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Operation Dracula is the Extinction Rebellion (XR) and Biofuelwatch collaboration action against Drax Power Station. This is a part of Biofuelwatch's campaign called #AxeDrax. Set up by XR Glasgow and XR York, XR North plans to continue Operation Dracula with more online and (creative) offline actions.


🎯 Why target Drax?

💭What are our aims?



📅 On 22nd May

🐦 Cyber Storm 📣

📷 Photos and videos 📸


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🔮 What next?

🎯 Why target Drax?

Drax is the UK's single largest carbon emitter, and emitted almost 13 million tonnes of CO2 from burning wood in 2019.  Due to EU and UK laws that biomass is to be classed as "renewable". However, it will take decades or even longer for new trees to be able to absorb the emissions produced by burning trees in Drax today. This is time which we do not have if we are to keep global temperature rises below 1.5 degrees.

Drax also makes bold claims about being the first carbon negative power station through its pilot project to capture carbon emissions from its tree burning. Yet, this bioenergy with carbon capture and storge technology is unproven and even if it did work, it would lead to more forest destruction and increased carbon emissions.  

To make this worse, Drax is now planning to build the UK's biggest ever fossil gas power station!

If we can effectively transfer renewable subsidies from biomass burning to genuine renewables, then this can set a clean-energy precedent for other countries around the world. We must get the message out that large-scale tree burning is not a solution (also see here). Find out more about Drax and its crimes from Biofuelwatch.

We must Axe Drax before it is too late.

💭What are our aims?

Quite simply, to Axe Drax! But Drax will never do that itself, so here's what we must do:

  • End renewable subsidies for wood burning and transfer them to genuinely renewable energy.
  • ​​​​​​​Stop Drax building a new gas power station.
  • Cut through the greenwashing.



Right now, the government is deciding on whether it should lift the environmental safeguards that Biofuelwatch and other organisations fought so hard for that ensure that new biomass power stations do not qualify for renewable subsidies.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Their campaign stopped the introduction of more dangerous wood burning projects by increasing regulations on efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions​​​​​. Drax Power Station is bad enough, we don't need more wood burning giants polluting people and the planet. So please:

Take Part in the Consultation

Before 29th May, which is when it closes. (updated from 22nd May on 21st May)

Also, make sure you sign up to get involved with the Drax action.

📅 On 22nd May

This is the UN’s International Biodiversity Day, and the 2020 theme is "our solutions are in nature". While Drax requires trees to be cut down at an alarming rate, we need them more than ever to tackle the increasingly pressing climate crisis with our pre-existing carbon capture and storage: forests. The American forests which are being clear-felled to burn as wood pellets in Drax are home to many rare and endangered species, including black bears, salamanders, the Venus flytrap and many species of bird. It is time for us to cut through Drax’s greenwashing and take action against Drax Power Station!

This action is in 3 parts:

  • Post pictures of your favourite animal, pet(s) or cuddly toy!
  • ☎️ Phone swarm
  • 🌳 Street action
  • Safe, visual action in your local area. If you sign up (see above) we can send you more details.

See details below.

🐦 Cyber Storm 📣

Here are two simple things we’d like you do for the #AxeDrax protest on the UN’s Biodiversity Day 2020 - with more details about each below.

  1.  Love Wildlife picture or video: To help show how much we love and care for the wildlife which is threatened by Drax’s tree burning, please take a selfie or short video (under 30 seconds) with a Drax sign, if possible next to a pet or with a picture of an animal, bird, insect, fish or plant.

Don’t worry if you would prefer not to be in the picture yourself. It’s also great to take a picture of your sign. There are some example pictures below.

  1. Tweet and share on other social media: On the 22nd of May, starting at 11am UK time, please share your photo or video on your own Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtags #AxeDraxNotTrees and #AxeDraxNotWildlife. There are example tweets & Facebook posts later in this document.

If you haven’t got a Twitter or Facebook account, you are welcome to email the photo or video to and we can share them for you on our social media.

There are also actions you can take after the 22nd.

📷 Photos and videos 📸

View the photo bank here

To help show how much we love and care for our wildlife this UN Biodiversity Day and why we need to stop Drax from harming nature, please take a photo or a 30-second video of yourself with a banner or sign saying “Axe Drax not trees” or “Love Wildlife, Axe Drax”.

Having a pet or picture of an animal, bird, insect, fish or plant in the background would be great - or you can draw a picture insead. If you’d rather not be in the photo yourself, please just take a photo of your #AxeDrax sign. You can also use the sample pictures below for inspiration.

There is a PHOTO BANK of printable signs, example pictures, an explanation reel and even some memes. Email if you have anything to add to it.


On Twitter, we have to aim to get #AxeDrax trending.

  1. POST your picture, with a caption (see below).
  2. SEARCH for #AxeDrax
  3. LIKE, RETWEET and REPLY to other people's tweets
  4. TWEET again, with one of the examples below.

Use these tags if you can:

And try to tweet things directed at the Government Ministers responsible for renewable subsidies: Kwasi Kwarteng and Alok Sharma (@KwasiKwarteng, @AlokSharma_RDG). Make sure you tag your own MP too.

🐦Example Tweets:

Drax Power Station’s tree burning is fuelling #forest destruction & the #ClimateCrisis. This #BiodiversityDay 2020, it’s time to #AxeDrax & let #forests live .#AxeDraxNotTrees  #DigitalStrike #DefendTheDefenders @Rebellion_North


Wildlife in nature-rich #forests in North America & Europe is being destroyed by the logging operations for Drax Power Station in the UK. We cannot be destroying our natural world for a false energy solution that makes no sense. It is time to #AxeDrax not wildlife. @Rebellion_North


Forests are the lungs of our planet but Drax Power Station is burning millions of tonnes of wood from biodiverse #forests in the Southern USA & Europe which are home to many rare & endangered species. On #BiodiversityDay 2020, it’s time to #LoveWildlife & #AxeDraxNotTrees.


Drax Power Station’s tree burning is devastating #wildlife, #forests, communities & the #climate. This #BiodiversityDay 2020, we demand that Drax stops burning all the things and call for an end to Drax’s #tree #burning subsidies.  #AxeDraxNotTrees  #lLoveWildlifeAxeDrax


Drax Power Station is the UK’s biggest carbon emitter & the world’s largest #tree burner. For the sake of our planet, we need to protect our #wildlife & restore our amazing #forests, not burn them in power stations like Drax. #BiodiversityDay 2020 #AxeDrax


Dear [@my MP], happy #BiodiversityDay 2020! For the sake of our #wildlife, our #forests & the #climate, please ensure that future UK renewable subsidies are not used to fund new #biomass power stations which burn trees: #AxeDrax #LoveWildlifeAxeDrax 


Dear [@my MP], Drax Power Station receives over £2.16m a day in UK renewable subsidies to burn #trees & many are from biodiverse US #forests. On #BiodiversityDay 2020, we call on @KwasiKwarteng & @AlokSharma_RDG to transfer these subsidies to renewables & #AxeDrax


🖼️ Instagram 🖼️

  • Videos perform best, then photos.
  • Write a quick, clear, distinctive first line.
  • Aim for 50 words, and around 5-10 hashtags.
  • Remember links can't be clicked from the post, only from the "bio" of your account.

Use these tags:

  • #AxeDrax
  • #AxeDraxNotTrees
  • #DefendTheDefenders
  • #NoForestsNoFuture
  • #BiodiversityDay
  • @axe_drax

Example text:

Drax Power Station is the UK's biggest emitter of carbon dioxide and the world’s biggest tree burner. For this, it gets £789.5 million a year from our energy bills to keep destroying forests, harming wildlife and polluting communities. On Biodiversity Day 2020, it is time to #AxeDrax, not trees.

#AxeDraxNotTrees #DefendTheDefenders #NoForestsNoFuture

➡️ Facebook ⬅️​​​​​​​

  • Again, videos perform best, then links, then photos.
  • Posts with 100 or fewer characters are best.
  • Post your photo here too.

Here are a couple of sample posts:

📩 Sample post 1

Drax Power Station in Yorkshire is the UK’s largest polluter & the world’s biggest wood burner. Much of the wood which it burns comes from the clear-felling of biodiverse forests in Europe and the Southern USA which are home to many rare and endangered species.

We are in a climate and ecological emergency. For the sake of our planet, our wildlife and our communities, we need to let our forests live, stop power stations like Drax from burning trees and support a Just Transition to genuinely renewable energy. This #BiodiversityDay 2020, it’s time to #LoveTrees, #AxeDrax and switch to Clean Energy!

Find out more from The Dogwood Alliance here:

📩 Sample Post 2:

Drax Power Station receives over £2.16m a day in UK renewable subsidies to burn wood. These subsidies are paid for by a surcharge on our energy bills and much of the wood burned by Drax comes from clear-felled biodiverse forests in Europe and the Southern USA.

This clear-felling and burning is devastating forests, wildlife, local communities and the climate:

For the sake of our planet, these subsidies need to be transferred to genuine renewables. It’s time for us to #LoveTrees, #AxeDrax and switch to #CleanEnergy.

💡 Other sample text

Drax Power Station is the UK's biggest emitter of Carbon Dioxide, and gets £789.5 a year for our energy bills to keep polluting. It is time to
#AxeDrax, not trees. Find out more from @Biofuelwatch, and read this briefing:

We need to @
Build Back Better from this crisis, by winding down polluting industries and transferring to genuinely renewable electricity generation. Let's #AxeDrax, scrap the £1bn in subsidies for burning trees, fund new green jobs and stop polluting our towns for the sake of people and planet. @XRNorth


Drax power station near York is the world's single largest burner of wood pellets, and these wood pellets come from the US and Canada where nature rich forests are being clear-felled and replaced with pine monocultures. This destroys the existing biodiverse complex ecosystem, and replaces it with man-made rows of pine, and would take hundreds of years to return to its natural state.


Because of the carbon accounting loophole, neither the US nor the UK count the emissions that come from burning millions of tons of wood. In 2019, 65% of the pellets burned by Drax were imported from the Southeastern USA and much of the wood burned by Drax comes from clear-felled biodiverse forests. If new trees are planted, they are often monoculture plantations which support almost no life  Trees take decades to grow, so plantations that are planted will take far too long to reabsorb the carbon released by burning; and in addition, as they are plantations, they will likely be cut down and burnt in 20 years or less.


Every British energy bill payer is paying to keep Drax running, with Drax getting £2.36 million a day from us. Government subsidies make up more than 100% of Drax's profits, meaning they wouldn't be in business without them. And this money comes out of the taxes on British energy bills.


Drax will try to convince you they are part of the solution. Don't believe them. They are emitting millions of tons of CO2 into the air and they are not counting it, on the false idea that planting pine saplings makes up for clear-cutting vast areas of biodiverse forests.

Watch this movie to find out more:

Or go to 


Still don’t trust this? See this letter 800 scientists sent to the EU:

🔮 What next?

  1. Join the #Axe Drax group: This is a group organised by Extinction Rebellion York with volunteers around the country who are concerned about Drax’s tree burning. Everyone is welcome to join and you can find out more & sign up here.
  2. Join the Digital Climate Strike, 22nd May & every Friday: The wonderful Fridays For Future campaign is currently organising digital strikes every Friday to call for urgent action on the climate crisis & they have launched a new #DefendTheDefenders campaign to support environmental defenders around the world. You can find them on twitter at @fff_digital and on their website here.
  3. Sign up for updates from Biofuelwatch

Email if you have any further questions.

Thank you for taking action against Drax Power Station!