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2021/2022 Covid Protocols
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SOCHH Safety Protocols, COVID-19 Policy

Subject to change. Updated 8-10-21

*The following are amended protocols set forth by the Orange County Department of Health and required on campus by the non classroom based charters that provide funding for the majority of the students in our program. The most recent changes for the new year are noted below in red.


SOCHH Students


  • ALL adults on campus (both staff and volunteers)  are required to wear PPE (masks/shields) when indoors on campus, regardless of vaccination status.
  • When teachers and staff are teaching at the front of their classrooms, masks may be removed for instruction, but they will wear masks when working up close with students and when moving about the classroom.
  • There are no masks required for staff or volunteers when outdoors.
  • If staff presents with COVID-like symptoms, they are to quarantine at home for a minimum of 2 weeks or until a negative test is confirmed. If they test positive for COVID, they are to quarantine at home until negative tests are confirmed.
  • If staff has direct line of contact (household or family member, etc) with someone suspected to have COVID, they are to be quarantined for 2 weeks or until a negative test has been confirmed.
  • All teachers and staff members are asked to mitigate risk outside of school as well.

  • Students are required to bring and wear face masks or shields during check in and while moving throughout the building. When seated in their classrooms in their cohorts, masks/shields may be removed.
  • Students may be required to wear masks for small group activities indoors when they are face to face.
  • We no longer are required to do temp checks upon arrival. Students will be asked quick screening questions at drop off.
  • Students will be required to wash hands when entering and exiting the campus, before and after snack break and periodically when appropriate.
  • If a student or any immediate household member presents with COVID-like symptoms or tests positive for COVID they are to stay home for a minimum of 2 weeks or until negative tests are confirmed.
  • If there is a confirmed case of covid within a classroom, that student and their cohort group will quarantine at home for two weeks and
  • Students will be set up to join our distance learning teacher in the event they need to do school at home for an extended period of time.
  • All families and students are asked to mitigate risk outside of school as well.
  • There are NO distancing requirements on campus.
  • Clear partitions will be utilized where it is necessary in the classroom.
  • Fabric backpacks are NO LONGER PROHIBITED on campus.
  • Snack, lunch, recesses, and PE will be staggered by grade to keep kids within cohorts.
  • All surfaces and shared items will be sanitized frequently.
  • Additional cleaning/ sanitizing will be performed by staff periodically throughout the day.
  • No parents or siblings will be permitted on campus beyond the gate. Restrooms and play yard will be available to students only.
  • Any parent volunteers working on campus must be scheduled in advance and must comply with  all masking requirements outlined for staff.