Information needed for a new online event -

Start with the event flyer

Online specific stuff

As the event chair, you can have access to the event registration website so you can pull reports and see if people registered.  I just need your e-mail address to create an account.  If you’d rather not do that I’ll (Greg DePasse) give you a hand.

I’ll create the online event and then give you the URL that can be added to the flyer as well as included in the email from Mr. Dutton.

Special note for pricing - consider the paypal credit card fees - 

You need to figure out a fixed “convenience fee” amount that will get added to each order.  For instance, if you think most people will buy tickets for 2 adults and 2 kids and the total ticket price comes to $22, then the “fee” would be 97 cents.  So in this example either round it up to $1, or down to something like 90 cents. (this really is a gut feel on how close to the average transaction total you think you are).

Steps to create the online event:

Create event at

Enter title, description, POC, etc

Configure date and time of event

Configure date and time of ticket availability

Configure fee, click settings gear, choose required, configure both min and max qty to 1

Select “Student Info” under Questions for Primary Registrant (on right hand side)

Select “Author”/chair

This document available at or on the NS PTA Team Drive under Events.