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Decomposition By Purpose

Breaking down scripts into self-contained smaller parts

Theme: Gaming

Purpose: Learn decomposition by purpose and practice decomposition by creating scripts within programs that are separated based on the discrete actions of the scripts. 

Lesson Goals: I can…

  • identify and label discrete actions that are defined by individual problems in a program.
  • create discrete actions that are decomposed into their own scripts within an existing program.
  • plan and create a program with scripts decomposed by their discrete actions.

Activity 1: Mini-Golf & Water Obstacle

Complete a worksheet to examine the decomposition of numerous events in the game and add a water obstacle:

Activity 2: Mini-Golf - sand, fire, and custom obstacles

Add functions for sand or fire and a customized obstacle:

Activity 3: Create Your Own Project

Create a project that is planned and implemented with scripts that are decomposed based on their discrete actions.

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