Safety Networks has created a system to gather volunteers and match them with our immigrant neighbors in need. There are multiple Networks designed to meet a variety of needs.  (further descriptions are on the sign up form):

  • Transportation
  • Family to Family
  • Interpreters
  • Resource Support Team
  • Rapid Response to a Raid
  • Financial Resources

Form instructions

This Volunteer Sign Up Form will gather your information and the types of resources/skills you can share with the immigrant community.  

While the information in the network is secure and only vetted volunteer coordinators will have access to your information, please be aware that this site is hosted on the cloud, and is possibly subject to government subpoena or unwanted intrusions. We will not be listing any immigrant information online; that will be communicated to you directly.

Because we certainly don’t want to put any of our immigrant neighbors at risk, only volunteers that have been vetted will be utilized. If you are not personally known to the network coordinators, we will contact the pastor of your congregation to ensure you can be trusted with confidential immigrant information. If you are not connected with a faith community and not known to us personally, we won’t be able to connect you with needs at this time.

Fill out the volunteer form

FORM NOTE: If you begin filling out this form, but don’t click “Submit” on the final page, your information will not be saved/submitted to us.

(updated 12-3-18)