Non-Black Latin@/x Resources on Anti-Blackness

After the many killings of Black folks over the past few months, it was disheartening to see the anti-Blackness prevalent within the non-Black Latin@/x community. I created this guide after seeing the lack of solidarity within my non-Black Latin@/x circles. This guide is to be a resource and a conversation starter for my fellow non-Black Latin@/x community to educate and bring to light the anti-Blackness that is prevalent within our community as well as the historic systemic oppression of the Black community. My hope is for the non-Black Latin@/x community to educate ourselves and stand in solidarity with our fellow Black communities. While it's important to educate ourselves in the history of anti-Blackness, I also hope that we are moved to take action against the systems of oppression in the USA.

I created this guide to be a resource for the community, as such if you have any resources/links/articles to share don't hesitate to suggest them via comments! Feel Free to share this among your groups! 

List compiled by Andrew Garcia Chavez (ig: agarcha10, let me know if you want to add something but don't want to suggest it via comment!)

Recursos en Español sobre el anti-racismo

Recursos sobre el racismo y anti-negro/anti-negritud en Latinoamericano en español

The Afro-Latino Story of Latino Anti-Blackness (Version Español)

On Deconstructing & Unlearning Anti-Blackness in the Latinx Community

Anti-Blackness in Latinx countries is the result of deliberate cultural policy

Column: Anti-blackness in the Latinx community

How Latin America’s Obsession With Whiteness Is Hurting Us

Gentefied’s Julissa Calderon: "It’s Time for Latinxs to Step up for Black Lives Matter"

Amara La Negra - Colorism & Racism In The Latin Hispanic Community

Breaking Down the Anti-blackness of Latinidad

Brown Privilege: Fighting Against Anti-Blackness in the Latinx Community

What Afro-Latinos Want You to Know

Am I a "White Person?"- Joanna Rants feat. Akilah Hughes

Can LATINOS BENEFIT From WHITE PRIVILEGE? | The Kat Call | Season 2 Ep 2 | mitú

Why Are Novelas So White

Why Understanding Colorism Within the Latino Community Is So important

What does Addressing Anti-Blackness in the Latinx Community Look Like in the Age of Trump?

Not in our name: A Puerto Rican White Supremacist in Charlottesville

Afro Latinas on Colorism and Black History

Anti-Blackness in the Latinx Community PaperPlanesCollective LA conversation

I Exist! By Breena Nuñez

Webinar: 6/20: 11:30PST Raising Anti-racist Humans: Dismantling Colorism & Racism in Latinx /Chicanx &Biracial Families:

9 Critical Points on Anti-Blackness, Immigration and Why Non-Black Latinxs Must Shut It Down Too (Version en español despues del articulo en Ingles)

El racismo, un obstáculo para el desarrollo en América Latina


Estrategias y actividades para reducir los prejuicios racistas y el racismo

Violencia policial, racismo y división política: el cóctel explosivo detrás del caso Floyd

Eso no se pregunta: Negros

Afrodescendientes en la CDMX

Afrodescendientes en El Salvador 

Black in Latin America Video Series


Academic Articles

Books to Read

Social Media/Redes Sociales

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Steps that Latinx people can take:

  1. 5 Steps Latinos Can Take to Combat Anti-Blackness
  2. This Is What We Must Do to Destroy Anti-Blackness in Latino Communities
  3. How Anti-Blackness Thrives in Latinx Communities (And What We Can Do About It)
  4. An open letter from Latinxs to our families on Black Lives (Both in English y en Español)
  5. How Latinx People Can Fight Anti-Black Racism in Our Own Culture

Other Resources 

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