Academic dishonesty is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating and plagiarism. Cheating is defined as using or attempting to use materials, information, or study aids that are not permitted by the instructor in exams or other academic work. Specific examples of both cheating and plagiarism may be found in the ISU Student Handbook. Dishonest acts undermine the College of Pharmacy’s educational mission and the students' personal and intellectual growth. Pharmacy students are expected to bear individual responsibility for their work, to learn the rules and definitions that underlie the practice of academic integrity, and to uphold its ideals. Ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse for disobeying them.

Any student who attempts to compromise the academic process will be sanctioned.  Students who are aware of cheating should report this activity immediately to the instructor or exam proctor. Academic sanctions are at the discretion of the instructor(s) and may range from an F on the assignment to an F with notation in the course.

Reports of suspected academic dishonesty or unprofessional behavior should be sent to the Office of the Associate Dean or to any member of the College of Pharmacy’s Student Conduct Board.

Academic Dishonesty includes (but is not limited to):

The step-by-step process for an appeal of academic dishonesty can be found here:


Please contact Emily Edwards for information on Advising. or 208-282-3475


For information about ADJUNCT faculty,

Contact:  Tracey Marks (208) 282-3396,

for information about AFFILIATE faculty,

Contact:  Human Resources (208) 282-2517


If you have a student who wishes to appeal, speak to the Associate Dean for Students and/or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs before doing anything else. For specific procedural information, from the “Faculty and Staff” link on the website, go to “Policies and Procedures” then click on “Overview of Appeals Processes.” This will guide you regarding which type of appeal process to follow. Students will ALWAYS start with either a grade appeal or an academic dishonesty appeal. If they are dismissed as a result of poor grades or academic dishonesty, they will likely follow up with a scholastic appeal. The procedures for all processes are found in the ISU Undergraduate Student Handbook. If you need a petition form for a student, you can find that form (entitled “Appeals Process Petition”) under “Policies and Procedures” on the COP website.  



As of February 2017, the HR Office is now centrally completing all pre-employment background investigations with our business partner HireRight, LLC.  In accordance with the new Background Investigations policy, (ISUPP 3170), the HR Office will now initiate a pre-employment background check as part of the offer of employment for all benefited, faculty, non-classified staff, and classified staff positions.

The HR Office is also completing pre-employment background checks for adjunct, temporary or student employee positions when requested by hiring departments, (as well as volunteers where necessary).  Background checks are also ordered when employees transfer departments and have not had a background check in the previous 12 months. In accordance with ISUPP 3170 (, hiring officials should contact the Office of Human Resources for assistance in completing a pre-employment background check for any temporary, student employee, or adjunct faculty positions that are involved in any one of the following:

Supervision of, or regular interaction with patients, animals, vulnerable individuals, or minors under the age of 18; or

Direct and unsupervised access to or control of cash, checks, credit card account information, personally identifiable information, or confidential information; or

Possession of building master keys, access to lab facilities, access to regulated facilities, or campus housing; or

Regular operation of university vehicles; or

Direct and unsupervised access to or responsibility for controlled substances or hazardous materials; or

Direct and unsupervised access to sensitive information, including but not limited to: legal files, business records, financial data of any kind, non-directory student information as defined by FERPA, intellectual property, emergency materials, CLERY Act information, and similar records.


All ISU employees are required to have a valid ISU Bengal Card for activities admittance, buildings access, and other privileges.  ISU Meridian employees must wear a valid ISU Bengal ID at all times.  New employees will receive information from Human Resources.  

Contact: (208) 282-3618, photoid@isu.eduBENGAL CARD

see also “Wolf Card”


BengalWeb is ISU's web portal. It's a one-stop shop, a common entry point to the University's electronic resources. BengalWeb also delivers up-to-the-minute campus news right to your home page, and lets you submit your timecard online.                

With BengalWeb you get instant access to Moodle, library resources, class schedules, and all the most important University information brought together in an easy-to-use format.        


Human Resources handles health coverage, compensation, wellness, and retirement planning information.

Contact  Human Resources at  208-282-2517 or

For leave balances and pay stubs, please log in to BengalWeb and click on the employees tab.



Our pharmacists provide comprehensive pharmacy services for our patients, which include counseling patients on the proper use of their medication, consulting with patients and providers on appropriate medication choices, and answering medication-related questions (including drug interactions, over-the-counter medications, and medication-related side effects).



Burde, Anushka Dr

Hepatitis C/HIV Support

(208) 282-3407

Walsh, Ruby

Director of Operations & Finance

(208) 282-3407

Kotnick, Laci


(208) 282-1437

Wynn, Kim Dr

Bengal Pharmacy Support

(208) 282-3407

Bengal Pharmacy

990 S 8th Ave., top floor of health center building

Phone 208-282-3407

Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Bengal Pharmacy at Lost Rivers (telepharmacy remote dispensing site)

551 Highland Dr., bottom floor of Lost River Medical Center

Phone 208-527-8201

Bengal Pharmacy at Challis  (telepharmacy remote dispensing site)

609 Clinic Road, Challis, ID 83226

Phone 208-879-4600


ISU Box is our data storage solution for ISU employee use. Box gives users unlimited cloud-based storage, with the ability to share that data or keep it private. Furthermore, you can access this data from any smart device and any location.  Matt Cummins will contact all faculty and staff with an invitation to join Box.  Please accept the invite and follow instructions to set up your account.  

For help with your ISU Box account, please contact the IT Service Desk at (208) 282-HELP (4357).  Please watch the tutorial videos that are available when you log into Box at  



After hours building access to Leonard Hall and Meridian Health Science Center is done with your Bengal Card.  Your card can be swiped via a card reader on certain entrances.   Please email with your Bengal ID# if you need access or are having problems.  

Keys for after hours building access to the UAA Professional Studies Building and PharmD program suite are issued to students during orientation.  The program suite is also fitted with card readers which are programmed to open using your UAA WolfCard.


ISU Academic Calendar

College of Pharmacy Events Calendar (login required)

To add something to the College calendar, please email all event information to your department secretary.


Contact:  NetCom at (208) 282-4541/4900


College of Pharmacy Campus Security Authorities are

Pocatello- Cynthia Tillotson (208)282-3223

Meridian- Kevin Cleveland (208)373-1872

Anchorage- Tom Wadsworth (907) 786-6211


A list of faculty and staff committee appointments is available on the faculty/staff webpage using the Committee/Councils/Departments link.


Here is the policy and form that needs to be filled out for each potential conflict of interest:

Where necessary, we also need to have a completed ISU Consulting Approval Form on file for employees to whom it applies. Here is the link to it:




Jeff Parkinson (208)282-1484

Ryan Stafford (907)786-4544 or cell (907)317-8162

For general computer questions and technical support, contact the ISU Help Desk: (208) 282-HELP (-4357),

For college resources &  faculty and staff tools, click here: Educational / Computer Technology, or see the faculty/staff page of the College of Pharmacy website.  

Anchorage students or faculty can contact Ryan Stafford, (907)786-4544 or cell (907)317-8162.

To request accessories or software, speak to your department secretary.


To set up a conference call on the Bridge, email Ben Mills ( with the details, including:  

Follow up with a call to make sure Ben is available and able to process the request (208)282-4900.  He will send you an email with the details.  Please Forward his Email To All Participants.  It contains instructions to dial-in to the conference.  (02-17)

CPI (see also Work Study)

Career Path Internship funds may be available for student workers to assist you.  Work must be directly related to the student’s course of study.  To request CPI funds each year, please respond to an email from the Associate Dean.  You will need to provide the amount of your request and reason.   Starting July 1, 2018, CPI student interns will be allowed to work up to 25 hours per week.

To arrange for a CPI with your funds, please contact Tracey for further instructions 208-282-3396.


Ask your department secretary for assistance with a nameplate, business cards, letterhead, photocopy code, long distance code and mailbox.

Tracey Marks (208) 282-3396,

Nikka Jones (208) 282-3918,

        Christina Jackson (907)786-6553,


COP Faculty, staff and affiliates:  COP Directory (login required)

ISU Faculty, staff, departments and students:  ISU Directory (public)


Disability Services enables equal access to all programs and services sponsored or funded by Idaho State University.  They are one of the University's agent for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations mandating equal opportunity and access for persons with disabilities.

In Pocatello or Meridian, please call Disability Services at (208)-282-3599  to schedule a student exam.

In Anchorage, Disability Support Services is located in the UAA Rasmuson Hall, Suite 105, (907) 786-4530,


Dress Code in Classroom

Students are expected to dress professionally as befitting a future Doctor of Pharmacy. Business casual style clothing and shoes are preferred in the classroom setting. Hats, caps, bandanas, and wavecaps are specifically not permitted in the classroom setting (except headgear considered a part of religious/cultural dress or in cases of medical need [e.g. chemotherapy]). Other attire considered inappropriate in the classroom setting include: soiled or torn clothing, provocative clothing

or clothing exposing undergarments, workout clothing, pajamas, scrubs, flip-flops, and attire showing inappropriate advertising or representations (alcoholic beverages, sexual behavior or innuendo, tobacco products, profane language or gestures).

Professional Dress for Settings with Direct Patient/Provider Contact

If you are in a working environment where you will be seen by patients or any other healthcare professional, you are representing the College of Pharmacy and professional dress is appropriate.

Appropriate professional dress means:

• Slacks, collared shirt and tie for men

• Pants or skirt with a conservative blouse/shirt for women

Professional dress does not include:

• Jeans

• Bare midriffs

• Undergarments showing

• Skirts shorter than mid-thigh

It is up to each individual IPPE or APPE preceptor to define appropriate attire when you are not seeing patients in a clinic or in an environment surrounded by other healthcare professionals. 

(Effective 01/17)

EMAIL GROUP LISTS   All Faculty   All Staff  Administrative Council   Meridian Faculty   Pocatello Faculty   Pocatello Students   Alaska Students   Meridian Students   P1 Students   P2 Students   P3 Students  ALL students  Graduate Students  PPRA Faculty  BPSCI Faculty  Graduate Faculty   Preceptors


The Office of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Diversity is responsible for ensuring that the University meets its obligations as an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. We are responsible for working with the University community on all reports of harassment and discrimination. The Director also serves as ISU’s Title IX Administrator and 504 Coordinator.  Contact them at (208) 282-3964 or

Anchorage students and employees may report to the ISU contact above or locally to UAA’s Office of Equity and Compliance, (907) 786-4680 or


Information on the evaluation process can be found on the faculty/staff portion of the website.  Forms and instructions are available.  Please complete your first year evaluation even if you haven’t worked a full year.  Any faculty that started prior to January of the following year will be counted as first year.  


Exam Soft has replaced Moodle as our testing interface.  For support, please click here or contact Nikka Jones   


FERPA is a federal law enacted in 1974 which affords students certain rights with respect to their education records.  For more information, please see: or

All faculty and staff must comply with the following FERPA requirements:


Do you know ISU has a subscription to GLOBUS online?

Through Globus you can move research data from PC to PC, to laptops, servers, and clusters.  From Windows, to Linux, to Mac. All this, from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. PLUS, Globus moves the data quickly and in the event of a transfer failure, GLOBUS will pick up right where it left off so you don’t waste your time starting a new data transfer.


If you would like to use GLOBUS or just try it out, visit and create your free account. In no-time you will be connected to ISU’s subscription and able to use GLOBUS.

tKeith T. Weber, GISP

ISU GIS Director



For information on becoming Graduate Faculty, please contact your Department Chair.


If the guest receives any compensation such as an honorarium or speaking fee, they must submit original receipts and a W-9 and receive reimbursement via a Direct Pay with an Independent Contractor Form.  Their travel expenses should be added to the honorarium.  FORMS:

If the guest is a candidate or a speaker that will not receive any compensation for their visit, their travel expenses can be paid with a PCard (we purchase) or via a Direct Pay (reimburse).   With a PCard, we should book and pay for their hotel, rental car and flights.  Hotels and rental car agencies may require additional documentation to be paid via third-party.  For a Direct Pay, also complete a Recruitment Reimbursement Request and request original receipts and a W-9 from the guest.  Mileage can be paid via Direct Pay only.



NEW INFORMATION 08-17 for admins: Please use the new forms effective immediately!

Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)

Departments will no longer be required to complete an IPAS and separate Position Description Questionnaire, when proposing a reclassification review for classified staff positions.  Rather than collecting duplicate signatures on two separate forms, departments will now be asked to simply complete the PDQ for the review and consideration of the management team and HR.  Reclassification proposals will continue to be contingent on a careful review of available state classifications, the distribution of duties for the unit, and the availability of funds; however, the revised form is intended to provide a more efficient, informed, and timely review process.


Salary Adjustment Request

In the place of the former IPAS document, HR has developed a Salary Adjustment Request form which provides a means for units to propose salary adjustments within an employee’s current position/classification in a consistent format while addressing areas of internal or external market equity, job growth, and/or retention.  The form has been revised to solicit specific data and supporting documentation related to the salary adjustment proposal.  Consistent with ISU Policies and Procedures 3150, ISU Compensation Policy, salary adjustment proposals will require adequate business justification and are contingent upon the availability of funds.


Employee Requisition Form (ER)

Departments will no longer be required to complete an IPAS and then complete a separate EO/Affirmative Action Job Posting Request form to begin a hiring process.  Effective immediately, departments will be asked to complete an Employee Requisition to request authorization to hire classified staff, non-classified staff, and faculty which has now incorporated the proposed recruitment plan. The intent behind this change is to reduce the number of separate authorization processes needed when hiring, while also allowing the management team to fully review and consider the recruitment plan as part of the initial proposal.

Department secretaries (when applicable), the dean’s assistant or office staff in Meridian will provide support for this process.  Forms can be found at the link below.  


Create and submit an ER and job description to the dean’s office.  Include the salary, last date worked & PCN for the last person who held the position.  If there is a candidate to fill the position, include their name as the incumbent.  Any  ER to fill a resignation or retirement must be accompanied with the resignation/retirement letter and exit PR.   Once approved, the department will create a search committee, set up a meeting with HR and AA/EO, & then conduct a search for faculty positions.   Once a candidate is selected, complete a 3-75.  This is to gain approval to hire and this form is used to end all searches.  If it is a temporary emergency hire for a faculty, you must complete form 8-94.   For a permanent emergency hire, you must complete form 8-95.  Once the candidate is selected, and approval of 3-75, 8-94, or 8-95 is received, send a draft offer letter for Jackie in DHS to route for approval.  When we receive a signed offer letter, submit it to DHS with a Personnel Recommendation (PR).   A copy of signed offer letter and PR must be in employee file.


Create and submit an ER to the dean’s office.  Include the salary, last date worked & PCN for the last person who held the position.  If there is a candidate to fill the position, include their name as the incumbent. Any  IPAS to fill a resignation or retirement must be accompanied with the resignation/retirement letter and exit PR.  Once the ER is approved, contact Human Resources for a ‘hiring list’ for the PCN.  Conduct interviews.  Create an offer letter & submit to Chair or Dean for approval before sending.

When we receive the signed offer letter, submit it to DHS with a Personnel Recommendation (PR).  Notify HR of the hire and update the hiring list.   A copy of signed offer letter and PR must be in employee file.


Same as Classified, except:   Once a candidate is selected, complete a 3-75.  This is to gain approval to hire and this form is used to end all searches.  The offer letter must be routed through Jackie for approval before sending.  


ER, Personnel Recommendation (PR)  and draft offer letters can be found at:

Position Description, 8-94, 8-95 and 3-75 forms can be found at

CONTACT:  Denise Hopster-Scott, HR consultant for COP at 282-3830


HIPAA training should be completed annually on Pharmacist’s Letter.

CONTACT:  James Francel HIPAA Privacy Officer (208)282-3022


For health coverage, compensation, wellness, and retirement planning information:

CONTACT:  Human Resources at 208-282-2517


Melissa Myers will now be processing JV's and Interdepartmental charges.  These forms and their attached documentation should be sent to Melissa's attention and all questions should be directed to her.  Melissa's email is and her extension is 6266. (11-17)


Faculty- Please ask your department or front office admin to order these materials for you.

Ordering from StylArt/Artco

Account Number: 763664

Contact Person: Rita McCulloch;; 208-359-1086


Items to order:   Business cards, letterhead, envelopes

To Place an order:

Email Rita with a description of what you would like to order. Include the following information:

o   Type of product

o   Type of logo required

o   Quantity

o   All personal contact information (for business cards)

o   Department name, address, phone (for letterhead)

·         Rita will confirm the order and provide you a timeline for when you should receive the proof(s).

·         An email will come with a link to view proof(s).

o   Enter your name

o   Enter the account number listed above.

·         Each proof needs to be approved “as is” or you can select corrections to be made and provide additional instructions for the changes.

·         When proofs are approved, you will receive a phone call from the StylArt accounting department for payment of the order.

o   All orders under $2000 can be placed on a P-card

o   All orders over $2000 will require a PO which should be submitted before the order is finalized and put into production.

·         Orders typically take two weeks from the time of ordering until the delivery of the product.


Please contact for an official version of the College of Pharmacy wordmark.  No other logos may be used.  A “Mortar and Pestle” can be used elsewhere in the materials- but not near the wordmark.


Meeting minutes are available for all faculty & staff to access on Basecamp.  Click on COMMITTEES/COUNCILS/DEPARTMENTS.   Committee secretaries should upload agendas, supporting documentation and approved minutes to:  


For information on ISU’s open-source learning management system/procedures, including how to request a Moodle course, how teachers of record are assigned, and how student enrollment works, click here: Moodle

Once your Moodle course is established, log in here: Moodle Login


Department or Front Office Admins will facilitate the following for new faculty or staff:

I-9/HR- Visit with HR or Patty Tryon/Meridian PRIOR TO STARTING WORK!!

PR and offer letter to HR  OR  EPAF  

Assign mailbox  Building tour & introductions  

Order nameplate for door- facilities    Order business cards from Stylart

Email Matt to request e-mail & access to College drives

Order computer equipment-(get specs from Matt, requisition from Tracey or Nikka)

Moving process paperwork (send to

International Visa?    Bengal Web and COP Website

Copy Code        

Leonard Hall- email w/Bengal ID & Index Code

                Meridian- Janet will set up

Telephone Request Form for long distance, directory listing or new phone- to UBO

☐Work order to request new phones

Request keys

Pocatello:  Email room # and Bengal ID# to Carla to request office, lab &/or B key

Meridian:  Janet set up appointment with Chris Wilson

Request building access for Leonard Hall- email Carla w/Bengal ID (

Provide copy of PR and Signed offer letter to Carla

☐Arrange headshot for Directory

Dean’s Office

Email from Dean to COP to introduce

Add to Faculty/Staff Contact List/Verify Directory



General office supplies are available in front offices in Meridian, Pocatello and Anchorage.  For other items, including furniture, please speak to your department or front office secretary for instruction.  


For parking pass order locations, prices, and payment methods for Pocatello and Meridian,

CONTACT:  (208) 282-2625,

For more information regarding parking, identification, and general security services in Idaho, click here:  ISU Public Safety.

Parking permits are required to park on UAA campus during the enforcement hours of Monday - Thursday, 7:30a - 7:30p.  Permits may be purchased at kiosks located in parking lots, or through UAA Parking Services, (907) 786-1119 or

For Guest/Temporary parking permits for guests in Pocatello- please ask Nancy. For temporary permits in Meridian, please see Janet.


These instructions are not for CPI or Work Study.  

To hire a Temp/PT worker:

Create job description with starting pay.  Position is maximum 19.5 hours/week.  Specify temporary and PT- no benefits are provided.


Flyers on campus

Email Communication, Media and Persuasion Department

Career Center


Interview and select candidate

Agree on rate and start date.  Candidate cannot start working until HR and EPAF paperwork is complete and an email is received.  

Candidate goes to HR office to fill out New Hire paperwork for PT/Temp.  Once that is approved,

Set meeting with Tracey ( to create EPAF in Bengal Web.  Provide her with rate and start date.  

You will be responsible for supervision of employee.  Employee will complete timesheet in Bengal Web.


Please contact your department or front office admin for purchasing guidelines.  

QUESTIONS?  Please call prior to prevent problems.

PCard X 208-282-3112

Accounts Payable X 208-282-2511

There are 4 ways to pay for ISU purchases:

PCard purchases must be tax exempt, and cannot include alcohol.  Follow guidelines carefully to maintain privileges.

Direct Pay will cover all purchases listed below, including Reimbursement to Employees for incidental expenses.  You may also need to include a form: Request for Reimbursement, Business Meal Reimbursement Request, Recruitment Reimbursement Request, Independent Contractor Reimbursement Request along with an invoice or receipts.

If it is a payment to a vendor or outside party, their W-9 must be attached (if not on file at ISU).

1.        Payment to Speakers, Entertainers and Artists where total payment is $3000 or less.

2.         Reimbursement to Employees for incidental expenses

3.         Participant Support Costs

4.          Awards or Stipends to students

5.          Memberships and Organizational Dues

6.          Subscription (except maintenance subscription)

7.          Payment of Professional Licenses/Fees

8.          One time payments for services $500 or less.

9.           Refill of Postage Meter

10.          Federal Express Charges

11.          Refunds

12.        Insurance Premiums

13.          Petty Cash/Change Fund Reimbursements

14.        Employee Conference Registration within work location(no travel involved)

15.          Moving Expenses

16.      Pre-Payments and Deposits

17.      Payment for Licenses or Permits

18.      Donations and Contributions

19.          Recruitment/Interview Expenses

20.      Game Officials- To be used by Intercollegiate Athletics only for payment to game officials, not for rental of facilities or for payment to coaches.

21.          Game Guarantees- To be used by Intercollegiate Athletics only.

22.          Tournament Entry Fees

23.      Reimbursement of travel expenses for non-employees when only travel is involved. There is not an exchange of fees for service.

24.          Any expenditure involving a Club Index (index must begin with a CLB)

(memo from LL, 06-17)



Requisitions are generally required for major purchases of $2,000.00 or more.  

To request a requisition, please send an invoice with explanation of purchase to:

PPRA Department/Administration- Tracey Marks

BPSCI Department- Nikka Jones

The following are examples of items purchased by requisition (Note: These are examples and not a complete list):

*Monthly rents or lease payments (for buildings, office space, or machines)

*Building maintenance and repairs

*Legal services

*Software Licenses/ Maintenance/Support

*Items that must be tagged for inventory:

*Electronic items (computers, tablets, printers, copiers, fax machines, cameras) costing more than $299.00

        *Guns (at any cost).

        *Anything else that costs $2,000.00 or more.

Cash Voucher:

For incidental purchases under $100.  Only available at the cashier’s office in Pocatello. All other purchasing guidelines apply.  


To submit positive recognition for a student, please go to:

This may be helpful when selecting students for scholarships or awards.  



If there is an emergency at any location, please call 9-1-1 for assistance.

ISU Campus Safety  ISU Public Safety

UAA Campus Safety  UAA Campus police are available for non-emergency needs 24/7 at (907)786-1120.

Building Safety Officers



To request analyses from a statistician, please follow this link:



Access the COP Student Management System at the following link (log-in required):

If you are an advisor, you have access to grades, IPPE progress, health information and portfolios for your advisees. 

For further information and student policies, please see the student handbook. 


Timesheets are due every 2 weeks on Fridays.  You will need to enter and submit your hours on Bengal Web. Failure to complete by the deadline can result in a 2 week delay in pay.  


The Office of Human Resources would like to announce that new online professional development training workshops have been uploaded in the Talent Management System for benefit-eligible employees.  Managers can assign courses as part of the yearly performance evaluation and individual goals for each staff member. A complete list of online is below.

Per Joanne Hirase-Stacey's email concerning Export Control Compliance, an Export Control training has been added to the list of available training.

To register for these workshops go to:

For any questions regarding training please contact Sarah Torgesen at 208-282-2519 or Stacey Marshall at 208-282-3081.



Required Courses for Faculty

             FERPA for Higher Education

Harassment Prevention for Employees: Higher Education

Title IX for Higher Education

Global Conflicts of Interest


Required Courses for Staff

Customer Service Fundamentals: Building Rapport in Customer Service Relationships

Diversity on the Job: The Importance of Diversity and the Changing Workplace

Harassment Prevention for Employees: Higher Education

Title IX for Higher Education

Global Conflicts of Interest


Professional Development Courses for Faculty and Staff

             Anger Management Essentials: Managing and Controlling Anger

Navigating Other People's Emotions

Motivating Your Employees

Effectively Directing & Delegating as a Manager

Maintaining a Cohesive Multigenerational Workforce        

Customer Service Fundamentals: Building Rapport in Customer Service Relationships

Diversity on the Job: The Importance of Diversity and the Changing Workplace

Navigating Your Own Emotions

 Feedback and Its Vital Role in the Workplace

Encouraging Team Communication and Collaboration

Facing and Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Defining Alternative Solutions to a Problem

Making Change Stick

Improving Communication in Cross-Culture Relationships

The Value of Peer Relationships

Understanding Unconscious Bias

Working with Difficult People: Identifying Difficult People

The Reality of Being a First-time Manager

The Many Approaches to Facing Workplace Conflict

Listening Even When It's Difficult to Listen                

Compliance Courses for Faculty and Staff            

Global Conflicts of Interest

Wage and Hour for Managers (FLSA)

Business Ethics

FMLA Leave and More: An Overview of Legally Protected Leave

Harassment Prevention for Employees: Higher Education

HIPAA - Privacy Rule for Covered Entities

HIPAA - Security Rule for Covered Entities

Title IX for Higher Education

 US Export Controls - (May will be Global Export Compliance)


Professional Development Courses Available

                Art of Delegation

                Budgeting & Bookkeeping

                Communicating Across Multiple Generations

                Diversity in the Workplace

                EPAF Origination CPI Required Additional Job (PowerPoint)

                EPAF Quickquide: Approving EPAF's (PowerPoint)

                EPAF Quickquide: Setting Up and Acting as a Proxy (PowerPoint)

                First Time Leadership

                Hazmat (Hazardous Materials) Training

                Human Resource Basics

                Managing Stressful Situations at Work

                Managing the Change Process

                Managing Time Wisely

                Mentoring Others

                Motivating Yourself and Others

                Persi Late Career

                Persi Mid Career

                Persi New Career

                Power of Networking

                Purchasing at ISU

                Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

 Skills of a Good Communicator

Vacancy to Hire


For questions or assistance please contact:

Sarah Torgesen at 282-2519 or OR

Stacey Marshall at 282-3081 or

Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers to use. Internet Explorer has issues that prevent the program from loading. If the course does not launch make sure that your pop-up blocker is not blocking the program and click allow to give the site access to your computer.

(UPDATED 04-20-18)


All travel for ISU employees is processed through Chrome River, ISU’s Travel and Expense System. You will find a link to the Chrome River System in the travel page on Bengal Web.

Please refer to ISU’s Travel Policy prior to travel.  If you have questions, please ask your delegate before you travel, or you may incur expenses that are not eligible for reimbursement.   ISU Travel Policy

SET UP-First Time

1. Chrome River: First Time Login

a. From any web browser, go to  (You can also go directly thru BengalWeb to Travel where Chrome River is also shown.)

b. Enter your 4x4 in the User ID section.

c. In the password box, click "Forgot?" You will then be able to set up your Chrome River password.

    If, in the future you want to change your password go thru Bengal Web, click on the Chrome River  travel channel link. Then log into Chrome River. Click on your name in the upper right corner.    From the drop down menu , click Settings.  Under Personal Settings, you can Change Password.

d. The Company ID is ""

2. Chrome River:  Assign Delegates

BPSCI faculty- designate Nikka Jones, Tracey Marks AND Kim Richter as delegates.

Meridian and Alaska Employees- designate Kathy Webster, Janet Renk AND Kim  Richter as delegates.

Pocatello  employees (except BPSCI)- designate Tracey Marks and Kim Richter as  delegates.

a.  In Bengal Web, click on the Chrome River travel channel link.

b.  Log into Chrome River

c.  Click on your name in the upper right corner.

d.   From the drop down menu, click Settings.

e.   Under Delegate Settings, you can Add New Delegate.

f.   As you type, a list will prefill.  Use the mouse to scroll down and left click to select the individual who can ENTER travel on your behalf.

g. It will automatically save the delegate.

3. Assign Approval Delegate (Proxy)

a. In Bengal Web, click on the Chrome River travel channel link

b. Log into Chrome River

c. Click on your name in the upper right corner.

d. From the drop down menu, click Settings.

e. Under Delegate Settings, you can Add Approval Delegate (Proxy).

f. As you type, a list will prefill. Use the mouse to scroll down and left click to select the individual who can APPROVE travel on your behalf.

g. Enter the Start/End Date you are designating approval for.

h. Click Save at the bottom.

4. Chrome River:  Help Center  Chrome River Help

 a.  In Bengal Web, click on the Chrome River travel channel link.

 b.  Log into Chrome River.

 c.  Click on your name in the upper right corner.

 d.  From the crop down menu, click Help.

 e.  This takes you to the Chrome River Help Center.  The tool bar at top provides various videos and guides on how to use Chrome River.


SUBMIT PRE APPROVAL electronically at least two weeks PRIOR to travel.  


Faculty & staff travelers must make their own lodging, rental car & transportation arrangements.  Please make efforts to find reasonable rates as well as meet policy guidelines.  


Submit reimbursement request electronically or via hard copy.  Original, scanned or “Wallet” receipts in Chrome River must be provided.  Include detailed comments about special circumstances or travel changes.  


Travellers will need to approve their travel Pre-Approvals and Reimbursement Requests.  You will receive an email, and can approve via a link in the email.  


ISU Travel Page and Travel Guides:

ISU Travel Policy

GSA Per Diem website

All Chrome River Travel Forms:



ISU employees, their spouses and dependents may be eligible for reduced tuition.  Please read policy and requirements on the Employee and Spouse Tuition Benefit Reduction Form:


Turn It In is software that can help an instructor find plagiarism.  Here is the link for the First Friday presentation on Turnitin:

To Access Turn It In via ISU subscription, please contact the ITRC 





All faculty have access to a Moodle page  called KDHS Webinars which includes webinars that have been purchased by the KDHS from Paperclip Communications or Academic Impressions.

-Your Student Handbook: Audit for Policies, Procedures, and Compliance

-Hispanic/Latino Student Success: Initiatives to Ensure Enrollment, Persistence and Completion

-Faculty and Staff Sexual Misconduct: Minimize the Risk of Misconduct and Respond to Claims  Appropriately

-Managing Difficult Faculty

If you don’t have access, please contact Jackie Cole in KDHS



A WolfCard is required by students attending at the Anchorage site.  The WolfCard is the official ID card required by University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), and provides students access to their student services at UAA campus.

WORK STUDY- also see CPI

Each department has a Work Study allocation to hire student workers.  To request work study funds from your department’s allocation, please contact your chair and department secretary.   You will need to provide the amount of your request and reason.  Students must have Work Study eligibility in their Financial Aid packet.  Work Study students are strictly limited to work less than 19.5 hours/week.

To arrange for a Work Study with your funds, please contact Tracey for further instructions 208-282-3396.


The Yellow Card is a student tracking form to help us identify students with behavior or performance concerns.   A copy will be sent to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.  You have the option to send a copy to the student and their advisor.


Request a ZOOM Pro account through the ITRC webpage.


ISU Information Desk — (208) 282-INFO

Central Academic Advising — (208) 282-3277

Counseling Center — (208) 282-2130

Disability Services — (208) 282-3599 

Diversity Resource Center — (208) 282-3142

Gender Resource Center —  (208) 282-2805

ISU Health Center — (208) 282-2330

Native American Student Services — (208) 282-3382

Public Safety — (208) 282-2515

Student Affairs — (208) 282-2315

Student Success Center — (208) 282-3662

TRIO Access and Opportunity Programs — (208) 282-3242