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NIRCA Projects
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National Intercollegiate Running Club Association

NIRCA is one of the only club sport associations that allows athletes to provide input that influences shapes the future of the organization. Maybe you've attended Winter Conference, or maybe you're a club member or recent alum and just looking for ways to get involved. Either way, we have some upcoming opportunities to give back in ways that are meaningful to you.

There are three big projects underway and we’re creating small teams to work them from start to finish. Come join us and help NIRCA take a huge leap forward!

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PROJECT 1: Diversity & Inclusion

How can NIRCA and our member clubs foster a welcoming environment for BIPOC and other minority groups? We can all learn to be better. In this group, you’ll share your own experience and then develop the statement, vision, and define what it looks like when NIRCA is practicing D&I in everything we do.

PROJECT 2: Fall Nationals Qualification Standards Subcommittee

This topic was discussed at WC 2020. Let's explore your ideas and evaluate how best to address the challenge of getting the right people in the National Championship races for fall cross country. In this group, you’ll collect and analyze data, develop 1-2 qualification schemes, test them, and report out your proposal for updating the current qualification standard.

PROJECT 3: Alumni Programming Subcommittee

After you graduate, you don't want to lose touch with club running! What can NIRCA do to keep you as a part of the community? How do you want to be involved, and how do you want to stay connected with NIRCA? Insight from current alumni would be appreciated. In this group, you’ll design the vision for NIRCA’s alumni program, alumni activities and benefits, and detail out the next steps to make it happen.

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