Teaching & Performance Tracks

Beyond simply learning to dance, we also offer several additional tracks to further the education of our competitive dancers. These include Teaching Track and Performance Track. Both of the tracks will give you chances to develop dance related skills that aren't strictly competitive dance (although they will improve your competitive skills).

All tracks are open to EVERY dancer on the competitive team, regardless of year or skill level. Everyone is welcome to express interest (including newcomers) but not everyone will necessarily be teaching/performing right away. Basically, when we are looking for teachers/performers for an event, we will use dancers who are on the tracks. So, if you think you may ever be interested in performing or teaching, join the track.

Neither track means a weekly extra time commitment. When we have an event, we will simply send an email to the appropriate track and see who is interested. If the event isn’t going to work for you, you will not be required to attend.  

Teaching Track

Ever thought about teaching ballroom? Teaching is a special skill set that requires not only how to dance the steps well, but also how to communicate with the person you are teaching. We want to increase the number of teachers we have available for Wednesday lessons and for teaching outside organizations. If you are interested (even if you don't think you are ready) let us know! We will meet you where you are to help you reach your goal of teaching. :) Everyone is welcome to express interest.


Opportunities Include:


Performance Track

We are being offered more and more opportunities to perform at various on-campus events. Showcases give you a chance to hone your performance skills and gain more confidence in your dancing. Plus, you get to play with cool moves that would get you disqualified at a comp. :P Demos also give you a chance to show off your dancing. Again, everyone is welcome to express interest and we will work with you to move towards performances.

Opportunities Include:

Everyone is welcome to join either track and will be learning how to teach/perform. However all casting and teaching decisions will ultimately be made by the captain based on a variety of factors.

For more information, simply email VU.Ballroom@gmail.com!