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School Policies
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School Policies

Purchase and Binding Agreement:

Purchasing any of our online tutoring products represents a contractual agreement between the parties whereby both the student and the school and its staff agree to honour the terms outlined in this School Policies document.

Payment Method:              


We accept Visa™, MasterCard™, American Express™, Direct Debit™, and PayPal™ payments. All credit card payments are processed through PayPal, Inc. (North America).

We apologize, but bank transfers are not accepted.

Privacy Policy:


All contact information (emails, telephone numbers, addresses, etc.) which is provided by the user is used solely for the purpose of completing the order and having a contact point with the student throughout the course. This includes information pertaining to gift recipients. Contact information is deemed confidential by the school and it is not shared with anyone without the express consent from the student.


Given that all payments are processed exclusively through PayPal™, the school does not retain any sensitive data regarding credit cards and/or banking details. These fall under the privacy protection guidelines established by PayPal, Inc. (North America).

Private 1:1 Lessons General Policies and ATTENDANCE Rules:


Students are given a standing (permanent) date and time for their lessons unless otherwise agreed upon. The attendance policies are as follows:

Refunds are offered only through PayPal to the same account that was used to pay for our services and they are granted only in exceptional circumstances (see the Course Cancellations and Withdrawals policy below). We do, however, offer a "transfer credit" for the unused lessons where the student can allow another person to use his/her unused hours. All prepaid lessons, including transfer credits, expire on the 6th month anniversary.

Course Cancellations and Withdrawals:


All of our online classes are delivered with a live teacher. On rare occasions, the teacher may have to cancel a class. If this occurs, the Morgan School of English will notify the students with a minimum of 24 hours prior to the session and will offer the students the option to reschedule.

In the unforeseen event where there is a major complication such as internet outage in the area, for example, and the school is forced to make an announcement with less than 24 hours prior to the commencement of the class, students will be offered to reschedule or skip the planned lesson until the next appointment.

If the teacher is absent for personal reasons and failed to give advance notice, the student is entitled to one free lesson in compensation.  

Student withdrawal from any course is subject to the following policies:

♣ Private 1:1 lessons: Students have 7 calendar days (cooling-off period) from the date of purchase to withdraw PRIOR to the commencement of classes in order to receive a refund. Morgan School of English will process an administrative charge of 15% of the value of the purchase or a flat £20 fee, whichever is less, to cover expenses incurred. Cancellations AFTER the 7-day cooling-off period are subject to a £50 administrative charge. So, the student will receive the balance of the unused lessons MINUS the £50 fee.

♣ Refunds are processed through PayPal only and to the account that was originally used to pay for our services. They are granted for the unused portion of the course AND are subject to the administrative and processing charges outlined above. (Unused classes LESS administrative charges = refund).

Promotional discounts are reversed upon order cancellations, meaning that the students will be charged for the full retail cost of the classes taken up until the day of cancellation, with any outstanding balance paid being refunded AFTER all applicable administrative fees are deducted.

Promotional additional free lessons are immediately reversed upon cancellation of the course, meaning that the student will pay the full price for the lessons taken first up until the day of cancellation, with any outstanding balance being refunded AFTER all applicable administrative fees are deducted.  

♣ "Abandonment" is defined as a student who stopped his/her lessons and has allowed a period in excess of 2 months to pass without resuming classes. A student who abandons his lessons will be sent a reminder to resume classes. In the event that the learner does not wish to pursue his/her studies, the learner can transfer the balance of his/her lessons to another person. All pre-paid classes expire on the 6th month anniversary from the original date of purchase.

Our Teachers and our methodology:


All of our teachers are Cambridge CELTA certified, have a college/university education, and are licenced to teach in either England or America. Our tutors are selected for their ability to teach, clarity in conveying their explanations, proper diction, patience, and classroom management skills. We believe in a common-sense approach to teaching where we encourage communicative skills, vocabulary development, listening and writing skills and learner autonomy. We strive for our classes to be both engaging and practical where the English taught is relevant to the student's needs.

Contact Information of our tutors:

All our tutors work through Skype or Google Hangouts. Any messages to the tutor outside of classroom hours need to be sent to the school through the Contact Us page and we will forward your email to your teacher. For security reasons, it is the school policy not to divulge our teacher's personal contact information.

Online Etiquette:

We work with students from all over the world. We promote respect, tolerance, understanding of all cultures and we believe in a safe and supportive environment where education can take place. While we use a common-sense approach to our classes and dealings with our students, we stand firm in the protection of minors, human decency, and good moral values. Inappropriate behaviour as well as abusive and/or offensive messages, whether oral or written, are subject to disciplinary actions. Depending on the severity of the act, the school reserves the right to lodge a complaint with the appropriate law enforcement offices in both England and the country of jurisdiction of the offending party.


We understand that most of our students are working professionals with a very busy schedule. For this reason, homework assignments are kept to a minimum and typically arranged between the learner and his/her tutor. In the event that a student requests further practice such as written assignments, essays, and so on, please send your query to the school as additional charges may apply depending on what is being asked of the tutor.


Formal accreditation is reserved for institutions granting official certificates/diplomas/degrees recognized by the government. Morgan School of English is a private online tutoring service; thus, we are not accredited.

Morgan School of English. Effective: January 2012.