Accessibility information for TFS Brunch July 7 2019 1pm – 3pm


1 - Getting to the Location

2 - The Location

3 - Noise and Lighting

4 - Directions with Public Transport


This has been prepared by non-D/deaf and disabled folx at Trans Fest Stockholm following guidance in Transgender Europe’s ‘Oppression Squared’ report:

We know that access needs vary from person to person. If you would like more specific information to help you decide if you can join us on the night please do contact us and let us know what you need:
Email: or


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1 - Getting to the Location

We will be in the harbour in Gröndal, at Café Cul De Sac, Lusuddsvägen 10

You can find the map here:

If you are a Trans and/or Gender Diverse person who needs help getting to and from the venue, please contact us and we may be able to help you. We will need to know in advance if we are to find and book accessible taxis. If you would like reach the organizers by phone, let us know by email prior to the brunch.

Maps, location information and walking routes are provided later in this guide. There are many rail works underway in Stockholm, please check before travelling. You can plan your route on the in Swedish or English, the website also states where lifts or escalators are not working when planning a journey.

2 - The Location

The harbour-area in Gröndal consists of a boardwalk, a dock, and a café.

Image shows an overview of the harbour-area with the boardwalk   Image shows an overview of harbour-area with the café and the dock (sightly hidden)

The entrance to the harbour-area is down a shallow slope of packed gravel. There is a barrier at the entrance that can be opened temporarily for arriving taxis and other larger transports.

Image shows the entrance to the harbour-area from the road. There is a small road of packed gravel with a closed barrier.   Image shows the entrance to the harbour-area from the inside the harbour-area. There is a small road of packed gravel with a closed barrier.

It is not possible to park inside the harbour-area. More on parking later in this guide.

The Café Area
Café Cul De Sac will be open during the duration of the brunch. There are two steps up to the window for ordering. All surrounding ground is packed gravel.

The image shows the café - a purple trailer with two steps up to the window for ordering. Menus are displayed at the front.

At the café one can pay using credit-cards and swish. Alcohol is sold at Café Cul De Sac. The menu:

The image shows the front of the café. To the left of the window for ordering the drinks menu is displayed, and to the right is the snacks & fika menu.    

The image shows Café Cul de Sac's food menu

TFS will not provide any food or drinks at this event.

The café seating area at the bar has low tables, chairs, stools, benches and lawn-chairs.

Important: We will display a trans-flag where we set up.

Image shows some of the café seating: benches and a low table    Image shows some of the café seating: lawn-chairs   Image shows the main café seating: low tables and chairs

The café has a children’s area with table, chairs, plastic-pool and some toys.

Image shows the children's area next to the café. There is a table and chairs, a small pool and some toys.

Boardwalk area
The boardwalk consists of wooden planks. There is a slight inclination from the surrounding packed gravel to the boardwalk. This area is public space and one is allowed to bring food and drinks. There is one picnic-table as shown in the picture below.

Image shows the boardwalk. The boardwalk consists of wooden planks. The is one picnic-table.

It is possible to go into the water from the boardwalk using a ladder.

Image shows the ladder into the water from the boardwalk.

No beach or other possibility of getting into the water on a shallow slope.


There is a dock extending into the water between the café and boardwalk. There is a short bridge with a shallow slope ending in a small step. The dock consists of concrete.

Image shows the dock that sticks out into the water between the boardwalk and the café-area. The dock is made of concrete and is reached by a small bridge with a shallow slope ending in a step.

The toilet belonging to the café is up several steps.

Image shows the toilet belonging to the café. This toilet is located up several steps.

There is an accessible bathroom belonging to the boat club that can be accessed. Ask one of the TFS-organizers to get the key. This bathroom is right by the entrance to the harbour-area.

Image shows the door of the accessible bathroom. The accessible bathroom is located right next to the entrance of the harbour-area.

3 - Noise and Lighting

There is no access to inside space at this location. Shade can be found at the café-seating. There are also some trees that can provide shade.

We are using an area with public access, so we do not have control over the noise that other users might make. The café is usually crowded on weekends. It is right by the water, with occasional sudden noise from passing boats and jetskis. The café area has music playing at a level that allows ordinary conversation, and the café staff occasionally use a loudspeaker to announce when orders are ready to be picked up.

4 - Directions with Public Transport

Closest metro station is Liljeholmen.  Take the tram (Tvärbanan) towards Solna station or the number 133 bus towards Ekensberg and get of at the second stop: Gröndal. From there it is 350 meters to the Gröndal harbour. (From Liljeholmen it is 1 km if you want to go without public transport.)

It is also convenient to take the tram from Alvik to Gröndal (especially with the SL rail works causing delays around Slussen).

The metro guide to accessibility in English can be found here, with phone numbers to call if you need specific information:

From Gröndal bus/tram stop:
Follow Gröndalsvägen east towards Liljeholmen, then take a left onto the road Gröndalshamnen. Follow the road Gröndalshamnen until you reach the entrance of the harbour-area at Lusuddsvägen. This path stair-free and is marked with green in the map below.

The blue path is an alternative path that has stairs (indicated by zig-zag above).

The stairs on the blue path:

Image shows the stairs on the 'blue path' going down.Image shows the stairs on the 'blue path' going up

There are no assigned parking spaces for the harbour-area and café Cul De Sac. It is not possible to park inside the harbour-area. Public paid parking is available on the road Gröndalshamnen (taxa 4):

If you have more specific questions that you would like answered please do contact us, as we would love to make it possible for you to come if we can.

If you have suggestions, comments and/or concerns about this document, please contact us!

 Trans Fest Stockholm guide to Brunch at Café Cul De Sac at Gröndal Harbour