Low Ink - A Splatoon Tournament

NSFW content is not allowed on the low ink server or in this tournament
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Low Ink - A splatoon tournament for newer and lower level teams.

Low ink is a splatoon tournament that is aimed at newer and lower level teams. The goal of the tournament is to give these teams a chance to get into the splatoon 2 tournament scene, and get more competitive experience under their belt. High level teams may be barred from the tournament at the Host’s discretion to preserve the tournament’s ballance, and ideology.

Next Tournament Plan:
Start Time:
February 23rd 2019, 8 PM GMT (3 PM EST, 12 PM PST)
To sign up, please have the Team Captain fill out this
form once signups are open. Contact a Host in the #role-request channel once you have filled it out so we can give you the Captain role. The Host’s have the right to bar teams that may make the competition unbalanced.

If you don’t have a team to play with, you can ask for the “looking for Low Ink team” role in the #role-request channel. The Host’s will not pair players who are looking for a team up, it’s up to these players for form a team themselves.

Signups close 1 hour before the tournament starts.

All teams will be required to check in. Check in starts one hour before the tournament starts, and will last until 5 minutes before the tournament starts. Teams that don't check in will be disqualified. Team captains will be pinged about 15 minutes before check in ends. Check In involves team captains setting their team’s rosters for the tournament including subs in the #roster-check-in channel.

Teams will need to have a Captain.
The Captain is responsible for reporting scores for any matches that are not monitored by a Host. If there is a disagreement on scores, the disagreeing team must provide screenshot(s) via the Official App or via screenshotting the results screen. They also need to be friends (on nintendo switch) with the rest of their team and be willing to add the captains that they play during the tournament and the host(s).

Current Prize: A mention in the room introduction of the Splatoon room on Pokemon Showdown. 

Eligibility Rules

Low Ink is meant to be a tournament catering to newer and lower level teams. As such there are some rules in place to keep the playing field balanced. Players/teams who are in LUTI div 3 (or at that skill level) or higher are not allowed to play. If your unsure if you or your team qualifies, ask a Host in the helpdesk.

How the tournament will be played:
Single Elimination - Best of 5 ranked modes, Best of 7 ranked modes in the finals. Each mode (Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker, Clam Blitz) will appear once in the first 4 matches of a set, with the 5th (and 6th, and 7th if used) mode being randomly selected. The map will also be randomly selected out of all maps.
The selected maps, modes, and order will be announced 2 weeks prior to the tournament starting or the day after the tournament’s date is announced, whichever is shorter.

Match Schedule:
Check the #maps channel on the
discord server. 

Playing matches
One of the members of the two teams that are playing will host the match.
A Tournament Host can be request to host a match if there is no suitable host between the two teams.

Both captains must report the results to the #report-scores channel. Please be honest, if you lost say so. If there is a dispute over the results of a match, one or both teams will need to provide picture evidence to the #report-scores channel. This evidence can be a screenshot of the match results, or a screenshot of the match from the SplatNet app. If neither team will present evidence, it is up to the host's to decide what to do. This can include awarding the match to one of the teams, or ordering the match to be replayed under the watch of a host.
If a game is started on the wrong map or mode, it WILL NOT COUNT. Bravo team should stay in their spawn, and alpha team should proceed to knockout. (or vice versa, as long as one team KOs to end the match quickly).
If the match host refuses to play the match on the correct map and mode, it can result in a DQ for their team, it will AT LEAST result in another player or a Host hosting the match instead of the player who was hosting (if the wrong map/mode is selected twice).

Cheating will be harshly punished, cheating can include: threats, blackmail, modifying your game in an illegal way ("hacking"), sabotage, intentionally DCing, and anything else a host decides counts as cheating. Cheating will lead to a DQ, and possibly other punishments such as a ban from participating in future tournaments.

Poor sportsmanship

Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. This includes intentionally delaying sets, being rude to opponents or hosts, generally being a jerk, or anything else the hosts determine as such. Poor sportsmanship may be punished at the host’s discretion. This can include giving match wins, set wins, disqualifying teams, or a ban from the tournament itself.

Inactivity Calls:
During the course of a tournament, a team may take far too long to prepare/assemble dragging the tournament out longer than it needs to be. To prevent this, we have activity rules. At the start of a round (Round 1, Round 2, Round n, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals, ect) a Host will announce that the round has started in the #report-scores channel. Teams should then start attempting to play, either with a host hosting, or one of the team's members hosting. If teams are not ready and playing within 10 minutes, the team that is delaying the set will be penalized a match, every additional 5 minutes will penalize another match until play is started, or the team loses to inactivity. When a match is lost to inactivity, please move to the next map/mode combo in the set. (example: Game 1 (Splat Zones on Moray Towers) was given as an activity win, Game 2 (Rainmaker on Camp Triggerfish) should be played assuming the late team is ready before the next activity call). Activity calls that start mid set will run the same way, this first call is after a 10 minute wait and the rest are 5 minutes. Please contact a Host to claim an activity win on a match. We reserve the right to not give an activity win based on the circumstances of the specific set.

Each set should take 30 minutes for a best of 5, and 40 minutes for a best of 7. If a set is not completed within this timeframe, set may be forcibly ended as is. If a team attempts to delay a set to obtain a win in this way it will be treated as poor sportsmanship and can lead to penalties such as losing the set.

Handing DCs:
It happens sometimes, someone randomly DCs from a match.
Each team is allowed 2 DCs per set.
The match will be finished if there is less than 1 minute left OR one team is 30 units or closer to a KO (not including penalties)
If a DC occurs and the match should not be finished (see above), the team with the DC will stay in spawn till other team KOs. The match will be replayed
with the same weapons and gear for each player as the match that had the DC. If the team with a DC continues to play when the match should be recreated, the match will count. Hosts have the authority to override this.

     Additional notes:

     Seeding is randomly generated once check in ends.