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Omar Iriškić

Software Engineer

Teslic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

(387) 64 4311 731


Singidunum University, Novi Sad — Software and Information Engineering



Xogito Group, Inc, New York, NY (Remote)

Full-stack Developer | APRIL 2022 - PRESENT

  • Optimized PostgreSQL queries enhancing overall system performance.
  • Introduced a Notification Manager to streamline email communication, grouping, and scheduling.
  • Facilitated database version control with Laravel-like migrations.
  • Upgraded the project aligning with PSR-4 standards for enhanced maintainability.
  • Crafted an adaptable integration solution, including Azure AD SSO.
  • Developed systems using Serverless framework and ReactJS for scalability and flexibility.
  • Architected and developed the ArgoVisa Platform, encompassing four interlinked projects:
  • Admin Portal: Centralized hub for platform administration and management.
  • Partner Portal: A multifunctional portal for partners, facilitating appointment bookings, campaign initiation, and white-labeling for personalized booking sites.
  • Officer Portal: Dedicated portal for visa officers responsible for training visa applicants.
  • Booking Application: User-friendly tool optimized for hassle-free appointment scheduling.

AirplaneFlyers, Nixa, MO (Remote)

Project Owner & Developer | MARCH 2022 - MAY 2023

  • Bootstrapped and managed the project, driving it from ideation to execution.
  • Curated features for community engagement, news, and advertisement. community engagement through forums.
  • Amplified user interactivity with a real-time chat and notifications system.
  • Streamlined payment processes by integrating with Stripe and supporting 3D Auth.
  • Implemented a real-time notifications system to enhance user engagement and improve communication efficiency.
  • Integrated payment flow with Stripe including the 3D Auth
  • Redesigned Flight Admin for a modernized user experience and utilized VueJS for dynamic components.

GetLeadsFast, Nixa, MO (Remote)

Full-stack Developer | SEPTEMBER 2021 - SEPTEMBER 2022

  • Led the upgrade of a project from Laravel 4.2 to Laravel 8.
  • Revamped the Authorization system to align with industry best practices.
  • Developed features including an affiliate system and a social media gallery for
  • Collaborated with clients for bug resolutions and software enhancements.
  • Overhauled the Inventory Management System on CBDAmericanShaman, introducing franchise and worker reports.

CP Development, Belgrade - Serbia — Full-time - Remote

Web Developer | SEPTEMBER 2021 - DECEMBER 2021

  • Engineered web scrapers in PHP, Python, and NodeJS for

MS-Up, Ljubljana, Slovenia (Remote)

Software Developer | MARCH 2021 - SEPTEMBER 2021

  • Orchestrated an ERP Solution tailored for multi-store e-commerce operations.
  • Seamlessly integrated platforms like WooCommerce, Facebook, MetaKocka, and Google Analytics.


University of Los Angeles — LMS

Learning management system, built for universities in microservice architecture with SpringBoot using Netflix OSS and Angular.

moviePal — AI Movie recommender

A web application that makes movie recommendations using k-means clustering algorithm based on MovieLens 20M Database.

esm — E-Commerce ERP System

ERP System for the E-Commerce businesses with various integrations and features like inventory management, analytics, ROAS and many more.


nodeJS (express, NestJS, Serverless)


Spring Boot

React (NextJS)

Angular with ngrx,


PostgreSQL MySQL

ElasticSearch, MeiliSearch

TailwindCSS, MaterialUI, CSS