Frequently Asked Questions

Driver’s Education

Indian Springs School

John Milton, Instructor


  1. What is required for my child to take this class?
  • Each student must hold a valid Alabama Learner’s Permit as of the first day of class and currently be enrolled in a secondary public, private, or homeschool.
  • Each student will have to log at least 6 hours of driving time outside of the driving class. Driving log will be due by the last day of class.
  1. If my child has to miss a class, can times be made up?

         No, unfortunately class time is mandatory and cannot be made up. All times reflect the minimum class time required in order to receive a completion and be able to take the Alabama Road Test.

  1. Will my child receive an insurance discount for taking this class?

Many insurance companies do offer a discount for your child’s car insurance coverage after successful completion of this course. However, that is up to each insurance agency and their stated policies. To see if taking this class will qualify your child for an insurance discount, contact your insurance provider.

  1. How many times will my child drive with you?

Your child will be able to sign up for 5 driving times in one hour slots. Driving slots will be available for students to sign up for on a first come first served basis. Students will only be able to sign up for a specified number of times at certain dates in order to ensure all students have access to the calendar. Online calendars will be released prior to the first week of class. Driving times may be changed by instructor with notification. Students will only drive in groups of 2 or more. Most driving slots will include 3 or 4 students with 15-20 minutes of actual time behind the wheel. The remaining time in the car is useful instruction as other students drive.

  1. Will my child need to provide a car to drive in?

No, the car will be provided by Indian Springs School. The car will be equipped with a passenger side brake for the instructor. During the drive safety policies will be followed by all students in the car. These policies include, but are not limited to:

  • No radio
  • No talking to the driver (except the instructor)
  • Cell phones silenced
  • Driver will not be eating, drinking, or using devices.
  1. Where will my child be driving?

A map of possible driving routes can be found HERE. The map provided is not an exact route of your child’s test. This map is provided for the purpose of seeing the general area in which the test will be given.

  1. When will my child be driving?

Your child will be driving after in class time and in the following summer weeks as the schedule permits. There will be several times available for your child to choose from, however you may have to adjust your schedule to make your child available for driving slots. Driving slots may be cancelled due to bad weather or other circumstances that may arise. Each child may sign up for no more than 5 driving times (I will progressively announce when new slots are open so every child has the opportunity to sign up for equal amounts of slots.) If a student misses a driving slot he or she signed up for, that driving slot will still count as the maximum 5 that each student may be have.

  1. What is taught in the class portion of the class?

The curriculum for the class contains, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Highway License Requirements
  • Traffic Laws
  • Responsible Ownership
  • Driving Procedures and Maneuvers
  • Factors Related to Youthful Driving
  • Physical and Mental Impairments
  • Other Highway Users
  • Different Environments and Conditions
  • Boating Safety
  1. Will my child receive a license after taking this class with you?

Your child will have the opportunity to take the Alabama Road Test with me (if he or she chooses). If your child passes the test, he or she will receive a blue card that can be taken to the DMV once your child turns 16 to get a valid Alabama license. Students may receive a course completion certificate at the end of class, but will only receive a blue card upon passing the Alabama Road Test.