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Hogan Negatives
Larry Hogan has been a master at taking credit for the good governing during his term made possible by the Democratic Veto Proof Majority.  We have to be ready to talk to people about the issues that he is against and the actions he has taken. The list below represents a compilation by the BWMC at recent meetings.

About Larry Hogan--Negatives

Larry Hogan has managed to link his stewardship of the Maryland government to himself, when, in fact, we have had good governance in Maryland despite his leadership, not because of it.

If you are talking to someone who thinks that Hogan is a “good governor” and a “moderate Republican”, you might want to start by saying something like “If you think Hogan is a moderate, try googling “Larry Hogan Veto Threats” and say something like “look at the list of Democratic values that he would like to strangle.”  He has vetoed over 400 Democratic bills while in office.

You might also say something like “How can you say he is a good guy when his health expense is covered at taxpayer expense while he vetoes Paid Sick Leave for middle class Maryland workers? Ask them something like: “Did you know that he was against the Fracking Ban and that the ranking of the Maryland Educational system has dropped from #1 to #5/6 during his term in office?”

Be sure to ask them if they are aware that Maryland has:

  1. A Veto-proof Democratic majority
  2. The most powerful Governor’s position in the Country in terms of control over budget and other key matters


It is his personality that is moderate, not his politics.  If he were such a good “moderate” governor he would be intiating bi-partisan legislation, not spending most of his efforts on vetoes and veto threats.  

The most important thing you can do to help us change this false image is to spread the word to your friends and social media contacts.  If you haven’t been active before, but truly want to help, please visit our Twitter Project Description for ways to work in that media. See also the Comparison to Ben Jealous slides to give context to the alternative. Study these carefully so that if you meet someone who thinks Hogan is “A Good Governor” you can give a quick reply.   But before you do: ask the person why they think so, then talk about area that responds to that person’s interests.

Here are some quick links in this document to topics:  Education  Environment  Economy  Guns  Trump 

Ethics  Working with Constituents  Questions/Suggestions

 Destroying our Public Education System

o   Maryland dropped from 1st to 5th or 6th place nationally, depending on metrics

o   Removing money from Education Trust Fund

o   Pushing more money to private schools and calling Public School Teachers ‘thugs’

o   Removing funds that resulted in children freezing in Baltimore

o   Removing funds from many good programs for public schools to fund private school vouchers

o   Vetoing School bills sponsored by the teacher’s union

o   Changing the school calendar which left parents scrambling for day care (and making it more expensive) and teachers scrambling to re-work curriculums



o   Koch Brothers funding his campaign

o   Approval of the Eastern Panhandle Pipeline


o   Agreement with Alta and Washington Gas that embraces fossil fuels

o   Veto of the Clean Energy Jobs act in 2016

o   Refused to sign up for the State Climate Alliance

Until the Legislature forced him

o   Maryland’s Veteran Crab Manager Fired after Watermen Complain to Hogan that she won’t Relax Limits on Catch Size

o   Repealing the ‘Rain Tax’

o   Enforcement of environmental crimes is the lowest it’s been in two decades

o   Opposed fracking ban and only signed it when he knew there was a veto-proof majority

o   Was silent in the face of cuts to funding to protect the Chesapeake


Failing Maryland Workers

o   First Governor in decades to lose a Fortune 500 Company in Maryland, Hogan says ‘It’s not the end of the world’

o   Maryland Job growth lags behind Virginia

Unemployment rate is rising


o   Veto of paid sick leave

Only state with negative economic forecast in the past six months



Guns and Ties to the NRA

o   NRA Rating

o   Made assurances to gun advocates that he would support them

o   Opposed the bump stock ban

o   Supports carrying concealed weapons

o   Opposed the ban on assault weapons

o   Opposed the ban on guns in schools

o   Stacking the Gun Control Board

o   Trying to circumvent the Senate approval process for the Gun Control Board


Silence in the Face of Trump Policies that Hurt Marylanders

o   Stayed silent for months about the ACA Repeal

o   Refusing to allow Brian Frosh to sue Trump

o   Removing money from his budget after new law was passed

o   Campaigning for Trump candidates

o   Silent when Trump tried to cut the NIH budget by 20%

·       Actively Hurting Vulnerable Communities Including the Poor and the Sick

o   Refused to sign the Governor’s letter to protect Dreamers

o   Refused to sign a bill protecting LGBTQ community

o   He Does Not Support a Woman’s Right to Choose

o   Opposed letting Syrian Refuges into the State

o   Removing money from the budget for Behavioral Health (opioid addiction recovery)

Document from Legislative Serivices

o   Removing money from the budget for the Developmental Disabilities Admin (adults and children with disabilities)

Document from Legislative Serivices

o   Underfunded the Heroin & Opioid Prevention Effort (HOPE)

o   Killing the redevelopment project for State Center which he is now touting that he’s moving forward with

o   Appointing Day Gardner to the Board of Physicians – she is an alt-right, deep state conspiracy theorist who is opposed to abortion.

o   Changing the school schedule

o   Vetoing the Red Line and losing $900 Million in Federal funding

o   Opposed Metro funding

o   Proposing widening roads and putting in tolls


Ethics issues

o   Continues to invest in development projects – he does not have a blind trust

o   Released his tax returns ONLY after Ben Jealous released his


Interfacing with constituents

o   Never Holds Town Halls

o   Dealing with people over Facebook – got a $65k fine which he paid with MD tax dollars

·       Position on Social Issues

o   Answers to questions from the Catholic Conference in 2014



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