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GoPad Classroom Guide

Updated September 2018

Internet Connection

Internet connection is required to login and logout of the GoPad App.  If connection is lost, status changes (check in, check out or mark absence) will be saved and synced with the server as soon as the internet connection is re-established.  

Example: If your class goes outside or on a field trip, you will have access to the child’s data and be able to dismiss them normally to a caregiver from any location.  Make sure to login where you DO have internet to refresh the App.  Keep the App running when you leave even if the Ipad goes into sleep mode.

Any edits or additions of photos will not be saved unless there is an internet connection.


Check In

The first teacher to arrive in a classroom in the morning, will log on to the GoPad.

Your GoPad will be associated with your classroom only.

Once you are logged on, you can begin to check in students.

All Students should begin the day with “no status” indicated by “--” to the right of their name.

To check a child into school for the day swipe LEFT to RIGHT.

The child’s row will become green and “Checked In” will appear to the right of their name

A digital time stamp will be made upon check in.

If an error is made and the wrong child in checked in, there is an UNDO button.  To undo a mistaken check-in, you swipe LEFT TO RIGHT.


To mark a child absent, you swipe RIGHT TO LEFT.

The row will turn grey and a window will pop up where you can add the absence information (communicable disease tracking in required by Article 47 of the DOH in New York).

The word “Absent” will appear to the right of the child’s name.

All students who have not checked in one hour from the start of the school day will be reported to the Administration automatically.

Check Out

To check out swipe from RIGHT to LEFT.

The child’s row will turn red and the checkout window will pop up.

This window displays all authorized parents and caregivers (with picture).

If one of the caregivers is picking up, click on that caregiver and another window will open.

The caregiver window will have a rectangle at the bottom where the caregiver will sign their name and you can check the child out to their custody.

A Check Out will always trigger signature from an authorized caregiver.

If someone is checking out the child who is NOT on the caregiver list (ie. a parent has emailed you that the child is going home with another parent or aunt/ uncle etc.), you tap “Add new caregiver” and you can enter a one time check out for that person.  There is a field for you to add the information that allows this action ie. “note from mom that child is going with Parent X on playdate.”

When the child is checked out a digital timestamp is made in the computer log.  This is helpful for creating a record of ongoing tardiness at drop off or pick up.

General Information

To take a photograph of either a student or parent/ caregiver, press the CAMERA ICON and the iPad will go into camera mode.  Take and save the photo.

Records for students, parents, and caregivers can be updated at any time if there is new allergy information or a new telephone number -- even a new nanny.

Simply update the field and tap the “UPDATE” button at the bottom of the screen.  Updates will not be saved unless this button is pressed.

Editing Student Profile or Caregiver information

Select the student and move to the top right of the profile and choose edit.  You can then change child information or select a parent or caregiver to update.  When finished, touch the “Save” button at the bottom of the window.  Save all changes at the bottom of the child bio window when you are finished.

Electing for arrival and dismissal alerts

Parents can will receive arrival and dismissal alerts only when the feature is enabled.  This can be done within the Parent’s profile within the child’s bio window.


GoPad is designed to allow the Administration to see a “real time” count of all students, faculty, staff and school visitors.  GoPad is equipped to handle building emergencies

There is a LOCKDOWN and EVACUATION alarm that is triggered by the Administration.

If you hear the alarm sound, assume that a LOCKDOWN or EVACUATION is necessary.

The LOCKDOWN alarm will trigger a checklist and the EVACUATION alarm, maps to your off site shelters.

The GoPad is also a useful TOOL any time you are off campus.

It can be utilized both in an emergency evacuation and for a simple FIELD TRIP.  Student information will “Go” with you on the Ipad.  This includes all student emergency contact information as well as medical and allergy information and pediatrician address and phone number.

To go on Field Trip, simply activate the “field trip icon.”  A window will pop up where you can enter the location, expected return time and even parent chaperone information and telephone numbers.  This information is all available to the Administration.

When you return from field trip, press the “field trip icon” to end the field trip.

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