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Pokémon Games Treasure Hunt
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(Art by in the hills)

What do YOU treasure?

In the Pokémon Games Treasure Hunt, participants will create and submit either an art or writing piece inspired by Pokémon! Much like the treasure hunt the player embarks on in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, your submission may be inspired by anything, as long as it relates to the prompt.

The Prompt Is: What do you treasure most about Pokémon?

Here are a few questions to help your creative process:


Art Submission

Your submission must include:

  • A self-made piece of art
  • A description of how the piece relates to the prompt that is no longer than 300 words

Writing Submission

  • A writing piece (either creative, nonfiction, or creative nonfiction) that is no longer than 1,000 words
  • If your piece is creative or creative nonfiction, a description of how the piece relates to the prompt that is no longer than 300 words


Each category will have separate winners, with the same prizes being available for each category.

First place will get to pick their prize first, followed by second, with third choosing last.

The prizes that may be selected are:

  • A new name color
  • A custom avatar (you will have to commission it yourself)
  • A Paldean Pokémon as a username (courtesy of Anubis)

(Note: There is a limited number of Paldean Pokémon usernames available)

How to Submit:

To submit your pieces, please follow the link corresponding to your submission type:



(Note: You may only enter one of the categories. If you make a submission to both categories, neither will be considered for a prize.)

The submission deadline is January 22nd at 11:59PM EST. No submissions will be allowed after this deadline.

The winners of each category will be announced shortly after this date.



First Place - Kiwi

Art - Second Place - Gatchimonaka

Art - Third Place - Husky12_d


First Place - Nicolic

From meeting new friends to getting the shiny you have always dreamt about, there's a lot to treasure about Pokémon! Although, spreading cheer by helping across the Pokémon community is the one thing I've always treasured the most.

My most fond Pokémon memory started at the first in-person Pokémon TCG tournament I attended in 2020. Due to being new, you’re able to imagine how unprepared I was! I was especially dumbfounded at all of the players' playmats, this was something I never owned before. It essentially allowed all of the players to easily grab their Pokémon cards off the table, and keep their decks clean for future tournaments. I, unfortunately, felt terribly out of place due to this.

It wasn’t too long after my first match until I was approached by a player who gave me a "Mewtwo & Mew Champion" playmat, which he won in 2019 by placing 1st in a League Challenge. I haven’t met him before, yet he gifted me something so sentimental to him. Even to this day, there's nothing to describe how happy I felt due to this kind gesture!

In late 2022, I began to attend another card shop where I helped teach Pokémon TCG to a younger audience in a low-income area. While teaching, I heard a younger girl saddened that she wasn’t able to afford a playmat like everyone else. It was my calling to help more than I’ve ever helped before, and pay the favor forward from the year prior!

I quickly started to gather as many Pokémon TCG items as I was able and purchased an extreme amount of fabric to create a playmat for everyone who didn’t have one. I planned to surprise everyone before Christmas arrived, especially those who weren't able to afford a playmat. It was my newfound goal to ensure everyone had every essential Pokémon TCG item!

At last, I was able to carefully cut out a stack of playmats! There was an array of different colors to select from, and each playmat had individually drawn areas that’d mark where Pokémon cards sat too. Alongside a playmat, I filled a crate full of Pokémon tins that contained the following: Pokémon stickers, large / metal / small coins of Pokémon, plastic / metal dice, enamel pins of Pokémon, a deck box, a miniature binder, and sleeves. They additionally contained valuable English, Japanese, and vintage Pokémon cards to help grow their collection further.

It was time! At the Pokémon meet before Christmas, I gave a crate full of Pokémon items to younger collectors / battlers! It was quite emotional to see everyones’ reaction as they weren’t able to afford such items, although I’m still far from finished. I’ll continue to ensure everyone has the necessities to start playing, as everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy brought by Pokémon!

Starting my journey in Diamond & Pearl, helping has always been what I truly loved the most about Pokémon. It is quite special to my heart due to this reason. I encourage everyone to make an impact today in the Pokémon community by helping someone, and spreading the Pokémon cheer!

All in all, It’s safe to say that Pokémon has an amazingly special community like no other!

Second Place - Loquilloman

Dear Feraligator,

It's been a while since we last went on an adventure together with the guys. Paldea is looking huge and looks nothing like home. But hey, I gotta try something different from time to time, right? I hope you could try some of the food here. I'm learning to make sandwiches too, even though sometimes they fall apart and it gets a bit messy. Oh well! One day I'll make you a good one That's a promise.

How's everyone at Johto? Ampharos told me that you were taking care of each other while he couldn't join us in Galar. It was quite a shock for him (hah, get it?) when he arrived here. There's so many new things and Pokémon. He got a bit worried because of how many more Ground-types there are, but I assured him that I wouldn't risk him going against them. He's about to meet with the guys from Galar and GO in a few months, hopefully you get to meet them soon too! I'm sure you would all get along really well.

Right, I forgot to tell you! Arceus itself also reached out to me and sent me back in time to Sinnoh before it was even called like that. How crazy is that?! Did you know there used to be Arcanine that were Fire/Rock-type? They looked strong and majestic, but I'm sure they would have been no match for you. We could've easily won many battles together, just like we used to.

I also wanna take some time to tell you how much I miss you. I hold dear memories of our time in Johto. That was the start of my adventure and you were always there right next to me. We watched each other evolve and I wish you could see now how much stronger I've become. It hasn't been easy, but I would've never been able to get to the point where I am now if it wasn't for you. I've learned so much more about battles, folklore from other parts of the world and even the bonds that I still have with my friends and family. Dad's Snorlax is still waiting for a battle with you, we'll give them one hell of a battle when that happens, that's for sure! Also Sebastian and I are battling more often than before, one day we'll beat his Charizard and show him who's the best!

There's some other things for me to do here. I heard there were some time distortions down in the Great Crater of Paldea and you bet I'll find out what's behind that. Wish me luck! You'll see buddy, when you return to the team we'll finally become the very best, like no one ever was.

Until we meet again.

Your dear friend,


Third Place - junkjunk123

As a long-time Pokémon fan, there are so many things about the games that I treasure and hold dear. But if I had to choose just one thing, it would be the sense of adventure and discovery that they bring.

From the moment I start up a new Pokémon game, I am immediately drawn into a world full of wonder and possibility. As I set out on my journey, I am constantly encountering new and exciting Pokémon, each with their own habitats, behaviors, and mysteries to uncover. The thrill of catching a rare and powerful Pokémon, or stumbling upon an undiscovered corner of the map, is what keeps me coming back to these games time and time again.

But it's not just the Pokémon themselves that make these games so special. It's also the sense of agency and control that they give me as a player. As I journey through the world, I get to make my own decisions about which Pokémon to catch, which ones to train, and which ones to battle. The endless combinations of types, moves, and abilities allow me to strategize and create teams that reflect my own personal style and preferences.

And then there are the stories that the Pokémon games tell. While each game follows a similar structure, with players traveling through a region, battling gym leaders, and eventually taking on the Pokémon League, each one has its own unique cast of characters and plot points that keep me engaged and invested in the world. Whether it's the sinister Team Rocket in the original Pokémon games, or the mysterious Ultra Beasts in Pokémon Sun and Moon, there's always something new and exciting to discover and explore.

In the end, it is these elements of adventure, discovery, agency, and storytelling that make the Pokémon games such an enduring and beloved franchise. Each new game brings with it the promise of new horizons and endless possibilities, and that is something that I will always treasure.