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Vendor Love in the Time of COVID-19
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Vendor Love in the Time of COVID-19

aka Vendor COVID-19 Related Donations and Pro Bono Access


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This is a UIPO (and allies) community-sourced list of video and other licensed content that library vendors are making available on free or modified terms during the COVID-19 outbreak. We cannot vouch for any particular vendor, but will include press releases and other statements as we make them available.

This is a list ONLY for subscription or licensed content that is now being made available for free or on significantly reduced/discounted terms. It is NOT a list for various “how to move online and access our content remotely (for money)” webinars.


Please use this format:

  Platform/Vendor/Product in HEADING 2 format under “List of Vendor Offers”

  Contact:  The source of the information from the vendor

  Statement, description, or other information

List of Licensed Content Vendor Offers




List of Licensed Content Vendor Offers        2


American Mathematical Society        5

American Psychological Association        5

Barnes & Noble Education        6

Bergahn Books        6

Bloomsbury        7

Cambridge University Press        8

Cengage (ebooks)        8

Cambridge University Press (textbooks) / unavailable        9

De Gruyter        10

Duke University Press        10

EBSCO        11

Elsevier ScienceDirect Textbooks        11

Harvard Business Review ebooks        12

Library of Congress OA collection        12

Loeb Classical Library (Harvard University Press)        12

Macmillan        13

MIT Press        13

Ohio State University Press (the)        13

Pearson        14

Penguin Random House        14

Project MUSE        14

ProQuest [unlimited access to subscribed titles]        15

Rittenhouse R2 Digital Library        15

University of Michigan Press        15

VitalSource e-textbook platform        16


Annual Reviews (journals)        17

JSTOR (journals and books)        17        18

Paratext        18

Publishers Weekly        18

University of California Press Journals        19

University of Chicago Press Journals        19


Digital Concert Hall - Berlin Philharmonic        19

Met OnDemand        20

Paris Opera        20

RILM Music Encyclopedias        20


Artfilms (videos)        22

Docuseek [Bullfrog & Icarus films]        22

JoVE (science videos)        23

Kanopy        24

On the Boards.TV        24

OTHER/MISC.        25

PolicyMap        25

TEACHING (tests, quizzes, etc)        25

Lumen (Open Education Resources)        25

Oxford University Press / teaching activities        26

Educational & Distance Learning Platforms        28

Gale        28

Kahoot        28

Kapwing        28

Lumen Open Education Resources / Courseware        29

Macmillan Learning        29

McGraw-Hill        30

Odigia        30

PollEverywhere        30

SoftChalk        30

WILEY “online learning solutions”        31

COVID-19 research / news:        32

MED/SCI Trackers, Indexes, and Archives:        32

Med/Sci Publishers, Vendors, and Private Platforms:        32

Individual journals:        33

NEWS:        33

Other Resource Lists / Indexes        35

SEE ALSO:        35

VideoLib’s List: Streaming Offers During COVID-19        35

Streaming Live Performances        35

ICOLC vendor tracking list        36

TagTeam        36

InfoDocket        36

Additional tracking lists/local versions        36

Wheaton College libguide        36

U Florida list        36


American Mathematical Society

3/19 email:

We are extending grace access for content hosted on our platforms (including MathSciNet) through the end of May for our existing customers. We will re-evaluate this timing as needed.

As courses transition to online, we can provide complimentary electronic “reserve” copies of our textbooks for students who do not have access to our print books.  Please contact us through the “request desk copy” link on the specific textbook page

E-books purchased through the perpetual access model on the AMS platform are always available DRM-free with unlimited simultaneous use.  In addition, we are partnering with ProQuest to allow multi-user access through mid-June to all e-books purchased on their platforms. Read ProQuest’s statement here.

We provide remote access options to all our content, including MathSciNet. In normal circumstances, this remote access can be set up while on campus or while connected via institution VPN (in order to validate IP-based access).  We realize many students, faculty, and researchers did not have an opportunity to initiate this access before leaving campus and are actively working on enabling remote access without this requirement.  We hope to reach out to the community with a solution very soon.

Please be in touch about your library’s needs. You may reach us at

American Psychological Association

APA Publishing is helping to support students and faculty at colleges and universities that have shut down their campuses and moved classes online. VitalSource and RedShelf are working with APA and other publishers to ensure that students continue to have access to a wide range of course content, including over 160 APA book titles and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. These ebooks will be offered free of charge through VitalSource and RedShelf until May 25, 2020. The APA Style website also features free resources for instructors and students, including a new tutorial, “Basics of Seventh Edition APA Style,” which is especially well suited for online learning:


In addition, we are extending an offer allowing instructors to use PsycLearn: Research Methods content with their students at no cost for the remainder of this semester.  The eight available modules of PsycLearn: Introduction to Social Psychology are also being made available. Interested educators should contact their APA Partnership Manager or email


To support academic libraries and their patrons, APA is participating in the EBSCO eBooks program that allows an unlimited number of simultaneous ebook users through the end of June.

Barnes & Noble Education

Press release

“ Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. (NYSE: BNED), a leading solutions provider for the education industry, today announced the Company has joined VitalSource® in an effort to support students impacted by the recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Beginning today and through the remainder of the Spring 2020 term, VitalSource will offer free access to eTextbooks for students at BNED campuses that have closed due to COVID-19.”

Bergahn Books

3/26 press release circulated on LibLicense

Unlimited User access for Library Ebooks

Berghahn Books supports its key library partners, ProQuest, EBSCO, and Gardners in granting students unlimited access to their library’s eBooks holdings for a 90-day period. Another important library partner for us, JSTOR, has always offered unlimited user access so you can find a wide selection of our titles going back many years there too. As an early advocate of unlimited-user eBooks, we are proud to contribute to such initiatives especially as a great way to enable broad student access now and in the future. If your library does not hold the book you need, you can recommend it here: Visit our eBooks page for details.

Free and extended digital exam copies

For deciding on books for your current or upcoming semester’s class, we provide free digital inspection copies and have also extended the standard review period to 90 days. Sign up for free e-inspection copies here.

Free individual ebooks for individual use

For your remote research needs, we are offering free eBooks for individual users directly through our website until April 30 (for course use, please refer to the above library ebook options). Use discount code REMOTE20.

Open access ebooks and journals

As courses transition to online, we are offering a growing number of Open Access texts (many offered in both ePub and .pdf format) available for direct download from our website. View the complete list of OA ebooks here.

For open access journals, visit our journals site to access a number of OA articles as well as to learn about our Berghahn Open Anthro pilot, which makes all 2020 issues of this select anthropology collection available in open access thanks to the Subscribe-to-open model.

Free access to all Berghahn Journals

In addition to those BOA journals available open access, all Berghahn Journals – new issues and all back issues - will be made freely available through June 30.

View the journals list here:

You can find the latest developments for how we continue to tackle this current situation here. If there are any other ways we can support you during this time, please get in touch. We will do our best. Our dedicated BB team is tackling these challenging times with creativity, positivity, and perseverance. Together we can get through this.

In the meantime, from our family to yours, we wish you and your loved ones good health. We hope for better times ahead for everyone.


COVID-19 - Bloomsbury Response

As we all work together through an unprecedented situation, Bloomsbury Digital Resources would like to help the library and educational community in any way we can. Our resources are now available upon request through the end of May 2020, at no cost or obligation and on an unlimited access basis.

Should you wish to enable access for your institution, please email us at the addresses below:


UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa:

Australia and New Zealand, Asia, India:”

Cambridge University Press

Summary of our additional responses to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Cengage (ebooks)

If your campus has been closed due to COVID-19, your students on US campuses get a free subscription to Cengage Unlimited through the remainder of the term, which gives them access to all Cengage ebooks and platforms.”

Cambridge University Press (textbooks) / unavailable

Update 3/19 - temporarily unavailable - email from Susan Soule, Library Marketing Manager, 

“Due to performance issues caused by both unprecedented demand and reported misuse, Cambridge University Press has temporarily removed free access to textbooks.


We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and are working to address these issues so we can reinstate free access as soon as possible. “


De Gruyter

4/6: Steve Fallon

From: "Fallon, Steve" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2020 15:51:25 +0000

In efforts to provide access to faculty and students to the thousands of print books on your library shelves, De Gruyter and our University Press partners are providing complete access from first book through 2016 – 75,000 titles – through June 30, 2020.  Registration is required:

VENDOR LOVE EDITOR NOTE: Librarians might sign up for their institutions.

No individual registration accommodated.

Many thanks to our university press partners of which 100% agreed to provide free access to their entire unlimited-use catalog through 2016!  


Columbia University Press | Cornell University Press | Harvard University Press | Princeton University Press | Rutgers University Press | Stanford University Press | University of California Press | University of Chicago Press | University of Hawai‘i Press | University of Pennsylvania Press | University of Toronto Press | Yale University Press

Duke University Press

(additional as of 3/17): In response to the current challenges that universities face as a result of the spread of COVID-19, Duke University Press would like to offer libraries additional support:

Please be in touch about your library’s needs. You can reach the library relations team directly at or visit our dedicated web page where we will post updates.

Also: Online sale in lieu of conference booths: 50% off We also know that many people really look forward to picking up new books at discounted prices at these conferences. In light of that, we are pleased to offer 50% off all in-stock books and journal issues plus free domestic U.S. shipping on orders over $100.


Press release 3/19

To help your library manage the COVID-19 outbreak, EBSCO is partnering with publishers to offer free upgrades and discounted pricing for UU access e-book models. Scroll down to see nearly 200 publishers offering UU access at the 1U price.

Upgrades for Active EBSCO eBooks Customers

A growing number of publishers are automatically upgrading all 1U, 3U and Concurrent Access models to a UU model until June 30, 2020, at no cost*. The publishers offering upgrades are indicated in the list below. The complimentary upgrade for existing e-books has already occurred from the noted publishers below.

GOBI Customers

Free upgrades will automatically be applied and discounted pricing is also available through GOBI. GOBI customers can visit the Special Promotions section of Spotlight Lists in GOBI to easily find and order e-books from participating publishers.

*Upgrades are in effect for 90 days and will revert back to original model on July 1, 2020. The updated access model will be displayed on EBSCOhost in the detailed record and eBook viewer. Upgrades do not apply to Short Term Loans or inactive titles (titles not currently available for sale/upgrade.

Elsevier ScienceDirect Textbooks

ScienceDirect Textbooks: The 256 textbooks currently on ScienceDirect will be automatically entitled to all active ScienceDirect customers (including those journals customers who do not currently have books) for a period of 90 days. Users accessing ScienceDirect through IP or remote access will be able to use these books while campuses are closed.  Access the title list here (expected to be updated by end of day Wednesday, March 18).

Elsevier also participating in the VitalSource ebook access, and through ProQuest Ebook Central

Harvard Business Review ebooks

Email March 24:

As universities shift quickly to online instruction, librarians have a key role to play in supporting faculty and students. In order to help in these challenging times, EBSCO and Harvard Business Publishing are pleased to offer libraries free unlimited user access to the Harvard Business Review E-Book Subscription Collection until May 30, 2020.

This ground-breaking collection contains the complete catalog of Harvard Business Review e-books.  With over 600 e-books that include 400+ monographs, newly published e-books, seminal works, and 150+ article compilations of the HBR Classics series, faculty will be available to quickly provide relevant digital materials for their students.

Gain immediate access for your students and faculty today by contacting your local EBSCO representative.

Library of Congress OA collection

3/26: We are excited to share that anyone anywhere can now access a growing online collection of contemporary open access eBooks from the Library of Congress website.”  Check out their collection at

Loeb Classical Library (Harvard University Press)


“access to the digital Loeb Classical Library will be free to schools and universities impacted by COVID-19 until June 30th.”

Librarians: email for access


Publishers Weekly 3/17

Abandoning embargo on new release e-books in libraries, effective this week; returning to the library e-book pricing model effect on October 31, 2019. Lowering some ebook prices.  

MIT Press

[Schol Comm List Serv e-mail]

Complimentary access to the MIT Press Direct collection of eBooks through the end of May 2020. To receive free access to more than 2,770 MIT Press eBooks via MIT Press Direct, librarians may complete this webform or reach out to Emily Farrell (, North America) or Jessica Lawrence-Hurt (, rest of world).


In addition, we are partnering with ProQuest and EBSCO to allow multi-user access through mid-June to our eBooks purchased on their platforms. We are also working with Project MUSE and University Press Scholarship Online to expand access to backlist eBooks available on their platforms.


We are gracing access for existing subscribers to content hosted on our journals, CogNet, and MIT Press Direct platforms through May 31, 2020.

Finally, we have gone through our journal backfile to select relevant articles from our collection that speak to issues related to pandemics, epidemiology, and other related topics. A list of freely available articles is being maintained and regularly updated
on our blog.

Ohio State University Press (the)

3/15: Contact: Tony Sanfilippo <>

We have opened all of this year’s scholarship at OSU Library’s IR Knowledge Bank, and at some point tomorrow all the titles from 2019 to 2015 will open up to join the 600ish other monographs we had rights to that were already open.


We also opened our linguistics textbook which is used at hundreds of universities worldwide. That can be found here:

We have a list available for all of The Ohio State University Press open titles in The Ohio State University's Knowledge Bank:

The open titles in the Knowledge Bank are available here:


Press release 3/18

Press release aimed at faculty: “As you make the mid-semester transition to online classes, many of your students will need to switch from printed to digital versions of Pearson materials. We are committed to helping with this transition, and offer several ways to ensure your students can access materials at no additional cost for the remainder of the term.”

Access via VitalSource or Redshelf for campuses covered by those, or contact link for others.

Penguin Random House

Infodocket 3/17

To further encourage book reading, especially among students, and to support school and public libraries that are closed with the escalating CV-19 outbreak, Penguin Random House will discount the prices of the e-book and audio book  titles sold through wholesalers to these institutions. This discounting begins immediately and will be in effect for a 90-day period.”

Project MUSE

Press Release 3/18

Project MUSE is pleased to support its participating publishers in making scholarly content temporarily available for free on our platform. With many higher education institutions moving into an exclusively online learning environment for the foreseeable future, we hope that easy access to vetted research in the humanities and social sciences, from a variety of distinguished university presses, societies, and related not-for-profit publishers, will help to support teaching, learning, and knowledge discovery for users worldwide.

Among the publishers currently opting to make content free on Project MUSE are Johns Hopkins University Press (all books and journals), Ohio State University Press (all books and journals), University of Nebraska Press (all books and journals), University of North Carolina Press (all books), Temple University Press (all books), and Vanderbilt University Press (selected books). We expect to announce additional participants and will continually update the list of publishers offering free access to content.

Read the full announcement about free access to MUSE content. Please contact MUSE Customer Support with any questions.

ProQuest [unlimited access to subscribed titles]

Press Release 3/13

Starting next week, ProQuest Ebook Central customers impacted by COVID-19 will get unlimited access to all owned titles from over 50 publishers through mid-June. This means that all licenses – including single-user and three-user models – will automatically convert to unlimited access during that period, helping librarians bridge the gap for their patrons in this rapidly changing environment. The unlimited access also applies to additional titles purchased through mid-June. No action is required by librarians to switch on unlimited access – this will be done automatically, and the transition will be seamless for users. You can learn more here:


Please feel free to contact your ProQuest representative, Jacqui Gilchrist (, or my colleague Joanna Keel ( with any questions.

Rittenhouse R2 Digital Library

3/17 announcement


The R2 Digital Library ebook database is now offering no charge, no obligation access:

University of Michigan Press


Contact: Lanell White

In response to the request of the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) for “creative solutions that allows critical access to publisher content for the research and public health communities,” University of Michigan Press will make all content in the University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection (UMP EBC) free-to-read for the remainder of the academic term.

Beginning on Friday, March 20, access restrictions will be removed for all 1,150+ titles in the UMP EBC until the end of April 2020 [ed: end of June as of 4/8]. The UMP EBC contains the Press’s scholarly output published since 2012 as well as new books and older titles as they are digitized.

The free access to the UMP EBC allows users to read books without restriction on the Press’s award-winning Fulcrum ebook platform, developed with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. DRM-free downloadable versions, perpetual access, and other benefits remain reserved for libraries that purchase the 2020 or any other annual collection. Special pricing through LYRASIS is currently available until end of May 2020.

VitalSource e-textbook platform

3/16 Press release


Annual Reviews (journals)

Contact: Andrea Lopez <>

Annual Reviews removes access control in response to COVID-19 pandemic

To assist the many students, faculty, and researchers who are working and studying remotely

during the COVID-19 pandemic, effective today, we have made our journals available to all,

without access control, through Thursday April 30, 2020. On that date, we will assess the need

to extend this policy.

JSTOR (journals and books)


First, we are expediting the release of a new set of 26 journal archives in Public Health, making them openly accessible through June 30, 2020.

We also have an expanded set of content that is available to institutions where students have been displaced due to COVID-19 through June 30, 2020. If your institution would like to take advantage of any of the following, please contact JSTOR Support.

Email to librarians 3/23:

We at would like to extend our hand in these trying times.  We understand many institutions are closing their doors to the public for health and preventative reasons.  We would love to help by offering your staff & patrons free access to our 300 million page newspaper collection from the comfort of their own homes.  This is a unique feature about our database - remote access to our site using a referring URL.

We would also like to offer free remote access to all other libraries who are not currently a part of our community. If you happen to know of any other libraries or institutions that could benefit from our services during these solemn times, we would be happy to extend free access to them during this global pandemic.

In order to obtain remote access, we will need either a referring URL, or an EZProxy IP address. If you are interested in setting this up, please let us know by responding to this email.  

Contact: Micaela Coleman <>


Paratext is offering free access to both their United States Documents Masterfile and Eight Centuries until the end of June.  Both are research databases of interest to academic and public libraries.  For further information contact the president of Paratext, Eric Calaluca (

Publishers Weekly


effective today, I am pleased to offer free access to Publishers Weekly’s assets.

We will make the digital magazine available to everyone regardless of whether you subscribe starting with the current issue (March 16, 2020).

Everyone can now access the digital edition of PW from or from the PW app on iOS and Android.

University of California Press Journals

University of Chicago Press Journals

Adding online access for campuses with print-only subscriptions.  3/25 email:

Electronic access to print-only journal subscriptions

We are enabling electronic access to print-only journal subscriptions to help institutions transition to remote coursework. If your library has a print-only subscription to one of our journals and you notice you do not have electronic access by April 1, please email to set up access.

Delivery of print editions

Due to supply chain disruptions, customers may see delays in delivery of print editions. We are making every effort to ensure that delivery will be made. If your institution is unable to receive mail, please email us as soon as possible at We will hold your issues until you can receive mail.


Digital Concert Hall - Berlin Philharmonic

Enjoy our Digital Concert Hall for #free for 30 days. Just copy & paste the code BERLINPHIL at 

The Philharmonie Berlin is closed until 19 April to help contain the coronavirus. But the orchestra will continue to play for you – in the Digital Concert Hall. The Berliner Philharmoniker invite you to visit their virtual concert hall free of charge.

Met OnDemand

3/13, 3/17: press release 

The Metropolitan Opera announced that it would stream encore presentations from the award-winning Live in HD series of cinema transmissions on the company website for the duration of the closure. The new offering will begin on Monday, March 16 with the 2010 HD performance of Bizet’s Carmen.

       All “Nightly Met Opera Streams” will begin at 7:30pm and will remain available via the homepage of for 20 hours. The homepage link will open the performance on the Met Opera on Demand streaming service. The performance will also  be viewable on all Met Opera on Demand apps.

Paris Opera

Contact: (in french)

Announcement in English

Performances from the recent archives will be available staggered throughout the coming weeks.

March 17 - 22: Manon (2020)

March 23 - 29: Don Giovanni (2019)

March 30 - April 5: Swan Lake (2019)

April 6 - 12: The Barber of Seville (2014)

April 13 - 19: Tribute to Jerome Robbins (2018)

April 20 - 26: The Tales of Hoffmann (2016)

April 27 - May 3: Carmen (2017)

March 17 - May 3: Cycle of Tchaikovsky's six symphonies played by the Orchestra of the Paris National Opera, conducted by Philippe Jordan

RIPM (Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals)

The RIPM Center is closed, and perhaps like us, you are working at home on your

computer. To assist you with your music research during this unsettling time of COVID-

19, RIPM will make all of its databases available to qualified non-subscribing universities,

colleges and conservatories until at least May 31.  Once registered, all RIPM resources will

be accessible for unlimited use by your institution’s authorized users, both within your

institution and via remote access.

In total, the following RIPM electronic resources provide access to 518 rare music

periodicals and to some 1.44 million full-text pages (see and for additional information).

To librarians at universities, colleges and conservatories: to gain access to RIPM’s

databases within your institution and via remote access,  please

email or complete the form on (for RIPM Jazz

Periodicals) or  (for all other resources). Individuals interested in these resources

should contact their librarian to request library access.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Best regards,

Benjamin Knysak <>

RILM Music Encyclopedias

RILM is offering temporary access for non-subscribing institutions to the following

 full-text resources until 31 May 2020:

RILM Music Encyclopedias - a virtual reference shelf of 57 encyclopedias

MGG Online - the digital music encyclopedia


 receive institutional access to RILM Music Encyclopedias and

MGG Online on Egret, the RILM platform, please email

This offer is for institutions. Individuals interested in these resources are encouraged to get in touch with their nearest library, which can register for this offer. All RILM resources are available for unlimited use by authorized users and can be accessed remotely.


Artfilms (videos)

Artfilms is offering a heavily discounted subscription to up to 2000 streaming videos for university libraries:  $US 500 for access from now until end of September.  We will work with libraries to match our titles with existing reading lists on request. Titles included will be influenced by your location, due to licensing rights.  More information here:  *Please note this arrangement is for new subscriptions only as we must protect the interest of our rights holders and artists also.


Additionally:  Libraries that have existing Artfilms DVD they need to stream, should contact us directly with an email request and where possible we will provide access at no charge for this period.


We will review arrangements in September.


Julie Stevens

Director, Business Development



Mobile: +61 414 749540

Skype:  julieastevens

Docuseek [Bullfrog & Icarus films]

Contact: Elena Wayne <>

From: Elena Wayne <>

Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2020 12:53 PM


Subject: RE: [videolib] advice on streaming films during university going online


To help out with the challenge of maintaining instruction in cases where face-to-face instruction is cancelled, Docuseek has worked out an arrangement with its distribution partners, Bullfrog Films and Icarus Films, to make any of their titles on Docuseek available for educational streaming, at no charge, as long as the school has a legally-acquired copy of the title (any format), through June 30.


If there are Docuseek titles from other distributors (e.g. Kartemquin, First Run, National Film Board) that you have a hard copy of and your faculty want to use in remote teaching during this period, let us know and we can see what we can do to make the film available.


If this is something that you are interested in pursuing, please contact

JoVE (science videos)

CONTACT: JoVE Video <>

From: JoVE Video <>

Date: Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 1:04 PM

Subject: Enable your STEM Faculty’s Preparation for Remote Teaching

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, many colleges and universities are making the difficult decision to move to remote teaching and learning models. Whether your institution is already moving forward with such an initiative or preparing for the possibility, we want to support you in enabling your faculty to teach remotely.   JoVE is happy to provide all of our Education video content free to use in STEM teaching efforts through June 15th.

JoVE Core - isolate key scientific concepts and visualize them to maximize learning comprehension. This video textbook, available in Biology and Social Psychology, can be used as primary teaching resource or a supplement to teaching materials.

JoVE Science Education - teach scientific fundamentals with this video library of simple easy-to-understand video demonstrations in 8 STEM fields.

Lab Manual - bring the lab home with comprehensive, curriculum-focused videos for introductory biology lab courses.

No strings. This is our opportunity to give back to our education community at a time where flexibility and adaptability are crucial. All you have to do is let us know you want to get your institution set up by completing the form below or just replying to this email and we’ll take it from there.


On the Boards.TV

3/11 press release offering free unlimited performance rentals through April  -- “ offers free streaming of online performances for art lovers.”

Free 48 hour access to all performances available through their site. Anyone may access unlimited On the rentals through the end of April 2020

Individual access: Here’s how individuals may access free rentals: • Choose a performance on • Pick the 48-hour rental option, then add to your cart (you can do this with as many films as you like) • Go to Checkout • Enter your name and email address • Use the promo code ARTATHOME20

The films featured on the website include international and US-based contemporary artists, some of whom are rarely seen live stateside, with works that might not be performed again. We work with our hand-picked film crew to capture live performances, edit collaboratively with the artists, and deliver the best possible video performance straight to you. All proceeds are shared with the artist, so each time you buy or rent a film, you put money directly in an artist’s pocket.



Contact: Betsy Minnich <>

PolicyMap is adding additional support to academic libraries, faculty members, and students affected by COVID-19.  For faculty pivoting to online instruction, PolicyMap is now providing free university-wide trial access for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester.  University Libraries can contact us for free university-wide trial access for all staff and students.

PolicyMap is an online data and mapping application in use by over 160 universities across the United States.  Our geographic data warehouse contains over 40,000 regularly updated indicators, notably health conditions and socio-econonic factors that are exclusive to PolicyMap and indispensable for research and curriculum as universities move to a digital learning environment.

TEACHING (tests, quizzes, etc)

Lumen (Open Education Resources)


Amid all this disruption and uncertainty, the Lumen Learning Team stands ready to assist with any rapid transition institutions and educators may be making to online learning, in order to reduce risk and slow the pace of transmission.

Lumen courseware is designed to help at-risk students succeed in digital environments, and we want to make our learning tools and team readily available wherever we may be helpful. We’re taking the following steps to help institutions resolve problems and get students through this term successfully.

  1. Live classes may shift to Lumen Waymaker or OHM courseware at no cost for the remainder of the term. For faculty members seeking a well-designed digital alternative or supplement to their current textbook, Lumen courseware may be a good fit. Course set-up is simple, and faculty can be ready to teach the same day they make the change. We also provide free services to support a successful transition. Learn More. 
  2. To support professional development, we’re introducing a series of short videos about effective digital teaching and learning using Lumen courseware. We’ll begin sharing them later this week on Lumen’s blog. Topics include:
  1. Lumen’s outstanding Support Team is available to assist with any needs. Reach out with support needs and general questions, including help for instructional designers, LMS administrators and others working with faculty to switch modalities using our courseware. Send a message to or schedule an Office Hours appointment for live virtual support.
  2. Lumen Community Slack can connect you with the Lumen Team, as well as faculty using Lumen courseware and other members of our community. Use this form to request an invitation to this collaboration tool.

Please reach out if the Lumen Team may be of help in any way possible during this period.

Oxford University Press / teaching activities


- free resources and access so that you and your students will experience as little disruption as possible. These include:

We encourage you to check back regularly as we continue to update with additional resources. Please note: you don’t need to have adopted an OUP text to use these resources. In fact, we encourage you to share this email with any colleagues who you think will find these helpful.

Joella Molway

Your Oxford University Press Representative

Educational & Distance Learning Platforms


Online learning resources and open access to Gale in Context content.




Contact: or

Description: Kapwing is an online video, GIF, and image editor designed to be simple, accessible, and collaborative. Teachers can edit video lessons, set up a multimedia workspace for projects in their classroom, and give their students creative assignments to do at home. For the next month, Kapwing is giving free Kapwing Pro licenses to any educator whose school is affected by the covid-19 crisis.

Kapwing is a collaborative online image and video editor with a cloud storage Workspace. It’s an excellent tool for teachers who are making video lessons to send to students for remote learning, for students working together on a group project, or a classroom looking for a digital space to share multimedia projects with each other.

We’re giving away Kapwing Pro to educators whose schools are affected by the CoVid-19 closures. Teachers can sign up here.

Lumen Open Education Resources / Courseware


Lumen courseware is designed to help at-risk students succeed in digital environments, and we want to make our learning tools and team readily available wherever we may be helpful. We’re taking the following steps to help institutions resolve problems and get students through this term successfully.

  1. Live classes may shift to Lumen Waymaker or OHM courseware at no cost for the remainder of the term. For faculty members seeking a well-designed digital alternative or supplement to their current textbook, Lumen courseware may be a good fit. Course set-up is simple, and faculty can be ready to teach the same day they make the change. We also provide free services to support a successful transition. Learn More. 
  2. To support professional development, we’re introducing a series of short videos about effective digital teaching and learning using Lumen courseware. We’ll begin sharing them later this week on Lumen’s blog.
  3. Lumen’s outstanding Support Team is available to assist with any needs. Reach out with support needs and general questions, including help for instructional designers, LMS administrators and others working with faculty to switch modalities using our courseware. Send a message to or schedule an Office Hours appointment for live virtual support.
  4. Lumen Community Slack can connect you with the Lumen Team, as well as faculty using Lumen courseware and other members of our community. Use this form to request an invitation to this collaboration tool.

Macmillan Learning


If your school is transitioning from in-person to online classes b/c #COVID19 we're here for you. Our #edtech tools - LaunchPad, Sapling, FlipIt, iClicker & Lab Sims - are free this semester until July 1 for impacted customers using our print books. Contact your rep for details.


we are making our core digital learning platforms, McGraw-Hill Connect and ALEKS, available for free to any student and instructor who needs it for the remainder of this Spring 2020 term


Odigia stands ready to assist the higher education community with the transition to online learning by offering complementary access to those campuses that are in immediate need.



free premium educator plans for 90 days.


An online lesson creation and student interaction tool, is offering assistance to academic institutions and organizations to help educators meet the demands created by school closings and the temporary shift to online course delivery during the COVID-19 threat.

SoftChalk is offering free access to SoftChalk Cloud from now through May 31, 2020 to anyone who may need it to quickly and easily create online lessons and course materials for delivery to students.

How To Quickly Get Started With SoftChalk

What Happens After May 31st?

For our existing customers already using SoftChalk Cloud, please feel free to reach out to us at for ways we can continue to support you at this time.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

WILEY “online learning solutions”

For the Education Community:

Beginning today, instructors without an adopted online learning solution, such as WileyPLUS, Knewton Alta or zyBooks, can receive free access for their students for the remainder of the Spring 2020 term. Instructors teaching at impacted institutions can request access to WileyPLUS or Knewton Alta here; instructors looking for zyBooks access can apply here. For current WileyPLUS and Knewton Alta instructors, Customer Success Specialists are equipped to provide additional support, including extension of due dates, adjusting assignments or increasing the capacity to work remotely. 

COVID-19 research / news:

MED/SCI Trackers, Indexes, and Archives:

Med/Sci Publishers, Vendors, and Private Platforms:

Individual journals:


Other Resource Lists / Indexes


See also: ICOLC statement (draft) and vendor tracking list

See more Resources on Copyright & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research

VideoLib’s List: Streaming Offers During COVID-19

Please email with updates or post new offers to VideoLib or to subscribe to VideoLib. For virtual instruction, VideoLib always recommends assigning streaming videos to students outside of virtual lectures.

Thanks to all the vendor/distributors who are making these special accommodations during this challenging time.  I appreciate how complex it is to make these accommodations for most distributors, from a financial, logistical and contractual perspective.  It is so comforting and inspiring to see this outpouring of support from the distributors.

Special thanks to Carolyn Faber, Media Preservation and Digitization Librarian at Flaxman Library, School of the Art Institute of Chicago for sharing their spreadsheet which helped tremendously.

Gisèle Tanasse
Film & Media Services Librarian
Media Resources Center
University of California, Berkeley

Streaming Live Performances

A few online folks are putting together lists of arts organizations that are making live streams of archived performances available. Some of these are currently available via library subscriptions, like the Metropolitan Opera and the Berlin Digital Concert Hall, but some are not available to libraries for subscription.

Classical Communications Database of LiveStreams

WKAR Listing of Specific Upcoming Live Performances

ICOLC vendor tracking list 


“The Open Access Tracking Project (@oatp, #oatp, has no specific tag for news about normally-paywalled works made #openaccess temporarily to meet the needs of the #COVID19 crisis. BUT We do use the more general "oa.humanitarian" tag for news about normally-paywalled resources made #openaccess temporarily to meet the needs of a humanitarian emergency. As of today, we've tagged 183 items. All OATP tag libraries are crowd-sourced and updated in real time. You can help make them more comprehensive by tagging OA-related news and comment as you encounter them. Here's how to get started or see what's involved.” -


Additional tracking lists/local versions

“I’ve compiled this list of Publisher/Vendor Support for Access to E-Resources in Response to COVID-19.   I initially intended it for sharing at my institution only, but I believe there is a strong need to share this widely.  It is organized into four sections:

1.       Extended or temporary gratis access to e-resources (Kanopy, JoVE)

2.       Publishers temporarily lifting access restrictions on content related to COVID-19 (bronze OA)

3.       Freely available resources