Ordering Articles

I have set up the following process to get your articles completed efficiently, so you can focus on your business. So let's get the nitty gritty out of the way.

For Messaging:

Step 1: Delivering via File Exchange

You > Me

You may provide the basic text & relevant information however you like: email, chat, form, etc... If you require, please include upto 2 SEO keyword phrases per article.

Simple Form - no Google login or upload  --  Upload Form - Google login required

Step 2: Sharing Completed Article

Me > You

I use Google Drive for sharing files. Google is better for editing, too. Please let me know your email address so I can provide access to the final deliverables.  Otherwise I can provide the final article via a public but secret link. Let me know which you prefer.

Step 3: Revisions

I provide 2 rounds of editing. In either round editing shall not exceed 20% of the first draft.

**Final Files Details**

Step 4: Payments, Deposits, & First Timers

Rates Table

First timer

Regular customer

10p per word

Min./Max. 500 words.

Min 500 words.



Deposit = 500 words

All payments in GBP(£). Please allow for currency conversions. For a trial article, I will accept payment due on acceptance of the final article.

Step 5: Payment & Rights Transfer Details

Start the order here:  Simple Form      Upload Form

I hope this covers the essential points. I'm always happy to answer other questions.

Best Wishes

Kenneth Dickson (kennethdickson@gmail.com)