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A&C Spring Art Contest
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Arts & Culture Spring Art Contest

Art by: tiki

I - Description

Spring is such a splendid season. It is a time where flowers blossom, plants reproduce, and we (as individuals) get to witness the beauty of mother nature herself. Many cultural and memorable events take place at this time of year, as we enjoy a life of rebirth, renewal, and awakening. Due to COVID-19 forcing everyone to stay in place and be safe, we are unable to truly enjoy this momentous occasion. However, we at Arts & Culture want everyone to have fun at an unfortunate time as this, and make our users' day. With that said, we are officially hosting our first seasonal Art Contest, focused on the season of Spring! Explain through your art what Spring means to you, and how would you treat it if these current events didn't exist!

II - Rules

III - Restrictions

IV - Rewards

In case of doubts or if you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to ask in this thread or to contact one of the contest managers (#quadrophenic, #Robyn, #Sundar, or #tiki) or any member of A&C's staff. Good luck to everyone!