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Volunteer Job Description

Job Title/Role:                Behaviour Counselor

Overview:         Toronto Cat Rescue is committed to helping end the euthanasia of cats in our local shelters. Cats displaying negative behaviours (often fear or stress related) in shelters face a severely limited chance of adoption. TCR transfers these cats into our foster program, where our foster parents help rehabilitate them in a less stressful environment until they are adopted. When an adopted cat displays unwanted behaviours in their new adoptive home, TCR’s behaviour counselors are available to them to seek advice on the issue in order to avoid a return to TCR or a surrender at a shelter.

Goals: Reduce the number of cats returned to TCR or surrendered and at risk of euthanasia in shelters through education, counseling and access to resources.

General Role Information:

Reports to:

Kyra Augustyn

Post Adoption Lead

Board Leader:

Kyra Augustyn

Board Chair


Kyra Augustyn or delegate


Post Adoption

Hours per Week:

Minimum 6 hours per week



Work Location:

Volunteer’s home

Required Experience or Education:

Data Entry


Google Docs

System Access Required:

Google Docs


Smartsheets (web-based)

Other Job Requirements:

Phone and internet connection required

Core Responsibilities:



Customer service experience


Compassionate, patient, pleasant and positive nature


Highly organized


Excellent phone skills, enjoys talking to people


Able to multi-task and juggle many things at a time


Able to retain information and take detailed notes


Team player


Proficiency with Gmail and Google Docs


Proficiency with spreadsheets


Able to achieve results and meet deadlines with little to no supervision


Able to troubleshoot problems quickly and professionally


This role requires structured training over 5 weeks through some of the following: assigned readings, videos, google hangout sessions and in-person meetings.  Most of the training is self paced during the week, with a weekly online meeting or assignment due on Sunday evenings.  You may be required to purchase a book at a cost of approximately $20.

No experience is required, but candidates should have a strong background in customer service or counseling, a willingness to learn and a general understanding of basic cat behaviour.

Training new members of the adoptions team takes time.  As such, we ask that applicants be available to commit to at least 6 months of their time.

Please apply today and join our amazing team: online application here!  Thank you!