The star parent recognition program has ended for 2015-2016.

Thanks for participating!

Parental Involvement Matters!

Participacion de los Padres es Clave!

I’d like to thank everyone who helped and supported this effort throughout the year:

The summer team of School Governance Council parents:  Simone Blount, Loralee Crowder and Amra Khan. who helped with content development.  Jose Castillo and Patrick Moore for relentlessly pursuing parents to sign up for the program.  PTO VP Richard Castillo and Jacquelyn wieronski for their support.

Maria Hernandez-Flores and Omayra Rivera for being role model Star Parents volunteering their time, resources and enthusiasm.

The teachers and staff who supported the program:  Dr Baldizon, Ms Ryan, Ms McGovern, Ms McNeil, Ms Barkin, Ms O’Shea and all the teachers that came up with volunteer projects for the parents to help:  Ms Alarcon, Ms Hilliard, Ms Bersi, Ms Conca … a few others :)   and

The Wellness team:  Michelle Morgan, Ms Kathy Barkin, Esther Comba and all its members and volunteer parents for making the recognition dinner night a success.  We are so thankful!!

Warm regards,

Melissa Vera-Hutchison 

Chair Star Parent Program,  PLTI - JCD Parent

Stay tuned for 2016-2017 Program Details!