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Historical Archive Location Listing

Thanks to the diligent efforts of many local libraries and historical societies, all of our newspapers have been historically archived since their beginnings. Below is a listing of their archives locations, as well as their ancestors’ archives.


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*Please note, all of these archives are missing various issues, especially older ones. If a year isn’t listed as having an archive, then all of the issues from that year are missing. Additionally, due to the complicated newspaper archival process, many newer editions haven’t been archived yet. Click here to subscribe to our E-Edition, and gain full access to an archive of our newest issues.

Active Newspapers

Allegan County News (1955-Present)

(originally known as the Allegan News-Gazette, then the Allegan County News & Gazette)


Clare County Review (1947-Present)

(originally known as the Farwell News, then the News and Review)


Commercial Record (1902-Present)


Courier-Leader (1968-Present)

LaFayette Sun (1841-Present)

(originally known as the Alabama Standard)


Marion Press (1900-Present)

(originally known as the Marion Dispatch and Leader, then the Northern Osceola Press)

Union Enterprise (1974-Present)

Paw Paw Flashes (1930s-Present)

Please see the Courier-Leader for Paw Paw area news archives.

Defunct Newspapers

Allegan Gazette (1882-1955)

(also known as the Allegan Weekly Newsmagazine Gazette from 1953-1955)

Allegan Journal (1856-1897)

(also known as the Allegan Journal and Tribune from 1883-1888)

Allegan News (1880-1955)

(originally known as the Allegan Democrat)

Allegan Record (1842-1862)

(originally known as the Allegan County Democrat, then the Allegan and Barry Record)

(not to be confused with the Allegan County Record or the Allegan Democrat)

Allegan Tribune (1880-1882)


Courier-Northerner (1920-1968)

Douglas Weekly Record (1890’s to 1902)


Fennville Herald (1892-1995)


Lawrence Times (1875-1957)

Lawton Leader (1887-1968)


Marion Dispatch (1889-1900)

Marion Leader (1899-1900)

 Martin Star (1915-1963)

Otsego Union (1869-1974)

(originally known as the Otsego Weekly Union)

Paw Paw Courier (1873-1877)


Paw Paw Free Press (1843-1877)

(also known as the Van Buren County Press from 1859-1876)


Paw Paw Free Press and Courier (1877-1920)

Plainwell Enterprise (1886-1974)

Saugatuck Commercial (1868-1902)

(also known as the Lakeshore Commercial)


True Northerner (1873-1920)