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Britain exports many weapons to the United States. Among these are tear gas and rubber bullets. However, British law declares this sale illegal in instances where these arms are then used for ‘internal repression, which is obviously the case here. The government must stop (ideally permanently, of course) the export of these items.

If you want more information specifically on the British export of rubber bullets and tear gas etc.

The Independent wrote an article on it here:

Amnesty statement calling for the government to act:

Here’s the UK Gov export report from 2015. The U.S. is on pgs 331-339. And ‘crowd control ammunition’ and tear gas/irritant ammunition’ amongst other things are on page 338.

Here’s the same again in 2018. The U.S. is on pgs 660-676. Exports relevant to this are on page 667.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, sign the petition here: its free and takes less than a minute

This is a petition to ban the use of them all together: again, super easy to do.

EMAIL YOUR MP. There are many great templates floating around, including this one by Monica Heisey (@monicaheisey on twitter):

Make sure to edit the text somewhat so that it doesn’t get automatically sent to spam/junk folders. Many MPs have their email in their twitter bio or on their website, and that’s the quickest way to get your message to them. If you don’t know who your MP is or how to contact them, visit you just have to enter your postcode and you can contact your MP through them. If you use this service though, make sure to confirm your email otherwise your message will not be sent.

The template provided also asks MPs to directly address the (finally) released report on the disparities between covid-19 cases and BAME deaths. Merely collecting the information is not enough. The government must act on it. The report is available here: 


  • They were designed to be shot at the ground (skip-fire) and then rebound at peoples legs to disperse crowds. NOT to be shot directly at citizens.
  • They were created by the British MOD in the 1970s to use against the Irish
  • In this time, they were unsurprisingly greatly misused, a 1975 study of 90 patients shot had 17 people with permanent injuries/disabilities and 1 death. 41 of the cases had to be admitted to hospital
  • US Police are shooting them point blank. Their actions are permanently disabling people. There are more cases here than I could count, but an example: journalist Linda Tirado was left permanently blinded in one eye:
  • Police don’t even call them ‘rubber bullets’. They’re known as ‘40mms’
  • It’s media propaganda to make them seem less harmful. They injure people even when used correctly and they are NOT being used correctly.
  • They are METAL just like normal bullets, with a rubber or rubber-like casing.
  • They’re freaking huge. This is what they actually look like:

Extra sources:

OF COURSE, DONATE IF YOU CAN: I’m sure you’ve seen this a million times over the last few days but is a really great resource.

Specific ways to help in Britain, this is a really helpful resource:*PNXbIna2TM2TdoS5_P9pnQ

Furthermore: @blkprotestlegal on Twitter ( ) are a collective of lawyers who are offering to help British protesters that are arrested pro bono. There is a gofundme on their page.

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