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ACTION ALERT: E-mail Governor Baker NOW to urge him to sign H.4818, An act to reduce racial inequities in maternal health.

What the bill will do: H.4818 sponsored by Representative Liz Miranda, Representative Kay Khan, and Senator Becca Rausch will establish a one-year special commission to investigate and make recommendations for legislation to reduce racial inequities in maternal health in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Members of the commission have expertise or lived experience with a majority from communities most impacted.

Deadline: Governor Baker has until January 16 to sign H.4818 into law.

Cut and paste the message below or customize and share your personal reasons why you want Governor Baker to sign H.4818 now.

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Dear Governor Baker,

Please sign H.4818 for maternal health equity. As a constituent in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I want to share my strong support for H.4818, An act to reduce racial inequities in maternal health, which has been passed by the legislature and awaits your signature.

H.4818 addresses an urgent public health crisis! We cannot allow maternal mortality and severe morbidity to continue to rise unchecked. This crisis disproportionately harms Black mothers in the Commonwealth, who are twice as likely to suffer death or injury than their white counterparts. With no silver bullet solution, we need this Commission which will bring together stakeholders with the lived experience needed to sufficiently address racism and inequity in maternal health.

I applaud the legislature for advancing this important bill for racial equity and maternal health and urge you to sign H.4818 now.

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