for high touch points and community spaces.  We also ordered more fitness wipes and provided large hand sanitizers on our outdoor intramural field.

The Wellness Center will remain open without changes to operating procedures. The university as a whole, including residence halls and dining options will remain open, too.

*We are possibly coordinating with NIRSA and Born This Way Foundation and Give Something Back to have a live stream kindness & mental health panel that will be recorded and made available on youtube for later viewing

Princeton University - University website with daily updates, Campus Recreation website with updates

We are virtual classes for the remainder of the semester. Here are the plans we have put into place:

  1. We have reduced our hours of operation to 6am-8pm today, this weekend hours are 12pm-6pm. Next week we will be Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm. We are unsure of weekends because we will not be allowed to use students at all after 3/19.
  2. All program rooms are closed. This is our Group Fitness Room, Multi-purpose Room, Dance Studio and Martial Arts Room. Main Gym Floor is now closed because we are using this space for Move Out with housing
  3. Fitness Center, Squash Courts, and Pool are open. Pool has limited hours
  4. We are requiring every other machine be used in our fitness center with Do Not Use signs posted on equipment.
  5. We also have signs up reminding everyone of social distancing and to clean equipment BEFORE and AFTER use. We made all signs posters, and place in awkward spots so that they cannot avoid them.
  6. Staff are all wearing gloves and disinfecting all surfaces and items that may be checked out.
  7. Intramurals, Clubs, Group Fitness, and Instructional Classes are all canceled.
  8. Our building services custodians are cleaning all touch points and high traffic areas several times a day

Boston College (Rebecca Cegledy-

University Operations:

  1. Cancel all on-campus classes, effective, March 12, through the end of the semester, including finals, and move to online instruction starting Thursday, March 19;
  2. Close University residence halls and require students to vacate their rooms starting Thursday, March 12, at 3:00 p.m., and ending Sunday, March 15, at 9:00 p.m.  Those who cannot return to their homes because of international travel restrictions, serious personal reasons, or University obligations must obtain written permission from the Office of Residential Life to remain in University housing. (They will likely need to relocate from their current room or apartment);
  3. Suspend on-campus academic events as well as University-sponsored travel to international and domestic locations, unless approved by the Provost, Executive Vice President, or the Office of the President.

All other University operations will continue at this time, and any changes will be communicated as necessary.

Rec Operations:

Regular hours through Saturday, March 14

Beginning Sunday, March 15th Connell Rec Center:

Monday- Friday 6am-8:45pm

Saturday/Sunday 9am-5:45pm

Effective Friday, March 13th pool hours will change to:

Monday-Friday 6am-9am, 11:30am-1:30pm, and 4:30pm-6:30pm

Saturday/Sunday 11am-2pm

Satellite facility is closed at this time.

All Campus Recreation programming has been cancelled at this time, including:

Club Sport Activities (Including games, travel, and practices), Intramural Sports, Outdoor Adventure Trips and Clinics, Instructional Programming (including Aquatics learn to swim private and group lessons), Group Fitness Classes, and Personal and Small Group Training.

The College at Brockport - SUNY

 Scott Haines

We are going into spring break.  We are operating on our non-academic hours for break and beyond (less hours).  Monroe County will not allow events of 50.  However the College does not feel that the fitness center is an event, therefore we are operating allowing 50% capacity.  We are allowing those who have memberships and students to use the fitness center.  No guest passes are being sold.  The ice arena has been shutdown and all off campus events are cancelled until April 13, with a review on March 30th.  I have put a  student crew to do a full  clean daily in the fitness center and have turned off every other cardio piece for social distancing.  Club Sports are done for the year.  We are collecting all equipment and apparel.  Once uniforms are turned in, we will also clean them.  Group ex classes and limited IM's are still undecided.

Close to 80% of our student employees have indicated they are staying or returning after break.  Unfortunately, I will only be able to hire less than half back.  I will be sending a message out mid-break regarding this issue.  Waiting to see if things change in the next few days.  I am currently putting a cost estimate together, as we are a department which relies on revenue from rentals, memberships, etc.

The University of Idaho - Rusty Vineyard  

We are monitoring the situation daily and making decisions as needed while following the guidance of Idaho health authorities and University of Idaho leadership. Right now our directive is to stay the course.  

University of Oregon - Brent Harrison

As of 12pm on 3/13/20; below is current information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Is the Student Rec Center planning to remain open?  

The Student Rec Center is planning to remain open during finals week, Spring Break, and the first three weeks of spring term with slightly modified operating hours. To view the detailed schedule, please visit our facility hours webpage. 

Projected operating hours (all subject to change):  

·         3/14-3/15: 10am-8pm

·         Finals week: 3/16-3/20 6am – 8pm

·         Spring Break: Monday 3/23 12-8, 3/24-3/25 Tu-Fri 10-8

·         SRC Closed: March 21, 22, 28, 29

·         Weeks 1-3 (3/30 - 4/17): 6am – 8pm M-F, 9am-8pm Sa-Sun

Tennis Center will be closed to Open Rec use until further notice; the outdoor tennis courts will be available outside of Intercollegiate Athletic use

Is it safe to visit the Student Rec Center?  Brent, this long

Short answer: PE and Rec are taking precautions to limit viral and bacterial exposure within the facility, including regularly disinfecting high-touch points, conducting deep cleaning, and encouraging visitors to personally protect themselves through wiping down equipment before and after use. We encourage you to continue to follow CDC guidelines when planning your visit to the Rec.  

Longer answer: Due to the nature of, and the high traffic within, the Student Recreation Center, viral and bacterial contamination are combatted on a daily basis.  Our in-house custodial staff are keen on cleaning procedures that are specific to our facility and its specialty equipment and surfaces.  The staff working at the desks within the lobby have cleaning responsibilities that involve our high-touch points such as the hand scanners, table top surfaces, and door handles.  These touch points are cleaned/disinfected 2-3 times every hour.  Our staff working in the fitness spaces have cleaning assignments every hour of their shift, which leads to every piece of fitness equipment being cleaned multiple times per day.  All staff members are using Halt, a hospital grade, one-step cleaner that is a viricidal, mildewcidal, fungicidal, and disinfectant used in healthcare and other facilities where cleaning and prevention of cross-contamination are critical.  We have also been in contact with our supplier and have been reassured that this product will be effective against the Coronavirus.  

Restrooms and locker rooms are cleaned twice daily.  Procedures for cleaning include removing any soil from surfaces with a neutral cleaner followed by disinfecting all surfaces with the Halt product mentioned above.  Toilets are cleaned with a commercial toilet bowl cleaner and then also disinfected with Halt.  Stainless steel cleaner is also used on the fixtures and finishes that contain stainless steel.

We encourage our patrons to clean fitness equipment before and after use for their own personal protection.  The same disinfectant described above is available at numerous self-help stations throughout our facility for our patrons to use.  According to the CDC, the virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person between people who are in close contact with one another.  It is not thought that the main way the virus spreads is from contacting a contaminated surface or object, however personal precautions should be taken by individuals to protect themselves.  When in a public place that has high-touch points, individuals should be mindful not to touch their mouth, nose, or eyes.  Additionally, people should make it a priority to wash their hands after using the facility/equipment.  

Is my PE class still running?  

Most PE classes will run as scheduled spring term, with the first three weeks being delivered remotely. Instructors will be communicating with students who are signed up for PE classes via Canvas with additional information specific to their class. A select few classes will be canceled, and students enrolled in those classes will receive communication about options for reenrolling in another PE class.    

Canceled classes: Lifeguarding, Ariel Silks courses, OPP courses with outings requirements  

If I signed up for a PE class for non-credit, what are my options?  

You are welcome to take the PE class remotely for the first 3 weeks and join in person when classes reconvene. If you would like a full refund, please visit the Service Center Desk or email Trish at by April 10th.  

Are Group X and Webfoot CrossFit Classes running?  

Yes, Group X and Webfoot CrossFit classes are running with a limited schedule. Please check the fitness schedule for options.  

Are Intramural Sports running?  

Spring term Intramural Sports will be delayed until at least week 4, with the potential for shortened seasons or tournaments being added.

Can I still schedule personal training?  

Yes, if you are healthy and feeling well you can have personal training sessions, your trainer will implement social distancing measures for health & safety precautions.  

Is the Rock Wall open? 

The rock wall will be closed finals week and spring break week; we will reassess to determine if there can be limited hours week 1-3 of spring term.

Are youth programs running?  

Duck Trails Spring Break Camp has been canceled and full refunds will be issued.

Youth swim lessons spring session 1 is canceled. Parents will be asked to transfer into session 2 or issued full refunds.  

Can I get a refund? 

If you have purchased a class or program that has been cancelled, or rented space and are no longer able to hold your event, you can request a refund.  Please email with your request.  


If you have other questions or concerns related to the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), please visit and click on the Questions and Concerns button.

Last updated March 16, 2020, at 11:21 a.m.

The Rec Center will remain open with modified hours during finals week, spring break, and the first three weeks of spring term. We're taking precautions to limit viral and bacterial exposure within the facility, including disinfection of high-touch points, deep cleaning, and encouraging visitors to wipe down equipment before and after use. PE and Rec is here to support your wellbeing and urges you to take general precautions, including practicing social distancing, regularly washing your hands, and avoiding visiting the Student Rec Center or other public places if you feel sick.

Last updated March 17, 2020, at 5:17 p.m.

The Student Rec Center is closed effective March 18 through at least March 29.

Last updated April 29, 2020, at 9:30 a.m.

The Student Rec Center is closed until further notice.

University of Arizona - Troy Vaughn

Good morning all. On Saturday, we went to abbreviated hours in both of our facilities. Additionally, we just received formal notification that all student and ancillary employees will continue to be paid at the amount of their average work week through the hiatus of them being away. Spring break was extended through tomorrow (Tuesday, March 17) with ALL classes going online starting on March 18.

We are working through processes for refunds and such currently, but are unable to make any announcement at this time regarding this information.

Student professional staff are upbeat and positive at the moment. 90% of our patrons seem pleased and grateful we are open while the other 10% are questioning being open based on the national trend of closures. This is a fluid situation on campus and I am sure changes again are forthcoming.

Above all, please everyone be safe as we all move forward. I will update when updates become available.

Florida State University - David Peters
As of Thursday, March 19th

The University of Rhode Island - Jodi Hawkins

As of Tuesday, March 17th-

For the most up to date information continue to visit Campus Recreation website, social media or call the Rec hotline 401.874.4343. Campus Recreation recognizes this is a fluid situation and encourages all members of the campus community to support each other during this time. We know you have questions, and we are working on answers as we continue to monitor this situation. Thank you for your patience.

As of Thursday, March 19th -

As of Wednesday, April 6th -

As of Thursday, April 7th -

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith - Greg Gilliam

As of March 16

Berkshire Community College - Daryl Shreve
As March 17th

University of Mississippi - Peter Tulchinsky

March 26