INF380E: Perspectives on Information (Spring 2018)

Class Projects: Videos & Papers

Tuesday May 1, 2018  •  3-5:45pm  •  UTA 1.208

Erin Allen and Chris Daily. Reassessing the Principles of Preservation in the Wake of Born-Digital Materials. [video] [paper]

Gabriel Bailey, Allison Joffrion, and Megan Pearson. A Comparison of Machine Learning Applications Across Professional Sectors.  [video] [paper]

Danielle Barraza, Alan Garcia, and Rachael Zipperer. Community Archives as Community Building Tools. [video] [paper]

Marcia Black and aems emswiler. Seeking Liberation in the Archives. [video] [paper] 

Samantha Brown, Samantha Lowrance, and Catherine Whited. Preservation Practices of Videogames in Archives.  [video] [paper]

Kim Carmona, Erin Finley, and Meng Li. The Relationship Between User Experience and Machine Learning. [video] [paper]

Andrew Coles, Christian Stephensen. Will Skynet Need a Librarian? A Literature Review of Machine Learning–based Data Organization Strategies. [video] [paper]

Nathan Davis and Robert Anascavage. Blockchain Technology.  [video] [paper]

Jennifer Follen, Miriam Goff, and Kaitlyn Salazar. The Effect of Censorship on Collection Development in School Libraries.  [video] [paper]

Hannah Hopkins and Gabriela Martinez. Extracurricular Information Seeking: Adolescents’ Informal Information Seeking Practices. [video] [paper]

Dylan Kreis, Daniel Magorrian, and Gavin Moore. Current and Future Virtual Reality Applications and the Application of User Experience Design Principles.  [video] [paper]

Abbie Norris and Toni Cirilli. Uncovering the Past by Exploring the Future: An Analysis of Bio-Archives. [video] [paper]

Erin Shook, Raychel Hardy, and Sara C. Jorgensen. Socio-Economic Aspects of Information Deployment: Causes and Consequences.  [video] [paper]

Hanning Su, Jiachao Fang, and Yuchong Xiao. Will Artificial Intelligence Surpass Human Intelligence?.  [video] [paper]