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Wilcox Newspapers Media Guide
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At Wilcox Newspapers, we offer a variety of print and digital advertising options, to help your business succeed. Below is our media guide, which outlines our various offerings. If you would like more information, or to place an ad, please contact us.

2022 Edition

Wilcox Newspapers MEDIA GUIDE

Our Weekly Newspapers

The Allegan COUNTY NEWS - Serving all of Allegan County, Since 1842.  

Publishes every Thursday - Deadline for copy submission is Monday at 5 pm

The Clare County Review - Serving all of Clare County, Since 1947

Publishes every Friday - Deadline for copy submission is Wednesday at 5 pm

The Commercial Record - Serving the Saugatuck-Douglas Area, Since 1868

Publishes every Thursday - Deadline for copy submission is Monday at 5 pm

The Courier-Leader - Serving Paw Paw, Lawton, Mattawan, Gobles, and Lawrence

Publishes every Thursday - Deadline for copy submission is Monday at 5 pm

The LaFayette Sun - Serving LaFayette & Chambers County, Since 1841

Publishes every Wednesday - Deadline for copy submission is Monday at 5 pm

The Marion Press  - Serving Marion, McBain, and Osceola County, Since 1889

Publishes every Friday - Deadline for copy submission is Wednesday at 5 pm

THE PAW PAW FLASHES - Over 11,000 copies delivered in Van Buren and Kalamazoo

Publishes every Sunday- Deadline for copy submission is Monday at 5 pm

THE UNION ENTERPRISE  - Serving Otsego & Plainwell Michigan, Since 1869

Publishes every Thursday - Deadline for copy submission is Monday at 5 pm

Special Sections

Throughout the year, all of our newspapers except the Commercial Record and the LaFayette Sun, feature a variety of value-added special sections.

Below is a calendar of those special sections, along with a brief description.

To see a past example of any special section, just click on its name.


Best of the Best  - Crowning the best local businesses as voted on by our readers.


Business Profiles  - Write-ups showcasing local businesses and their offerings.


Senior Lifestyles - A pull-out section all about senior lifestyles


Spring Home Improvement - Spring-related home improvement ideas


Graduation - Celebrating all area high school graduates


Flag Page - A two-page American flag, celebrating our troops, freedom, and nation.


Community Pages - Your name listed on seven celebratory pages, throughout the year


Business Card Directory - A pocket-sized guide full of over 100 area business cards


Fall Home Improvement  - Fall-related home improvement ideas

A to Z - A handy pull-out guide featuring an advertiser for each letter of the alphabet


Breast Cancer Awareness  - Devoted to bringing awareness to breast cancer


Veteran’s Day - Celebrating our nation’s veterans and their military service


Christmas Wish Program - Featuring Christmas Wishes from disadvantaged area families, who are helped out by the program’s revenue

For more information on our special sections, please contact us.

Circulation and Distribution

An interactive map showing our coverage areas can be found here.

For more detailed info, such as breakdowns by zip code, please contact us.

Readership Demographics

Below is a breakdown of our reader's ages, and their average percentage of

readership. We do not keep track of any other demographic information.

Display Advertising Rates

Below are some sample rates for our most popular advertising requests. However, these rates are not set in stone, and oftentimes our sales representatives can get their clients cheaper rates. We invite you to contact us for special pricing and discounts.

*All of our ads now include FREE COLOR and COPY CHANGES. No more having to pay extra!*


Allegan County News

Clare County Review

Courier-Leader &

Paw Paw Flashes

Union Enterprise

Commercial Record

LaFayette Sun

Marion Press

Open Rates

$10 per column inch

$8 per column inch

$6 per column inch

Special Rates

2x4 Every Other Week  

(Paid In Advance Only)




3x5 Every Other Week  

(Paid In Advance Only)




2x2 For 52 Weeks

(Paid In Advance Only)




2x4 For 52 Weeks

(Paid In Advance Only)




Upper Banner

 On Front Page

(Minimum 13 Weeks)




Business Card On

Bottom Of Front Page

(Minimum 13 Weeks)




Combo Rates

All rates are per column in

Allegan County Combo – Allegan County News, Commercial Record, Union Enterprise …………… $20

Northern MI Combo – Clare County Review and Marion Press ………………………………………………....…… $13 Southwest MI Combo – Allegan County Combo + Courier-Leader & Flashes …………………………....…. $27

Michigan Combo – Northern MI Combo and Southwest MI Combo ………………………….…………..…..……. $35

Display Advertisement Sizes

Below is a diagram of our most popular display

ad sizes, including names and measurements.

Classified Advertisements

All of our newspapers have a weekly classifieds section, where classified ads can be placed in one of our five newspaper “groups.” These ads are priced and sized dependent upon their word count. Below is a breakdown of the groups and pricing.

If placed in the Allegan County News & Union Enterprise,

Clare County Review & Marion Press, Commercial Record, or the LaFayette Sun

$10 for 10 words, 50 cents for every additional word

If placed in the Courier-Leader & Paw Paw Flashes

$15 for 10 words, 50 cents for every additional worD

Pre-Printed Inserts

All of our weekly newspapers accept pre-printed inserts as a form of advertising.

The cost for preprinted inserts is $40/mil, regardless of size, stock, or weight.

All preprints must be delivered to our printer’s facility no later than four days before the scheduled insertion date. Please mark each shipment with the insertion date.

For Any Michigan Newspaper,              For The LaFayette Sun,

Please Deliver to                              Please Deliver to

[Newspaper Name]                                                    The LaFayette Sun

C/O Grand Blanc Printing                                          C/O Tallapoosa Publishers

9449 Holly Rd,                                                           548 Cherokee Rd,

Grand Blanc, MI 48439                                              Alexander City, AL 35010

Technical Specifications

All of our newspapers are printed on 11x22.75in broadsheet newsprint and feature a 10x20in printable surface. Each page is separated into six, 1.67in vertical columns.

All of our production is done using Windows 10 computers running the latest versions of Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. When submitting ad copy please use a high-quality file format that is usable within these programs, such as .jpg, .png, .tiff, .pdf, or .indd. Word Documents (.doc or .docx) are acceptable for editorial copy.

Payment Policies

All invoices are sent out at the end of the month, and payment is due 30 days from the invoice date. Acceptable forms of payment include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, personal checks, and cash.

In the case of unfulfilled contracts, the advertiser will be billed back the remainder of the contract at the open rate

Wilcox Newspapers reserves the right to edit or reject all submissions and is not liable for errors in advertisements, to a greater extent than the cost of the space provided.

All information contained in this guide is subject to change without advanced notice.