Mods 46-51


The test has 30 multiple choice questions.   There is four types of demand curves to analyze, measuring elasticity along a demand curve, tax incidence with a tax, and a table to analyze total and marginal utility.   All resources available at

Duffka Review Materials

MOD 46- The income and substitution effects.

RESOURCES-Practice quiz 46, A11-Paper, & Mod 46 PPT

MOD 47 & 48-Elasticity coefficient, total revenue test, types of curves, and elasticity along a curve.

RESOURCES-Practice quiz 47, A18 online, A19 online, and Mod 47 PPT

MOD 49-Consumer and producer surplus

RESOURCES-Practice quiz 49, WHITE sheet, Mod 49 PPT

MOD 50-Efficiency and deadweight loss.

RESOURCES-Practice quiz 50, A21-Paper, uPad &  Mod 50 PPT

MOD 51-Utility maximization, MB>MC, consumer surplus

RESOURCES-Practice quiz 51, A11-Paper, & Mod 51 PPT


-4 Different types of demand curves: Perfectly elastic and inelastic and relatively elastic and inelastic;

-A single demand curve with prices and quantities.  Students will have to calculate total revenue and figure out elasticity.

-A supply and demand curve in a market before and after a per-unit(excise) tax is imposed.

-A table with total utility and a marginal analysis.

-If you read this, bubble in A and B on number 31 on the test.  More people that know about this will mean less points for you.