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Nassau County PAL
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Please keep in mind it's a recreational level league.

Brief rules summary -

3/4 and 5/6 - 60'

4 run max per inning except last inning (top and bottom)

No dropped strike 3

Can't steal home on straight steal, passed ball or wild pitch. Has to be earned (walk, hit, HBP, error (fielding))

Max 2 HBP per inning 3 overall

Generally we don't play with mercy rule becasue the 4 run max per inning keeps games close

The stolen base rules vary and generally let coaches agree before game.

6 innings or 2 hours

HS -

All regular HS rules except no straight steals of home (due to safety issue - most teams not using signs)

Can steal home on passed ball or wild pitch

1 warning on balks. But keep it lenient - a lot of these kids are not dedicated pitchers

Mercy 12 after 5

7 innings or 2:15