Stephen Knolls School

PSA Meeting

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


By the end of the meeting, participants will have -

  • a strong understanding of updates; recent MCPS events; and important dates; and
  • the opportunity to ask questions.







Updates from MCPS Regarding the Coronavirus

ESY/Summer Construction

Important Dates

  • Spring Fling/Spring Festival/Earth Day - 4/20-4/24
  • PMA Community Day - 5/18
  • Prom - 5/20
  • Graduation - 6/4
  • PEP Moving Up Ceremony - 6/5
  • Challenge Day - 5/12
  • PEP Fun Day - 5/6


Program Changes - PEP and Staff Changes

New Security Vestibule Summer 2020

Green School 2020

Home-to-School Communication Log Check-in

  • What’s working?
  • What can we do better?

After School Programs

  • Thoughts, Ideas, and Grants

Welcome - Principal,  Kim Redgrave! Introductions - Janerish Browne-Reynolds, PEP Parent Educator, Jean Kiernan, Staff Development Teacher, and Rob Tarloff Team Leader have joined us tonight.

Coronavirus - Some families are curious about what SK is doing. Please go to the MCPS App. This app will automatically alert you if there is an update such as a school closure.

Directions for Accessing the MCPS App -

If you are interested in information on the Coronavirus by searching Coronavirus on the MCPS website. MCPS is not making these discussions; it is the Health and Human Services from the state of Maryland. Not even one student within MCPS has been infected. Any reported cases were senior citizens who traveled outside the country. But, as of this moment schools are open.

At SK we wipe everything down, use vinegar, Clorox wipes, washing hands, etc. Our students are medically fragile and we take this very seriously. Long before the coronavirus we took cleanliness, etc. very seriously. We are doing what we always do and taking it up a notch. No reports of students or family members being sick or traveling. The SK community is doing well.

Green School - We are a Green School and we are teaching students not to be wasteful, we are teaching the students how to live in a way that truly helps the environment. We do not waste any resources. We shred paper and even make paper. That being said, we are the only special school in MCPS that is getting the Green School Award by the state. Kim shared specifics about this award and the work that the students and staff participate in. To learn more, click on the link to the Green School Application below.

Link to Green School Application

We have sent home visual cards for each student to assist them with communication and expectations. They are helpful for students who are verbal and non-verbal.

New front doors will be installed in June.

The PEP Inc. Program (two classes - Miller and Goldman) will be moving to Glen Haven ES which is about a mile and a half from Stephen Knolls. It will not affect the students who are entering kindergarten in the fall. How many of you have been contacted already? One parent stated that they have not received a call from the PEP Office.

We have P.E. Fun Day for PEP students and Challenge Day  for school-age students. The adapted P.E. teacher creates activities and adapts them so that the students have the opportunity to participate. It will take place on May 12th for school-age and May 6th for PEP.

If as the weeks go by and you have any questions or concerns about the Coronavirus please feel free to email me or call me, but the best resource is to use the MCPS App or MCPS website. It is an excellent resource. We will email information to you, you can also access much of this information on our website. If you know of any resources that you have used that we can add to our website please let us know.

MCPS Website -

Stephen Knolls School Website -

On the school webpage is my cell phone. Please call me anytime. If you have a question or a concern I will answer you very quickly.


Open Discussion

Are there any questions? Questions about activities? Questions about protocol?

Parent Question - What do you do for the students who are mouthing?

Answer - The one-on-ones are assisting with the cleaning. Be sure students are washing their hands at the sink, not just hand sanitizer.