Webcast Management

Work with us to create and manage your webcasts for marketing and informational purposes, customized for your

target audience, technical requirements, and desired outcomes.




Webcast Management Fee

Includes client consultations, creation of web pages and hosting facilities for public broadcast, live webcast management, and webcast video recording.


Registration Management Fee

Registrations compilation and customer service. Price per registrant.


Live Attendee Fee

Live interaction, questions, and comment management. Price per attendee.


Webcast Offer Referral Fee (if applicable)

Attendee referral to client website. Price per referral.


Service Options

Service options may be added to any one of our solutions to create customized programs.




Direct Participation

Full interactive access to webcast and workshop presenters via Google Hangout video conference. Google Account required. Price per participant.


Google Hangout Training

Group Session. Guidance and consulting on audiovisual preparation, Google Account creation, joining a Google Hangout, and managing a presentation. Price per session participant.


Private Training. One-on-one consulting for advanced online collaboration and presentation training. Price per consulting hour.


Moderator Service

Real time professional webinar management and agenda management designed to stimulate participation and useful discussion. Price per consulting hour.


Replay Hosting and Management

Replay Hosting. Keep your webinar replay live and accessible to staff, customers, and prospects. Exact replica of your webinar is hosted on a dedicated webpage. Price per month.


Viewer Registration Management. Price per registration.


Offer Referral Fee (if applicable). Price per referral.