Entrepreneur in Residence

As a EIR at Neuu, you will be working cross-functionally with Sales, Marketing, and tech team to streamline our Lead-To-Customer success process.

In this role you will be responsible for driving and owning the entire location onboarding, managing franchise store success rate and meeting store revenue target.

You will work closely with key stakeholders in order to understand their business objectives and educate them about Neuu in a thoughtful way.

You must have the ability to build strong rapport and establish trust through a consultative approach, and balance assertive sales follow up. In order to ensure success of your accounts you will need to coordinate resources with internal departments.

Ideally the candidate will have strong technical knowledge, and have proven success operating in fast-paced environments. Candidates must be able to manage multiple customers and stores simultaneously at various stages of the buying cycle.

You will gain experience in key functional areas such as strategy, sales, finance, and analytics.

What you bring to the table

What you will do everyday


About us:

We are building a network of automated micro stores (Hardware + Software +logistics) to bring convenience to underserved markets like offices, schools/colleges, hospitals, remote villages etc. Our micro stores are only a few feet away and always stocked and running.

We leverage automation to manage traditional retail functions like checkout and inventory optimization.

We are funded by Ex Flipkart team and other well known faces from startup community.