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Everest Language School Covid-19 School Safety Protocols
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Covid-19 School Safety Protocols Everest Language School

General Information on Covid-19

Covid-19 is an illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It is caused by a virus called coronavirus. For up-to-date information about the illness, please visit the Irish Health Service website.

In order to control risk of the spread of the virus Everest has implemented a number of recommended protocols. In our aim to mitigate the spread, we must first highlight how the virus is transmitted:

Close contact

Airborne spread

Infected surfaces

What we are doing to keep Everest safe

Everest has implemented these protocols in line with those offered by the HSE, HSA, and ELE Sector. All of these protocols are subject to change and will be updated in line with the most up-to-date advice available.

While the risk of infection can never be completely eliminated, the objective of these protocols is to mitigate these risks wherever possible.

Students and staff need to understand that a risk of transmission will still exist even if these guidelines are rigorously followed and implemented.

General Protocols

Reception & Office


Common areas


Everest Dublin Students arriving into Ireland from overseas

Protocol for dealing with a suspected case of Covid-19 

  • Any staff member or a student should not attend school if displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, and should contact the office urgently if they test positive.

  • If a student or staff member arrives at Everest and is displaying or feeling any symptoms of Covid-19, the student or staff member will be refused entry to the premises and asked to return home.

If displaying any Covid-19 symptoms, then they are strongly advised to contact the HSE or their GP (doctor) and follow their instructions. The staff member or student shall remain at home until it is safe for them to return to the school

  • If any student or staff member develops fever or other Covid-19 symptoms during the time they are in Everest, the student or staff member will need to isolate in the designated room and leave the premises as quickly as possible. They are advised to call their GP or the HSE and follow the instructions. In case of a potential case of Covid-19, the school will inform the health authorities and follow subsequent advice.

Protocol for dealing with a confirmed case of Covid-19

  • Any student or staff member is not allowed to attend school if displaying any symptoms of Covid-19.

  • If a student or teacher tests positive, the student/teacher needs to self-isolate in line with HSE advice
  • Any close contacts in the class will need to follow current HSE advice
  • For students who cannot attend, materials will be provided online for home study

  • In the event that the school needs to close due to government public health requirements, course continuation will be provided online. Online classes will be taught by fully-qualified teachers around the same times of the face-to-face classes and for the same length. Attendance will be monitored  in line with ILEP rules.

It is recommended that all students coming to Ireland have a device on which they can access Zoom and Google Classroom.