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Acceptable Use Policy for ICT Equipment


The following is an extract from the school’s ICT policy relating to the use of all ICT equipment in school. Please read it carefully as breaches of this policy will be regarded as a serious matter.


Acceptable Use Statement


The computer system is owned by the school. “The computer system” means all computers and associated equipment belonging to the school, whether part of the school’s integrated network or stand-alone, or taken offsite.


Professional use of the computer system is characterised by activities that provide children with appropriate learning experiences; or allow adults to enhance their own professional development. The school recognises that technologies such as the Internet and Web 2.0 will have a profound effect on children’s education and staff professional development in the coming years and the school’s Internet Access Policy has been drawn up accordingly.


The installation of software or hardware unauthorised by the school, whether legitimately licensed or not is expressly forbidden including on teacher’s laptops.


The school reserves the right to examine or delete any files that may be held on its computer systems or to monitor any Internet sites visited.


All members of staff, students on placement, supply teachers etc must sign a copy of this policy statement before a system login password is granted. All children must be made aware through class discussion of all the important issues relating to acceptable use, especially the monitoring of Internet use.


Internet Access Policy Statement


All Internet activity should be appropriate to staff professional activities or the children’s education;














Internet and System Monitoring


Check the validity fo this section in your setting.

Through our broadband provider, all Internet activity is monitored by the system. It is the responsibility of the ICT co-ordinator to review this activity periodically. It is the duty of the ICT co-ordinator to report any transgressions of the school’s Internet policy and/or use of obscene, racist or threatening language detected by the system to the headteacher. It is for the headteacher to decide upon the appropriate course of action or sanction.


All serious transgressions of the school’s Internet Access Policy are recorded in the school’s ICT violations register. The violations register is held by the headteacher.


Transgressions of Internet Policy and use of inappropriate language can be dealt with in a range of ways, including removal of Internet access rights; computer system access rights; meetings with parents or even exclusion; in accordance with the severity of the offence and the school’s Behaviour Policy.


Breaches of Internet Access Policy by staff will be reported to the Headteacher and will be dealt with according to the school’s and LEA’s disciplinary policy, or through prosecution by law.


Internet Publishing Statement


The school wishes the school’s website and blogs to reflect the diversity of activities, individuals and education that can be found at MyPrimary School. However, the school recognises the potential for abuse that material published on the Internet may attract, no matter how small this risk may be. Therefore, when considering material for publication on the Internet, the following principles should be borne in mind:





Use of Portable Equipment


The school provides portable ICT equipment such as laptop computers, tablet devices, colour printers and digital cameras to enhance the children’s education and to allow staff to make efficient use of such equipment to enhance their own professional activities.


Exactly the same principles of acceptable use apply as in the Acceptable Use Statement above.













I confirm I have read and understood the above statement.










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