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AFGJ’s #ResistanceCampaign: National Week of Action

                         Social Media Toolkit: Week of 10/9/2023

This document is designed to enable you to use effective AFGJ’s #Resistance Movements posts within minutes by simply copying and pasting crafted messaging from this document to online/social media

#ResistanceCampaign National Day of Action

DAY: Oct 9, 2023 Monday

TIME:  2:00 PM EST



Encouraging our communities/networks to continue to invest in AFGJ’s work by joining and sharing AFGJ’s Virtual Press Conference, sharing consistent messaging and donation links to drive traffic


Share our Virtual Press Conference and produce tweets/posts of the below content with graphic and slide deck! Feel free to create and share your own messaging that includes personal stories and/or issues that are important to you/your org and how it relates to AFGJ’s work

GOALTo reclaim AFGJ’s narrative and uplift AFGJ’s work, moreover, to broadcast the unbreakable solidarity between movements and our collective struggle towards liberation



CTA Link: 

Sample Posts


Suggested Content (Feel Free To Use Any Language Here)


We join @All4GlobalJust in its #ResistanceCampaign in reaffirming our commitment to people-centered solidarity: from the Palestinian people who struggle for national liberation & against unjust occupation to their work for justice & human rights for all 


. @All4GlobalJust & @SamidounPP were attacked by Zionist media. Desperately trying to intimidate & silence them in their effectiveness growing & supporting movements for liberation worldwide. We've joined their #ResistanceCampaign. Will you resist w/us?


@All4GlobalJust & @SamidounPP were attacked by Zionist media. Desperately trying to neutralize their work for liberation for all. They convinced the company that handled their cc donations- blocking them from this critical fundraising tool. Join our fight!


Please credit artist: Jasmine Hawamdeh



Share our IG Conversation on AFGJ’s #ResistanceCampaign

DAY: Oct 10, 2023 Tuesday

TIME:  3:00 PM EST


WHAT Share our IG Conversation between AFGJ’s Camille Landry and Rasha Mubarak. Encouraging our communities/networks to Join IG Live

HOW Share graphic and IG handle on you/your org’s social media

GOAL To introduce the Resistance Campaign to our networks and build awareness

CTA Link: 

SHARE OUR WEBINAR 2: Prison Imperialism from Cop City to Palestine  

DAY: Oct 11, 2023Wednesday



WHAT To extend the Resistance Campaign Webinar Series and administer Webinar II where we will explore a deeper dive into the U.S. carceral system and prison imperialism, that emphasizes the connections to the struggles of the Palestinian people. Uplifting the effects and impacts of these assaults on human rights, including how mass incarceration is used to repress and control groups of people who challenge the status quo by demanding their freedom. Highlight the existence of the police state where BIPOC people live also serves to increase the wealth gap between whites and BIPOC people, and its impact on education, housing, employment, health care, and participation in the democratic process.  Examining the ways in which prison imperialism fuels neocolonialism and the perseverance of neoliberal policies in other countries. Create a stronger understanding of the rise and strengthened state apparatus – their use of laws, financial laws, criminal laws against movements – and how it works in Palestine, the U.S. (and globally).

HOW Share graphic and Zoom link on you/your org’s social media


  1. To draw the connections between the fascist systems within the US and Israel
  2. To provide an opportunity to reclaim AFGJ’s consistent human rights narrative and emphasize AFGJ’s 3/4 Areas of Struggle: Against US Militarism, For Real Democracy, and for Ecological Integrity
  3. To increase AFGJ’s content and SEO in re: to recent de-platforming attacks
  4. To launch AFGJ’s Resistance Campaign