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Valor (Realm & Discord) - Official Ruleset
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Valor (Realm & Discord) - Official Ruleset


In general, respect each other and do not run around ruining the atmosphere for others just so you can have fun. Below you can find more in-depth explanations of the main rules. If you are still unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff member. Even if a rule is unclear, ask a staff member, as the staff’s interpretation of the rules is the only valid one.

General (Varies wildly on offense.)

  1. Do not lie to staff.
  2. Do not associate with cheaters.
  3. Do not dispute the bans of other players.
  4. Do not spam.
  5. Do not use racial slurs.
  6. Respect all rules relating to refunds and support, outlined in #refund-and-support-info.
  7. Do not advertise other discords, servers, or services.
  1. Valor related content is the exception.
  1. Do not be homophobic or use homophobic slurs.

  1. Do not threaten other users.

Ingame (Varies wildly on offense.)

  1. Exploiting of any kind is not tolerated.
  1. If caught, the punishment and punishment length is determined by the severity of the exploit. This is including but definitely not limited to: duping, shot pattern switching, elite account exploits. If you have to ask if what you're doing is an exploit, it probably is and you may want to contact a moderator to find out if you're breaking this rule.
  1. Do not beg for items.
  2. Do not gamble.
  3. Do not attempt to ruin the gameplay experience for other users.
  1. Do not rush ahead in large dungeons such as Titan Lava Walk.
  2. Do not “key”. This is where you open a key over top of a raid portal.
  3. Do not harass, or purposefully kill other players. (E.g, using group speedy right beside lava with clear intent to kill.)
  1. Do not associate with cheaters.
  2. Do not use an objectionable username. (You will be renamed)
  3.  Follow all Ingame Chat rules below where applicable. E.g, disregard anything about images.
  4. No indecent themes. No attacking other uses through slurs, or anything that can be constructed as harassment.
  5. Harassment of other users will not be tolerated. This includes threats, repetitive name calling, or harassment of a person's family and/or personal life.

Discord & Ingame Chat (15m/1h mute, 6h mute to 30d/perm)

  1. Do not attempt to exploit bot XP.
  2.  Until the Discord bot handles Notification Squad, double pings will result in 3 strikes.
  3. Only ping staff in appropriate situations. Please use our support channels first.
  4. Follow all pinned message rules in channels, and chat in the proper channels.
  5. Like the rule above, pings for something other than the pinned allowed things will also result in 3 strikes. This includes false pings. An exhaustive list of allowed pings is in #notification-squad.
  6.  Speaking non-English will be met with warnings, and if continued will result in a timed mute, with the time determined on a case-by-case basis. We cannot moderate a language we cannot speak, and would prefer even minor things such as memes in other languages to stay in DMs or other Discord servers that allow it.
  7. Do not discuss sexual or indecent themes.
  8.  Harassment of other users will not be tolerated. This includes threats, repetitive name calling, or harassment of a person's family and/or personal life.
  9. Do not post harmful content.
  1. This includes but is not limited to steam stealers, hacked clients, NSFW content. Anything that could bring harm to another user or Valor itself. This includes partial nudity.
  1. Do not be homophobic or use homophobic slurs.


  1. Only trade with users that have the “Verified” role on discord.
  2. If a trade feels suspicious - report it.
  3. Only vouch traders you have traded with.
  4. See full terms and policies for RWT - as outlined in #refund-and-support-info.
  5. Scamming and scam attempts are punishable with a permanent ban both on Discord and on Valor, on all accounts
  6. Exchanging other game's items' (prod, osrs, etc) is allowed but we offer ZERO SUPPORT.
  7. Buying duped/exploited items is allowed as you might not be aware of it, but keep in mind we will take away all the items a duper/exploiter sold if he is found out. It's on you to file a refund with him after that.
  8. By participating in RWT - you acknowledge you might be requested to provide proof of purchase, or vouches to members of staff.

Any decision by a moderator is final. They may ban/punish for reasons not stated here, if they feel your intent is to be destructive or harmful to the server and/or the community. Rules are also subject to change at any time.