Talking Shrimp’s INBOX HERO List-Building List


Well hey there! Not to brag, but around town, I’m kinda known for my list size.

That is, my relatively small list size. People point and say, “It’s so tiny!”

They’re not being rude, they’re impressed. Because my little list is also mighty.

My Shrimpers? They are engaged. And they invest in themselves (that’s self-development/coach-y-pants speak for “they buy”).

Not only that, but their numbers have grown by a lot in the past few years. In fact, close to tripled!

From over 4k Shrimpers in 2016 to nearly 13k at the end of 2019.

So, they might seem like a tiny list to the million-subscriber big Kahunas in the marketing space, but I think the average person starting a business would say “Wow, how’d you grow your list? What should I do to grow mine?”

And to that question, I say...

Here's what's worked for Talking Shrimp

  • Frequent (if not constant) CTAs in my Instagram captions (posted automatically to FB) to sign up for my freebie or my emails.
  • Making my website an opt-in honey trap. Opt-ins, everywhere you look!

        (Like, on my About Page. See how many you can spot!)

  • Going on podcasts and always offering a gift - usually, the link to my non-sucky subject lines freebie
  • Guest posting in big publications, especially ones that allow a shirttail bio with a link (Business Insider)

    **If you want to score huge list-building opportunities like these (getting in pubs like Business Insider, on podcasts like Amy Porterfield’s, and even on big stages), my friend Selena Soo’s program Impacting Millions is just what you need — it’s coming up in 2020! Get on my interest list here. **
  • Speaking on stages and offering a link to my opt-in at the end
  • Putting an intriguing headline in my LinkedIn bio: "I write the only emails anyone opens anymore." People sign up to see if it's true. (It is.)
  • Giving testimonials to people I've worked with, especially mentors. Those aren't usually linked, but people look me up. When you offer a testimonial, make sure you include your title (what you want to be called). Otherwise, they'll just put your name.
  • Creating NEW lead magnets. (Could do a lot more of this, maybe I’ll turn this one you’re reading into one! Will probably soup it up, make it into a pdf with nice Talking Shrimp-branded graphics.)
  • The signup button in my emails. Mine is like so:

  • Having a featured landing page for my emails, with tons of social proof about how good they are. (Seriously, have you not signed up yet? Go here and you’ll be convinced.)
  • Guest teaching in OPP (Other People’s Programs)
  • Partnering with an indisputable badass like Marie Forleo to create our course The Copy Cure. That course has brought me a vast portion of the exposure I get - both because Marie’s platform is monstrous and because the course is incredible. Get on the interest list for The Copy Cure here.
  • Giving you this list for free! I mean, without even requiring a signup. Don’t you want to click the links and sign up anyway? Here’s another: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP AND BECOME A SHRIMPER
  • A line at the bottom of my personal email signature like so:

Talking Shrimp in your inbox: Get the ONLY emails anyone likes anymore.

What else I could be doing:

  • Giving testimonials and submitting my site as a case study to apps and platforms I use and love, like Convertkit (for emails to my list) and Kajabi (for digital courses). These two are affiliate links. If you sign up for either, I get a commission! Win-win.
  • Pitching articles more regularly
  • Paid ads. Looking into it. I have a weird block about these, always have. Part of it is pride in my totally organic list. And fear that the people I attract through ads will suck. That's my own cuckoo thinking. For my therapist.
  • A quiz! Haven't done one of these, have considered it. I haven't landed on what the quiz would be about. Or tried that hard to. But I’m not opposed.
  • Webinars. Free live or recorded video trainings are a great lead magnet. Most marketers use them to pitch something, usually something big, at the end. But you can use them to get people on your list. Why not?
  • Pinterest, Youtube. These are both search engines, great places to be posting regular content that drives traffic back to your site. Some people are everywhere and do it all. Me, I have Real Housewives episodes to watch. Gotta draw the line somewhere. But never say never!
  • Start a free Facebook group where the questions to join include, “What’s your email? (Providing this gives me permission to subscribe you to my mailing list and contact you)”


Write me back and tell me. If you don’t know where to write me back, it’s because you’re not on my email list. And if you’re not on my email list, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?

Sign up over here.