Wilson Creative Solutions - Portfolio

Updated 12/17/2018

Web-Design Projects

Daily Brew

A full featured responsive e-commerce website. As beautiful as it is functional.

Van’s Photography

A modern photography website.

Adamschristian.org - Dynamic site for Adams County Christian School.

Redneckadventures.com - The official website of Redneck Adventures Television show.

Homewithheroes.org - A site for the pro-veteran organization 'Home With Heroes', created with eligibility for our non-profit discount.

Old River Peddler -100% responsive. Lightweight and rock-solid. I provided comprehensive training and the Old River Peddler staff now keeps the site up to date themselves! (And do a very good job I might add.)

The Parchman Ordeal - Official website for the documentary 'The Parchman Ordeal: The Untold Story'.

Riverview RV Park - Official site for Riverview RV Park in Vidalia, LA. Built to be simple for our client to make changes to after-the-fact. (Per agreement, Riverview RV Park has the ability to make 'after-the-fact' changes to content and aesthetics internally)

Bug Busters Pest Control - A modern, fully responsive and mobile-friendly website. Built and maintained by Wilson Creative Solutions.

Perry Land Management - A simple website with a modern aesthetic, built for Gus Perry Land Management Services.

Duck Naked - Currently in soft-launch phase, a fully responsive, modern website to facilitate the sale of Duck Naked Plucking Machines





Audio/Visual Projects


Redneck Adventures Outdoor Extravaganza - Recap Video

A half hour of footage shot on an old camcorder - transformed into 4 and a half minutes of concise story-telling and valuable marketing material.

South-State AAA TRAILER - An action-packed trailer we made for the On-Demand Videos of a basketball tournament we helped produce the webcast for. ... We made the trailer, and we produced the original broadcasts (in conjunction with our partner, Mid-South Broadcasting).

Here are some clips from internet broadcasts produced by Wilson Creative Solutions in conjunction with Mid-South Broadcasting

See: ACCSLive   Mid-South Broadcasting Company   GreenWave Live

Graphic Design
Here’s an album-cover I did for a local up-and-coming band based out of the Metairie / New Orleans area.