Interview Report



1.   How long have you been active on the Dark Web?

2.   How has the dark web impacted your life? (in a positive or negative way?)

3.   Do you feel save using the Dark Web? If so, what safety precautions do you take?

4.   How easy is it to get stuff from the Dark Web? (name some of the stuff that you can get)

5.   How many puertoricans do you think are active on the Dark Web?


1) Name: JD

November 26, 2018

a)   I was active for at least 2 to 3 months

b)   It didn’t impact me in any way but you do see some disturbing shit so maybe a little in a negative way.

c)   The precaution I took was the VPN and I was also trusting the “.onion” browser to help me out so yea I felt pretty safe.

d)   If you are going to buy something from the dark web then the currency they are using now is bitcoin because it was too dangerous to use your credit card so its pretty hard. It also depends what you are buying, if its drugs then you can get those really easy and if its guns then I don’t know how the delivery on that one works.

e)   I would roughly say like 150 Puerto Ricans because I know a lot of people in the university who are studying computer science and programing. They normally go to the dark web to practice all that shit so I don’t think is above 200 in my opinion

2) Name: Josh

November 26, 2018

a)   from three to four years, but i don't use it actively. i wouldn't recommend someone do that either.

b)   i think it's had a general impact in my life. knowing the true power and darkness of the internet helps you make sure you don't take what you say for granted. when they say nothing dies in the internet they are not wrong.

c)   I don't feel safe using the dark web, especially nowadays. there's a lot going on politically and socially. all of that finds its way into the Internet. however, i think that if a person feels safe using the deep web then they're definitely gonna learn a lesson somewhere along the way.

d)   getting stuff from the Dark Web is surprisingly easy if you have the correct set up to receive stuff without it being traced. Personally, I've never bought anything on the deep web, but i have close friends who have. One can get all sorts of stuff, from modified weapons to rare collector's items.

e)   I think there are many puertoricans who use the dark web. we haven't had a public case of something happening because of it yet, but we easily could. all of the factors are there for it.


3) Name: Anonymous 1

November 25, 2018

a)   I was active for a few months a long time ago. Probably like 1 year ago.

b)   Well it impacted in a positive way because of two things. I was really curious and I wanted to Check it out by myself because I was tired of looking at YouTube videos about it. Two I found some interesting stuff like weird government info and conspiracy theories.

c)   I did feel safe even if I didn't take any safety precautions because I wasn't looking for illegal stuff.

d)   I don't know, to be completely honest with you. I think it depends but I'm not the guy who can answer that question.

e)   I don't think many Puerto Ricans use it. The only people I know who use it are my friends.


5) Name: Anonymous 2

November 27, 2018

a)   It was just once.

b)   The dark web didn't affect me in any way. I already knew the things that could appear inside. I just never expected it to be as vivid as it was in my head.

c)   No, specially because I downloaded a Free VPN from the internet and I didn't know how effective it could've been.

d)   I really don't  know because I wasn't  interested on finding out.

e)   To be honest, I don't  know but there could be a lot.


6) Name: Anonymous 3

November 27, 2018

a)   Not so active. But once in a while I use the Darkweb

b)   For real the Darkweb can be used in a positive way. But it's horrible! You gotta protect your ip address and your your personal information. You can get a random ransomware attack on your computer can end up blocking all of your info and endup being corrupted  the only to fix that to enter to the Dark web use the link and pay the hacker with bitcoin. So I stay away from the Darkweb.

c)   Not that very safe. But basic thing to protect yourself is using a really vpn and backing up your files

d)   It's really hard to buy stuff from the dark net and dangerous too. I wouldn't recommend it

e)   Te be honest I don't think a lot of Puerto Ricans use the dark net.


Reflections on your work and that of your group:

Reflecting back to what we’ve done, we see how perfect the teamwork was in this project. With the help of Zaddiel who found the people whom we interviewed through Whatsapp and the help of Jose who did the structure for how the Power Points would be made and our combined knowledge of the Dark Web, we succeeded in doing this project and learning more about the internet and its security.



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